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Our Creative Agency In Essex Talks You Through Shaking Things Up A Bit

Have you ever wanted to mix things up a bit? Have you ever felt that your marketing or your website is a little bit outdated? A bit bland? Well, fear not! There are countless innovative and interesting ways in which you can freshen things up a bit for your company. It is widely accepted that regularly updating your: website, content and social media channels is one of the best ways in keeping people engaged with your company. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading creative agency in Essex, wanted to look at the various creative ways in which you can make your business even more attractive to customers. Read on to find out more!

Not Breaking Up Over Text – Breaking Up The Text…

Ok, so our comedy may be a bit uncertain, but what isn’t uncertain is effectiveness of this following technique. Have a look at your website. Is all that you see reams and reams of text in chunky paragraphs? Whilst it may say exactly what you do, it’s not exactly user-friendly.


If people see too much text they’ll automatically be put off it, even if they do end up reading it. The solution is to present that text in a different way, a more interactive way. The easiest, most professional-looking way of doing this is to create infographics. Informational graphics (infographics) are a fantastic way of presenting data, your services, quotes, etc. This presentation makes a refreshing change from the usual paragraphs that occupy most website’s services page, for example.

If graphic design isn’t your forte; then don’t worry because infographics don’t have to be complicated. There are many template-providing platforms available like Canva for those who aren’t well versed in software packages like Photoshop. If this still sounds a little intimidating; then the graphic design team of a creative agency in Essex such as ours will be more than happy to tackle the graphics on your behalf!

Tempt Out The Competitive Streak In Everyone

If you’re looking for something a little different to get your marketing back on track; why not consider a competition of some sort? Nowadays, these usually come in the form of social media competitions. (So getting your social media channels in ship shape would be a good port of call if they’re not already.) Who can resist a good prize? We know we certainly can’t, and you give your competition some kind of winning incentive, even if it’s a small one.

Another tip is to make the competition humorous in some way. The general public appreciate self-depreciative humour because it feels less exploitative and more human and empathetic. Humour helps bridge the gap between businesses and the customers. It’s why the most loved big business brands are those that don’t take themselves seriously. Greggs being a particularly good example. A competition can be just the thing needed to get people talking about your business once again. How can a creative agency in Essex help with this? Well, the best ideas tend to come from big brainstorming sessions; especially when you want to incorporate a lighter tone and a more comedic approach to what it is you’re wanting to put out.

Reassess Your Audience To Unlock New Insights

It’s a fine line between having the confidence to target a singular audience, and pigeonholing yourself. Just because your business may have set out with one demographic or target audience in mind; doesn’t mean you can’t then re-evaluate that decision at a later date. As a fun little experiment, pick an audience type that’s completely left field of what you’d associate your business or service with, conventionally. Then, instead of looking at reasons why that wouldn’t work as a strategy, consider the ways in which it could work.

By adopting this more lateral, abstract approach to your marketing you gift yourself with a win-win situation. You will either a) realise there is a whole new market and audience you’ve not even touched yet or b) at the very least develop new understandings into what makes your existing marketing work, and areas where it doesn’t.

Ways In Which Marketing Can Be Refreshed

The following are all services that we offer here at our creative agency in Essex, linked to them we’ve put specific ways in which you can be more creative with what you do:

  • Graphic Design: Sometimes you need to take a step outwards to move your business forwards. If you have utilised a style, perhaps one that’s served you and your company very well, even, that’s not to say that you can’t now try something new in terms of style. Go online and just take the time to look at graphic designers and styles you may not have previously looked at before. Coming up with inspiration isn’t something that can be rushed, so why not enjoy some nice artwork and branding on your way to an updated style?
  • SEO: If you have a list of keywords which your tracking in terms of ranking for your website, then take the time to assess whether they’re still the keywords you want to be targeting. If you were focusing on the phrase ‘new hairdresser in Chelmsford’, for example, when you first set out, you may not still be wanting to rank for that three years down the line…
  • Content Creation: If you write a weekly blog, then look at incorporating different forms of content within the blog, itself. Video content, for example, is incredibly engaging and great for SEO purposes.

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Asides from being a fun thing to do, if you don’t occasionally update your business’ outward-facing facets, its website for example, then your customers will So, if you’d like to find out more about our creative agency in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to get together with your business and look at where we can help spruce the place up a bit!