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CSR marketing agency

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a key concept used widely in businesses. It is a way in which they manage social, ethical and economic effects. This could include being environmentally aware, being resourceful with packaging, or frequently donating to charity from profits they make. By carrying out these practices, you will be able to gain a positive brand image for your business.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some case studies.

Starbucks and CSR

Ignoring the poor press regarding UK tax; Starbucks is loved by millions worldwide. Starbucks has made a huge impact with their strong ethical and social CSR factors. They have always prioritised social responsibility, which can be seen throughout their marketing efforts. 

Starbucks claim that the planet is their “most important business partner” indicating that they take their approach to reducing environmental issues seriously. They are passionate about recycling, conserving water and energy, as well as developing strategies to tackle climate change. Altogether, Starbucks invests a lot of time into the communities they work with, in order to make a positive change. 

From the huge success of supporting environmental and social issues; studies have shown that 93% of consumers have a positive image of Starbucks. This indicates that when CSR measures are consistently carried out, it builds a reputable image for their company. 

Ben and Jerry’s consistent CSR

Arguably the world’s favourite ice cream brand; B&J’s have always stood out when it comes to environmental and social equality rights. Over the years, they have advocated for many issues such as racial justice and peacebuilding. In 2020, Ben and Jerry’s consumer loyalty was increased by 20%, showing that a passion for social issues and corporate responsibility has undoubtedly added to their success so far.

Their corporate social responsibility dates right back to the 1990s. In 1993, only 40% of Vermont’s school children had the privilege to free school meals, however with Ben and Jerry’s campaign on social change, a year later it increased to 60%. This shows that a company like Ben and Jerry’s who use their platform as a voice, can help make successful changes to society. 

Beneficial for business

Practising a strong corporate social responsibility can most certainly be beneficial for your business. Not only are you demonstrating the importance of environmental issues; but as a company with a voice, you are showing that you have a responsibility to tackle these problems.

As an agency, we are strong believers of corporate social responsibility and making sure that all aspects of marketing are carried out ethically. From a consumer perceptive, companies that are consistently on board with strong CSR morals, project a better brand image than those that don’t. Leaving consumers with a positive image of your business will help to increase your brand awareness through word of mouth. 

Embracing social and environmental policies within your business is a great marketing technique to attract consumers, which is essential for long-term success for your business. 

Marketing your CSR

VerriBerri, our marketing agency in Essex are here to help adapt your brand’s marketing needs to suit the ethical issues surrounding your CSR. Our team of highly experienced marketers will work to highlight your business in the correct manner; displaying any issues you feel strongly about. 

One of the issues that you may find when showcasing your CSR as a marketing tool, is that it can in some ways be seen as disingenuous. One option would be to create a short video explaining your ethics and morals as a business. This could then be uploaded onto your website or social media channels, so that consumers can easily access the information. By using a visual marketing tool, you will be able to engage with readers and illustrate your passion towards your corporate social responsibility. 

Taking Influence from leaders in the industry

Taking influence from companies such as Ben and Jerry’s or Starbucks can help build your reputation as a responsible business similar to them, this can lead to a competitive advantage. A competitive advantage occurs when a company can generate products more efficiently or at a decreased cost than its competitors. Therefore, by taking influence from companies that have had success in their CSR concepts, will allow for similar results to your business. 

Our marketing agency in Essex, have the expertise and skills to enhance your corporate social responsibility. With over 11 years of experience; we have made the connections that can help to network your CSR concepts to where they need to be. With all things considered, we seek to always produce a positive brand image to not only your business, but to all businesses that approach our agency. 

No matter how big or small your business is; we are always focused on creating a clear marketing strategy to suit your business. By approaching us with your objectives, we can map out the elements that will need to be embedded within your CSR concept. We will of course consider the economic and environmental factors. As an award-winning marketing agency; we will make sure that these marketing plans stay on the right track in order to get the results you anticipated. 

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CSR is a huge advantage to all businesses. Without it, it simply will not help to progress your brand to increase a reputable image. If you feel as though you need some guidance within this area; then we are here to help with every step of the way. Contact our CSR marketing agency today.