How can a crisis communications agency help you deal with a crisis?

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How can a crisis communications agency help you deal with a crisis?

No matter how much you may think you won’t need it, it can be vital to have a crisis communications agency on your side just in case disaster strikes. We all like to think we are invincible; it will come as no surprise that a predicament can accour in any business at any moment. The best way to approach a crisis is to be prepared. This process can seem overwhelming, and many may not know where to start – this is where VerriBerri come in.

VerriBerri are a crisis communications agency in Essex. We have been providing clients in the UK, and across the pond, with crisis management services for over 12 years. Our team have your business and its future at the forefront of everything we do, and we recognise that your success can be largely down to your reputation. 

What is a crisis communications agency?

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If you haven’t heard of a crisis communications agency before, don’t worry, let us explain it for you! Crisis management and communication refers to the processes in which companies plan to deal with any kinds of bad press. This could be a negative news story, a complaint, or even a bad review. It is all about how you manage and limit the impact of a potential crisis once it occurs. VerriBerri are a multi award-winning agency who have a background in this area.

We have many years of experience dealing with a multitude of situations and we can use this to help protect your brand from any damage. 

The internet has made it harder to manage

With the rise of the digital world, it has become harder than ever to control your reputation by yourself. The internet has meant that information is not only readily available to journalists, but also customers can leave negative reviews which potential customers may see and based on this, can have a pre-judged opinion of your brand. Journalists have access to so much information and if they get hold of certain things, they potentially try to ruin your reputation. Every company is at risk, and this shouldn’t be something you take lightly.

What counts as a crisis?

As a crisis communications agency, we have dealt with all manner of situations in the past. Over the years, we have seen many companies from all sorts of industries be caught of guard. We want to highlight to you how easy it can be for companies to run into issues, so we have made a list of some potential issues you may be faced with:

  • Product recalls or defects
  • Bad reviews going viral
  • Security breaches of GPDR failures
  • An employee mishandling a customer service issue
  • Negative online feedback
  • Campaign controversy

Not all press is good press!

There is a famous saying you may have heard – all press is good press. That simply isn’t the case. Your business should be actively avoiding a crisis. Reputation is one of the most vital parts of your business. If this is damaged, you could be left with a lot of mess to clear up. 

How can you avoid a crisis? 

You now know why you need to prepare, a crisis communications agency can show you how to prepare and what to do if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. Our team can put a full plan in place to ensure that if any mistakes are made, you are able to deal with them efficiently, with our help. 

Get a response team

Make sure you have a team that are ready to deal with anything at any moment. Our crisis team at VerriBerri are on hand. We have a range of good contacts and the ability to act quickly and efficiently when a crisis starts to take seed. Our experience can be a valuable tool to your company and could save you a lot of hassle.

Take responsibility 

Have your company made a mistake? Take a step back and analysis what has gone wrong. Think about why people are reacting the way they are and why their opinions are negative towards whatever has happened. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how to avoid this situation in the future. Take your time when formulating a response. Our team can help you come up with an appropriate one to ensure you don’t damage your reputation even further.

Where are the weaknesses?

How to monitor marketing activity

It is important that before any campaigns are created that you have thought about all the angles. You should identify any areas that may be problematic and either remove them or be prepared to deal with the fall out. Sometimes it can be hard to gauge what will cause a bad reaction and what won’t. Before anything is published, be sure you have assessed all the weakness and risks – the internet is permanent, and you may not be able to take back anything harmful.

Avoid anything controversial 

One way to prevent the above from happening is to avoid any controversial topics completely. In the past, many companies have a fallen into the trap of talking on controversial topics when they don’t need to and probably shouldn’t. It can, however, go either way. You may receive backlash for not speaking out about something. As a crisis communications agency, VerriBerri can help identify the things you should and shouldn’t be talking about.

Get in Touch 

No matter the size of your business or what sector you operate in, you could potentially face a crisis around any corner. Having a crisis communication agency, like VerriBerri, on speed dial can save your reputation when you need it the most. Our team have lots of experience dealing with issues that may arise and can assure your business continues to thrive. 

To find out more about our crisis communications services, contact our friendly team today or call us on 01376 386 850 to start discussing your crisis management strategy plan! We would love to hear from you.