Digital Branding Agency: What We Do

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Digital Branding Agency: What We Do

As a digital branding agency, the work we do is often overlooked. What many people fail to realise is branding isn’t just about designing a logo. Instead, it is about creating, or recreating, an entire identity for your business. Branding is something no company can avoid, yet many do a careless job of. Without good branding, your whole business could be in jeopardy. 

Before going any further, it’s important you get to know us first. VerriBerri are a digital branding agency. This means that we work alongside businesses to help them build and solidify a personality for their brand. Based in Essex, we’re known as one of the biggest marketing firms in the whole of the South East. What’s more, we’re still growing. We have many accolades under our belt to prove testament to our hard work. If you’re after a team who cares about their clients results, you have come to the right place!

What Our Packages Include

As we touched on previously, there is far more to branding than first meets the eye. So that you know what exactly our team does, we’re about to go into depth on the branding process. It’s important to note that you may not need every service we’re about to mention. However, no matter your current position, this is what we can do for you:

Logo Design and Creation


Of course, creating a logo is a huge part of any branding strategy. There is no denying just how crucial this is to your business. Without an attention-grabbing image, people just simply won’t remember you.

When designing a logo, it’s important you know who your audience are. This is vital if you are going to properly appeal to them. Once established, our specialist design team can get to work on building your image. It goes without saying but your logo needs to stay consistent. This should be featured in everything you do. For example, your social media profiles, email marketing campaigns and also, packaging. 

Producing Branding Guidelines

No branding project is complete without establishing guidelines. This considers attributes of your identity such as key colours and fonts. Again, these should be consistent throughout everything your company sends out. By keeping these characteristics stable, this will ensure your clients know who you are without even seeing your name. Each component of branding contributes to the overall memorability of your brand. 

Determining Your Tone of Voice

There is no use trying to sound overly professional if you’re a children’s brand. Similarly, if you’re operating in a fintech industry, you aren’t going to want to come across too playful. Making sure you know how you want to be portrayed is important. Your customers should recognise who is speaking from the very first sentence they read.

Establishing Your Price Point

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This is one aspect of branding that often gets forgotten, despite being so crucial to the entire project. Before going anywhere with your design, you need to have properly established your price point. 

If we don’t know who your audience are, we’re not going to know how to best direct your brand at them. Price point affects your branding for quite obvious reasons. For instance, a corporate brand would require more monotone colouring and a professional font. Lucky for you, our digital branding agency are experts when it comes to knowing what your audience want to see. 

Getting Your Website in Order

During the pandemic, many of us heavily relied on the internet as a way for us to contact brands and make purchases. If you’re one of the businesses without a website, you’re likely to have struggled. 

Now more than ever, having a site is vital. Not only this, but you also need one that hits the spot first time. If people are having issues navigating your online portal, they’ll quickly lose their patience. This can and will be detrimental to your brand. With a fresh set of eyes overlooking the project, you can be sure on amazing results. Not only will this help make your customers lives easier, but you’ll also benefit from far more sales.

Arguably, having a website is pointless without also implementing SEO into your strategy. It’s one thing having a site however, if nobody gets to see it, your ROI is going to be low. Our digital team are multi-skilled. This means we can help with all aspects of your marketing strategy should you need us. 

What You’ll Love About Us

At VerriBerri, we strongly believe we have the best team any marketing agency can have. We have worked hard to construct a happy working environment and one where everyone feels accepted. Not only is our team diverse but we’re also all good friends. In fact, we believe our workforce to be one of our biggest strengths. Overall, this helps us to create better customer service for our clients and also, impeccable results.

Being based in Essex boasts far more advantages than just the wonderful countryside scenery. Whilst this may be great for ideation, we also get to benefit from far cheaper running costs. By passing this saving onto our clients, you never have to worry about the hefty price tag associated with London firms. Not only are we more affordable but we also promise the same incredible quality, if not better. 

Another feature that our clients love is the bespoke service they get by working with VerriBerri. We work with a diverse portfolio of brands and it makes sense that you would all be different from one another. In order to better cater to your needs, we guarantee entirely unique and tailored packages. Afterall, we always want to offer the best service we can!

Contact Our Digital Branding Agency

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to work on your companies branding, you need a team behind you. Not everyone is going to have graphic design knowledge or be a creative being. That is why we do what we do.

If you think our digital branding agency fits in line with your company, why not get in touch? We’re keen to work with more brands who are passionate about success, just like we are. To reach out, call the office on 01376 386 850 or just click here!