Crisis Management Agency in Essex: Avoiding Reputation Disasters

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Crisis Management Agency in Essex: Avoiding Reputation Disasters

Many people overlook the importance of the work we do as a crisis management agency in Essex. As much as every business owner hopes that they are immune to negative press, unfortunately, you aren’t. Getting a plan in place now will help to mitigate risk in the future. Without crisis management, your business is extremely vulnerable. 

At VerriBerri, we are experts when it comes to managing your brand image. We have years of experience in this sector and during this time, have built an outstanding reputation. Our multi-award-winning status is one that we are proud to boast about. Our team really are dedicated to providing the best possible service and an effective strategy. No matter the nature of your business, we are well geared to generate amazing results!

How Easy Is It for A Crisis to Unfold?

Something you may be surprised by is how easy it is for businesses to run into a crisis. In fact, where many companies go wrong, is in adopting the mentality of ‘it won’t happen to me.’ It can and most definitely will.

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When you employ staff, you have to put a lot of trust in them. Your workforce is the face behind your brand. They are who your customers liaise with and what they do has a big impact on your image. Now imagine that one of your employees is having a bad day and this causes them to mishandle a situation with a client. If left unmanaged, this can cause some serious damage.

Product recalls also happen more often that you would think. Further, they are often through no fault of your own, or down to simple human error. This is just another example of how things can quickly spiral out of your control. 

Living in such a digital world, a simple mistake has the power to shatter your reputation. Individuals may take to platforms such as TrustPilot or Twitter to leave a negative review. Alternatively, journalists may share a negative article on your company. Either way, these are just two examples of why you need a plan in place, and how vulnerable you are without one.

What Does A Crisis Management Agency in Essex Do?

As a PR and crisis management agency, we work hard to construct a positive public perception for our clients. During our 12 years, we have built and nurtured meaningful relationships within the industry. In doing so, we have established a trusted name for ourselves and this has brought forward many amazing opportunities for the brands we work with. 

When it comes to crisis, we can help by identifying fragilities in your current and upcoming campaigns. Further, using our contacts, we are able to prevent some detrimental stories from hitting the news in the first instance. In addition to prevention, should you already find yourselves in hot water, we can help you manage the fall out. 

Being proactive is always the best approach, however, we know this isn’t always possible. In this instance, we can aid you in structuring a public response to the issue at hand. We can then help your brand bounce back by generating positive PR which, in time, will overshadow the negative stories. Think of our services as an insurance policy to protect your reputation.

Why Avoiding Crisis is So Critical

You may have heard the saying ‘you only get one chance to make a first impression’ and this really is true. According to statisticians, seven seconds is all it takes for individuals to form certain judgements around your brand. For instance, whether they can trust you. 

Naturally, reading about a crisis in the news is going to hinder the way people perceive your brand. This will lead to a tarnished name, and the spread of negative word of mouth. If a crisis isn’t well managed, your business may never recover, and potential customers will end up going elsewhere to fulfil their needs. If you aren’t careful, your damaged reputation will end up funding your fellow competitors.

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Poor press can and will deem your other marketing attempts useless. As experts, we know that marketing takes time. A simple mistake could end up undoing all of your hard work. Taking SEO for example, if the first thing that pops up is negative, people are going to question your credibility and so on. 

How Our Agency Is Unique

Elite multi-skilled marketing agencies are hard to find, however, at VerriBerri, we are just that. In addition to crisis management, your business should also be putting a heavy focus on solidifying your reputation in the first instance. Not only will this make your company more resilient, but it will also drive sales and customer loyalty. Not to mention the edge it will give you amongst others in your industry. As a full-service agency, we have departments covering the following expertise’s:

What’s more, our crisis management agency in Essex always aims to provide a service that is both affordable and high-quality. Being based outside of the city, we are able to keep our costs low, improving your ROI. Further, we also offer a PR guarantee and are the only communications agency in the UK to do so. This means that we replace any leads that are lost, protecting your investment. Typically, journalists are tricky to work with and opportunities are sometimes lost through no fault of your PR agency. More often than not, however, these are written off, rather than replaced. At VerriBerri, we put our customers first, hence our promise.

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