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As a firm, one of our primary marketing services is digital marketing. This makes sense, after all, given how dominated the world now is by the digital sphere of influence. Businesses are online; the younger generations spend as much time on screens as off; and we consume more media and information than ever before thanks to the internet. ‘Digital marketing’, however, is an over-simplified term. One which, while sounding relatively basic, encompasses a huge swathe of marketing disciplines. VerriBerri, a leading digital marketing agency in Essex, is one of the only agencies with all their staff under one roof; and one of even fewer that never white label or use freelancers. As such, we feel well-placed to talk about some of the top benefits to your business in using digital marketing.

Graphic Design

Given that so many companies now ply their trade predominantly online, how your brand conveys itself on the internet has never been as important as it is now. This means an outdated webpage with limited design is only going to bring you, at best, limited results. The abundance of competition online (as evident in there even being a need for a discipline like SEO) means that if you’re site doesn’t look good; you can be sure someone else’s will.


Having graphic design on your website will do three things. Firstly, it will get your site’s professionalism up to a standard from which you have a competitive leg to stand on. It gives you a look in, so to speak. Secondly, it gives your website consistency – a singular theme of design rather than a rag tag mix of graphics pooled from various different places. Consistency is crucial in building a solid, singular brand image.

Finally, it gives you that intangible, long-sought after quality – confidence. Having a brand designed in a way that makes you stand an inch taller is more important than you realise. You’ll promote your business with more gusto, be more productive in your daily work and if your business felt stale? Well, consider graphic design the impetus needed to get going again. At our digital marketing agency in Essex; we have a team of talented graphic designers ready to take on a variety of projects.

SEO, PPC & Content

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the means of getting your website and its pages to rank higher online. This means aiming to get your website appearing 1st as opposed to 73rd on Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This is done through a combination of back-end work and optimised content. In the back-end, specialists will fine-tune your site so that it’s better optimised for Google. This includes creating meta descriptions, compressing images and creating alt-tags. In terms of content creation, weekly blogs enable you to write pieces on the keywords you want to rank for. It’s not as easy as that, in reality, and balancing engaging content with keyword-placement is an art in itself.

It does work though, and SEO can be thought of as a solution to organic, long term growth. If what you’re looking for is a quick marketing hit, on the other hand, look at PPC. Pay-per-click advertising works better the more money you put in. So, if you’re budget allows it, then it’s certainly a beneficial marketing avenue to pursue. Of course, it only works for as long as you’re paying for it. This means it’s less organic than SEO and arguably isn’t as effective in the longer run. A digital marketing agency in Essex will feature blog writers, SEO specialists (these two often pair as one) and PPC managers.

Social Media

Nobody could possibly have imagined the impact which social media platforms would’ve had upon society, globally. Their growth has been beyond staggering. They also provide a great marketing opportunity; leveraging social media platforms to your business’ advantage is one of the smartest things you can do in 2020. There are several platforms to choose from and which one you opt for depends entirely on your business.

Using LinkedIn for a business

If you’re a corporate solicitor, for example, then LinkedIn would be the way to go. LinkedIn offers fantastic scope for networking and there are no other platforms as good for showing off business acumen. By contrast, if you’re a fun kids brand, then jumping on TikTok will help demonstrate your proximity to the latest trends, something which kids (as I’m sure we can all remember from our own childhoods) place large importance upon. Whichever you choose, make sure you’re consistent. If there’s one thing that lets companies down on social media, it’s their lack of consistency.


One of the heavyweights of the marketing world is PR (we believe it can be classed within this bracket, yes!). PR helps businesses offer knockout marketing blows by securing coverage in leading media publications. These publications may take the form of newspapers, magazines, online news outlets and many more. They may be industry-led (business to business) or consumer-driven (business to consumer). Seeing a brand being promoted by professionals other than your own in-house staff lends far more weight and clout to your brand and helps build better brand recognition. PR teams pitch to journalists on behalf of your brand. Successful pitches equate to successful publication appearances, and these? Well, these equate to business growth.

Crisis & Events Management

essex PR agency reputation management

Every business makes mistakes sometimes, I mean, everybody does. Sometimes, you’re fortunate enough that it happens behind the scenes and it can be quickly resolved. Sometimes, however, such mistakes occur on an outwardly-facing part of the business, within the public eye. These situations need to be rectified quickly and proactively, making crisis management essential. On a more positive management note, events are something that can really boost a business’ marketing and brand awareness. That’s if they’re carried out effectively, of course. Running a successful event requires extensive skill and planning. It also needs time and that’s not always something business professionals have going spare; this is why events management can provide such a shrewd marketing move.

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The world is going to be online more and more, not less and less. Data and information rule the skies and in order to capitalise upon that, you need to be savvy. So, if you’d like to find out more about our digital marketing agency in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to talk through all the digital marketing tools available to your business with you, in person!