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Crisis Management PR 

Dealing with unforeseen circumstances as a company is always challenging, the unplanned and unpredictable can be hard to manage. However, our crisis management PR team are experienced and well-trained in the art of defusing any situation and managing a business’ reputation effectively.
When companies come under fire, it can be easy to panic. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee taking to social media or a situation that has been misinterpreted and could get out of hand, our crisis management PR agency ensure that your brand’s message is consistent and calm, even at a moment’s notice. 
Our aim is to reduce any negative association and minimise disruption and damage to company standing. We work with you to achieve this in an authentic, sincere and professional way by planning ahead.

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Our Results

We work with international corporations looking to protect their reputation during particularly controversial projects and small, local businesses who may have come under fire and need support. 

We are able to provide our clients with total reassurance that they have the backing of a capable team to advise them on public messaging, big announcements and reputation management, when needed. 

For our crisis management PR team, it’s not simply about disputing the negative press, we aim to tackle it head on with positivity; overcoming adversity and assisting the companies we represent to emerge stronger.

What you will love about working with us

Our team all work under one roof to make handling the unexpected as streamlined and efficient as possible.

We are proud of our hands-on approach to problem-solving and becoming a valued part of our clients’ teams. For many businesses, it’s nice for them to have a professional sounding board for their PR campaigns, press releases and other communications with the public!

Our crisis management PR team’s work isn’t just purely reactive. Your business can also benefit from our well-connected office managing your brand’s relationship with the press. We often maintain a trickle of ‘good news’ from your company and ensure your brand messages reach the right places.

Our crisis management services include:

Detecting the early signs of a crisis.

Monitoring and continually identifying potential threats.

Tackling areas of concern, as and when they arise.

Managing your ongoing relationship with the press and public.

Preparing crisis management plans.

Contributing to contingency and long-term business planning.

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In a digital age, protecting your brand’s reputation has become even more vital. A tiny customer grievance or misinterpreted social media campaign can quickly gain traction online and it’s important to be prepared. 

Contact our Essex-based crisis management PR team today to find out how we can provide your brand with the PR support you need; we would love to hear more about your company! Following a call or meeting, we are able to offer a no obligation, bespoke proposal. Give us a call on 01376 388 850 or email [email protected]