Converting sales.

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Converting sales.

Converting sales. When we are marketing a product or service we need to be acutely aware of the emotions behind a purchase. This is a make or break situation where knowledge is power, you can never know enough about your potential customers.

So how do you use this to your advantage? Read on and we will examine what three basic nuggets of information will ensure that you make more sales.

People like to feel good.

We all love that feeling that washes over you when your endorphins kick in. It is your responsibility to get your customers to associate you with that. This will leave them feeling good whenever they think about you, therefore encouraging more sales and repeat custom.

Me Me Me

When in the midst of the sales process, regardless if it’s for a product or service, every single buyer is completely and utterly egocentric. They want to know how they will benefit in terms of finances and results and where applicable, how the purchase will appear to the outside world, therefore boosting their own ego further. So, when selling remember to make all your marketing and PR materials focused solely on them, who they are, what their position is and what they are looking for and never about you. This is the quickest way to convert sales. 

People are emotional.

From the outside, it can often appear that a buying process is a logical train of thought with a clear beginning and end. It is not. All purchasing decisions stem from one of the following six emotions.

  • Jealousy – If I don’t buy this now my competitor will.
  • Arrogance – If I have this I will look good.
  • Embarrassment – If I don’t I will look stupid.
  • Anxiety – If I don’t buy this then X bad thing will happen.
  • Selflessness – I can help people if I get this.
  • Greed – People will give me more if I have this.

So now you know the basics behind the decisions buyers mind, what now?

You need to incorporate these methods into your campaigns but do so in a manner that makes you stand out whilst appealing to the emotions of the customer.

A great example of this is Apple. Do you remember when all earphones were black? All of a sudden Apple introduced white earbuds and everyone wanted them! This is due to a widespread nervous system in our brain that is responsible for these emotions – called mirror neurons – which are responsible for our desire to emulate others to look cool.

It’s the same for many other things, a lovely pair of high heeled shoes for example will spark the subconscious thought of ‘if I wear those I will look attractive’ which is rooted in our basic instinct to procreate. This can even be the case when an item is ugly as long as it is suddenly commonplace and associated with a key emotional decider, such as wealth. Let’s continue the theme of shoes and look at UGG boots. Irrespective of the fact they are ugly and make the wearer waddle rather than walk sales rocketed and they became a must have item. A quick sweep of our office showed 80% of us to have joined in with the UGG revolution (even though we really should know better) purely because our mirror neurons were going crazy!

To round off this blog, some points to remember in all your sales and marketing to assist you in converting sales. 

  • Your buyer is a person so will react with the instinct hey would out of a working environment.
  • You are more likely to make a sale if you connect with the client on a personal level.
  • The customer will only buy from you if you fit into his or her mould of their own social and moral views.
  • People make a subconscious judgement about a product or service within 90 seconds. Between 62% and 90% of this assessment is based upon colour.

If you feel motivated to adjust your marketing message it doesn’t have to be alone. Why not get in touch with our team and find out more about how we can help with converting sales in your business?