Digital marketing agency in Essex – my first month at Verriberri

My First Month at Verriberri - Digital Marketing Agency in Essex

Digital marketing agency in Essex – my first month at Verriberri

At the beginning of October Hugo started his position at our digital marketing agency in Essex, as a PR Assistant. He has immediately jumped into the role with success. He is a fantastic writer and integrated into the VerriBerri team seamlessly. Hugo successfully secured three leads for our client, Store That, in his first week.

Below Hugo has written a first-hand account of his first month at VerriBerri:

I’ve been working as a PR Assistant at the Essex-based PR and marketing company, VerriBerri for about a month now. It is, without a doubt, the best job I’ve ever had! The welcome was warm, the work is engaging and the cups of tea are always flowing! 

I could easily gush, for more than 800 words, about how my position here at VerriBerri is infinitely better than any job I’ve worked in the past. However, that wouldn’t make for a particularly interesting read. Instead, I will take you through the delights of my first exciting month at the company.

Securing the Job at verriberri, digital marketing agency in Essex.

It’s no secret that getting a job in this day and age can be a real slog. Let alone a job that seems perfectly suited to your interests and career goals. So, imagine my delight when I saw the role of PR Assistant listed locally to me.

Marketing agency in Essex

My application was (unsurprisingly, to anyone reading this) successful. Amy, the marketing manager, made me feel so welcome before I had even been offered the job. My following trial morning was nothing short of a delight and after leaving, I was no further than ten minutes up the road before I received an email inviting me to join the team. I couldn’t wait to start, and now that I’m here; I’m here to stay.

Four-Day Working Week

One of the most intriguing prospects of my role at VerriBerri was the opportunity to work a four-day week. I was eager to accept this offer and truly believe that it was an incredibly strong business decision made by the Managing Director, Sarah.

This was of course implemented months before I started. However, it’s still something spoken about often, and fondly, within the office. It seems to have had no negative impact on the business. Instead it has provided a bountiful supply of positive energy and heightened morale. 

As I’m currently studying the final course in my Open University degree, having this free day to work towards my qualification is a godsend. I feel fully supported in my studies by everyone here at VerriBerri, and my midweek day off acts as an opportune uni-day – whilst providing an auspicious break between workdays; conducive to a fresh and perceptive mind.

Work Environment

The best work environments are made by the employees, and don’t get me wrong; my co-workers are certainly a contributing factor. The office space I’ve been provided is excellent in itself. 

There is an expected 85% increase in collaboration and innovation in agile workspaces. When considering the space I’ve been provided and the sheer amount of creative teamwork constantly happening all around me, I’m delighted to confirm that this must be true. 

A consistent buzz of proficiency and innovation encapsulates me as multiple departments work in close-knit harmony. With each department striving to produce an exceptional service which I have seen them deliver, first-hand, time and time again. 

The Team

This is the part of the blog where I need to be extra careful about what I write. Not that I have a single detrimental word to say about the team I have so, fortunately, become a part of. 

Marketing agency in Essex

I was told from the very beginning that if I had any questions, I should feel free to ask to my heart’s content. This I have done. My queries have always been met with patient consideration and helpful response, often accompanied by several examples (if the inquiry invited them). There is no place for uncertainty or doubt in this office. Every team member demonstrates an unwavering enthusiasm to assist, collaborate and learn – a selection of attributes I find to be quite contagious in this stimulating workplace.

Although stress will surface in any position such as this, I’m always impressed by the ways I see it alleviated. Here at VerriBerri,digital marketing agency in Essex, help will always be given to those who ask for it. A fresh mindset is often all that’s needed in solving a problem. Whether you’re simply asking your desk-mate for a unique perspective, or calling an office-wide discussion about new ways to angle a pitch. You can be sure that the VerriBerri team will find an answer. 

I think I’ve made it clear that my first month at VerriBerri has been a personal success. All that’s left is for me to whole-heartedly recommend them as a fantastic digital marketing agency in Essex. So, whether you’re looking for a marketing agency, need SEO, restaurant PR, social media marketing for hotels or anything else encompassed by the huge array of PR related services we provide, please get in contact with us today.