Creative Marketing Agency in Essex: Boosting Your Conversion Rate

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Creative Marketing Agency in Essex: Boosting Your Conversion Rate

At VerriBerri, we are a well-respected creative marketing agency in Essex. Further, we are now one of the biggest firms in the entirety of the South East. As we continue to grow, our departments are ever evolving, allowing our list of services to expand. As an integrated agency, we can offer the complete package, allowing you to spend more time on your specialist area.

Below are just a handful of the many solutions we offer our clients:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEO and PPC)
  2. Event Management
  3. Influencer Marketing and Public Relations (PR)
  4. Crisis Management and Internal Communications
  5. Social Media Management
  6. Graphic Design (Website development, branding, packaging etc.)

How To Make Your Marketing More Effective:

Let’s not beat around the bush. Marketing is an investment. Businesses put money behind these areas, simply so that they can improve their sales. The real question is, however, how do you create materials that are going to effectively convert interest into a purchase?

Unless your marketing is resulting in more custom, you may as well quit while you are ahead. In fact, this is often why businesses seek the advice of our creative marketing agency in Essex. Keep reading to hear some of our tips on how to boost your conversion rate.

1.  Get to Know Your Audience

Any time you spend getting to know and understand your customers better, is time well spent. As a business, this is something you need to know inside and out. This includes learning their purchasing behaviours, what social sites they are using and what influences their decisions. Unless you take this step before developing your strategy, quite frankly, you are wasting your time.

Once you have a deep insight into your audience, think about what platforms they engage with most. It is these you should be targeting. Moreover, take your knowledge of their interests and needs and create content that is centred around this. It is vital you focus on building a personal connection. 

As an elite firm with over a decade of experience, our team can assist you in sharing posts that are engaging. What’s more, content that is going to appeal to your target segment. Our design team can even lend a hand with creating branded graphics to share across your socials. 

2.  Share Customer Reviews

Trust is an important attribute to build with your customers – no matter your sector. It is all very well telling your audience that you are elites, but can you prove it? 

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As consumers, we have had to become hyper aware of illegitimate companies more recently. Providing evidence of your skill is important and one of the best ways to do this is through sharing reviews. Take pride in boasting about the positive things people say about your brand. This will build your credibility and plays a huge part in decision making. 

Furthermore, when you work alongside VerriBerri, we can create a professional feel for your company. Helping clients to feel more confident in your ability. The work we do will boost your engagement and in turn, increase sales.

3.  Build Human Connection with Your Audience

People relate most with other people. Therefore, humanising your brand can only ever have a positive impact on your image. Sharing the face behind your business can be a really effective way to win over new clientele and get people talking.

At our creative marketing agency in Essex, we have an entire department specialising in public relations. Within this team, they are elites when it comes to bridging the gap between a brand and their audience. Moreover, our content team can even respond and engage with your followers across your social profiles, helping to further build an emotional connection.

4.  Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

The pandemic has had a huge impact on us as consumers and our overall purchasing behaviour. More people are online shopping now, than ever before. Reportedly, 5.22 billion people use mobile devices in some capacity or another and this figure is rising daily. If your content isn’t available for mobile viewing, think of all the potential sales you are missing out on!

In addition to boosting your conversions, mobile optimisation is also a huge factor affecting how you rank on Google. Our SEO department are specialists when it comes to transitioning sites into a more user-friendly format. Further, the better your SEO value, the more discoverable your brand is to both new and returning customers!

5.  Instil A Sense of Urgency

Although not always appropriate, utilising time-sensitive promotions is a great way to encourage sales. These can easily be shared across your social media or via email marketing.

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Within marketing psychology, The Reciprocity Principle is a popular technique. This term refers to the idea that if you offer your customers something first, they will feel inclined to repay the favour. Therefore, sharing details of sales or promotions can really encourage more traffic to your site. What’s more, making these time-sensitive instils a sense of urgency, playing on the impulsive nature of us as individuals. 

Why Choose VerriBerri?

Naturally, you may be thinking, why VerriBerri? And understandably so. Taking the leap of faith and investing in a new venture can be daunting for businesses of any size. 

In short, our agency is not only the biggest in Essex, but also a multi-award-winning firm too. With a proven track record like ours, you can be confident that we will deliver as promised. Moreover, our passionate workforce is dedicated to providing results that are above and beyond your expectations. Whilst keeping our services affordable, we supply high-quality solutions to help your company grow and evolve. 

Contact Our Creative Marketing Agency in Essex

Whether your existing marketing strategy needs a revamp, or you are starting from scratch, our creative marketing agency in Essex can help! We love hearing from aspiring brands that are looking for more visibility. To ensure the longevity of your business in this ever-changing climate, get in touch today. To reach our team, click here or call us on 01376 386 850.