Design Agency in Essex Working across the UK

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Design Agency in Essex Working across the UK

Having been a design agency in Essex for over a decade, we have worked with companies from all industries. From small design jobs to rebranding entire businesses, we have done it all. What’s more, we’re confident enough to say that we’re always achieving more than what is expected of us.

Design and branding are important for every business. Not only does it help with distinguishing between you and your competitors, but it also makes you look more appealing to your customers. 

What We Can Do

Design isn’t just about your logo. It should be echoed through everything you do. Through the years we have grown the amount of services we offer as more and more of our clients wanted our expertise in this area. You may only need one of our services or actually, you may need all of them. No matter what, we are happy to create an entirely bespoke proposal for you. 



Rebranding is something lots of companies are scared of doing. With the likes of large brands, (KFC changed their slogan this year,) it’s proof that rebranding is a great way to keep current. In fact, if your existing branding doesn’t get across the message you want to deliver or is simply a bit old hat, it may be doing more damage than good. 

Here at our design agency in Essex, we are bursting at the seams with ideas of how to rebrand your company. Whether you work in the financial industry or are a children’s brand, we cover it all. 

Website Design

Your website speaks volumes about your brand and put bluntly, having a rubbish one will no doubt effect your sales. This is why it’s important to keep it up to date with relevant information and make it appealing to your target audience. 

Research shows that 38% of people will refuse to continue engaging with websites that aren’t easy on the eye. Although that may not seem a lot, when you compare this against how many Google searches there are daily (5.6 billion) that’s a pretty staggering percentage. It’s for this reason that it’s important you get it right the first time. What’s more, in a world so technologically advanced, e-commerce is a massive part for any companies selling a product. Making the sale as smooth and uncomplicated as possible will ensure people don’t get impatient and click off. 

Of course, there is more to think about than just what the website looks like. You then need to consider the technical aspects like how quickly things load and optimization for mobiles. 

Graphic Design

Creativity doesn’t come naturally to all of us. It’s here that people often look to outsourcing their graphic design needs to a design agency in Essex like ours. Business cards are a really good way to make yourself look professional; especially if you’re working in a corporate industry. Although they’re not a necessity for everyone, they’re definitely handy to have.  Being able to hand someone your business card rather than having to faff around trying to write down your number is just much smoother. 

Leaflets and brochures are also something we are constantly being asked to design. They’re great for if you’re wanting to promote your business or even just to advise people on what you do. 

Although I said design and branding isn’t all about your logo, it definitely is still a very important thing to consider. It’s how people remember who you are. It impacts their opinion on you and can even sway their decisions on using your brand. Making it eye-catching is of course, a very important part of creating a logo however, getting your message across is equally as integral. This can be difficult to do in an image but something our design agency in Essex has done for many of our clients.

How Design Can Add Value 

Design or redesign can do wonderful things for businesses in every sector. The main added value you get is simply in building a connection between your product and your customers. We all like to stick to the brands we know and feel comfortable with. Being in the middle of a pandemic and with the economy in such a state, people have far less money now than they once did. This means that it is more important now than ever before to stand out to people as something they find familiar and can trust. By bringing on board a design agency in Essex, we can help to create this link for you. Generating more word of mouth and more sales for your business. 

Design can also save a lot of time. Having to reaffirm your message all the time can be tiring. When done properly, your branding should take your companies beliefs and values into consideration. If successful, this can then do the talking for you saving a lot of painful and repetitive conversations. Design also has the ability to make your brand more fun and personable. This not only will make you more likeable but also contributes to people remembering who you are. 

Why You Need a Design Agency

The truth is, you may not need a design agency. I know it may seem counter intuitive for me to say that, but I would be lying if I said no company has ever done their own branding or website design. Having said this, there are plenty of reasons you should choose to outsource to our design agency in Essex. Designing any aspect of what we’ve mentioned is extremely time-consuming. Being able to give this responsibility over to a marketing agency will ensure your sanity. What’s more, it will make your life a whole lot less stressful!

Trying to be creative when you’re not that way inclined can feel like a losing battle. The end product won’t be anything ground-breaking and it’s guaranteed you’ll be pulling your hair out along the way. Having already gone through the experimental phase, we already know what looks good. We also love coming up with authentic ideas to help your company stay unique.

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To summarise, design and branding is something you really ought to get right. If you’re a bit lost with what direction you want to take when it comes to your business or you simply need a re-vamp, we would be more than happy to help! To get in touch today, please call 01376 386 850 or click here!