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CSR marketing agency

CSR marketing agency 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a fundamental component of business practises. Whether it is reducing pollution or donating to charity, a socially responsible firm is looked fondly on. Though socially responsible actions can be expensive to implement, the long-term rewards are worth it.

Marks & Spencer’s CSR Approach.

One of the latest acts of a business looking out for the public is Marks & Spencer. The retailer has recently partnered with Breast Cancer Now to showcase stories of seven women affected by the illness to raise awareness and support. Alongside the short story films, M&S will also donate 20% of pink bra sales to the charity throughout October in an attempt to prevent nearly 10,000 cases of breast cancer.

M&S has a record of successful socially responsible activities. It’s recent partnership with Oxfam led to increased consumer purchasing from the charity through its ‘Schwop’ campaign. This was where consumers could bid for celebrity clothing with the proceeds going to Oxfam.

Benefits of Being Socially Responsible.

We are firm supporters of corporate social responsibility and ensuring that work is carried out in an ethical yet productive manner. As a business, introducing socially responsible procedures will put your firm in a positive light. This reputable brand image will lead to enhanced interaction and attention with the public.

How we can help.

Publicising your good deeds may be required. Here are some services VerriBerri offer that can benefit your company’s CSR approach:

  • Online reputation management – Ensuring you have a reputation that is perceived as being socially responsible is important, so that a positive message is conveyed to the public.
  • Online PR Essex – VerriBerri’s PR Essex service guarantees that any association of your firm alongside social responsibility or charities will be highly publicised, in a range of reputable media publications.
  • Social media – Communicating with the public in a careful and proficient manner is essential. Our dedicated social media team can handle your channels to deliver a socially responsible message expertly.

The increased use of ‘sustainability’ in marketing campaigns is becoming more and more popular. Of late, one campaign which has had everyone talking is Nespresso’s “first above-the-line” campaign.

Nespresso’s Campaign.

Nespresso’s ‘the choices we make’ advert features a 60-second film that focuses specifically on Nespresso building a community mill in Columbia. This mill has saved farmers five hours a day through picking season so they can spend more time with their families. Interestingly, Nespresso have targeted this campaign solely on sustainability rather than any obvious ulterior motives. This is shown by the fact they have George Clooney only narrating the advert, rather than him being pictured.

Socially Responsible Recovery?

Nespresso’s head of UK marketing stated this campaign is an important opportunity to “start a conversation” surrounding sustainability. (Although polishing their own reputation is undoubtedly another reason for this promotion.) A few years ago, Nespresso faced heavy criticism when their single-serve aluminium pods created unnecessary waste. This campaign is perhaps the best way of recovering from a business setback, which as we have said in the past, is vital for businesses.

CSR marketing agency 

Adapting your marketing to be more ethically conscious must be considered; however introducing it is no easy feat. Our team know exactly what it takes to enhance the exposure of your business and become a socially responsible company. Here are just a few things we can do to support your image:

Socially responsible businesses like Nespresso show themselves in a positive light by acting responsible for the public and environment. We guarantee that our services can give your business a positive image, so you are perceived as the reputable and ethical company you are.

CSR is an aspect of business nowadays that simply cannot be ignored. If you want some guidance in this area, then look no further than our CSR marketing agency in Essex.