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Digital Marketing Agency in Essex

Here at VerriBerri we pride ourselves on our marketing expertise and in turn, our impeccable customer service. We understand the importance of fantastic marketing and how to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

Digital marketing is now more important than ever in the current climate. Over 51% of the world’s population are actively using social media platforms. That’s not including the consumption of online content! Digital marketing is proving a necessity for businesses to successfully grow during the pandemic.

 As a multi award winning PR and marketing agency, with over eleven years of expertise in our field; we are the digital marketing agency in Essex to help you!

From conception to success

Digital marketing is paramount in today’s society and if you own a business, you know how busy things can get. Sometimes there is no way you can adhere to all your daily tasks; let alone the constant promotion and marketing upkeep. VerriBerri will be an investment in your company’s future. Right from conception, we can help you build a strong brand, combining your vision with our expert marketing knowledge. Everything we do has been tried, tested and monitored. As such, we know what works to help you evolve.

We can work alongside you to enhance your brand. This could be the fundamentals such as: 

  • Setting up social media, then maintaining the content and growing the engagement. 
  • Designing a website or an eye-catching logo. 
  • Our PR experts pitching your business to journalists and securing you relevant coverage with the perfect outlets. 
  • Working on your website to increase your Google rankings.

Working with us is also cost saving; when you use a digital marketing agency you lose expenses and overheads; but gain an expert team of 18 who collectively work on growing your business. 

Bespoke service 

Whatever you’re after, we can help you! We offer a full, tailor made service because we understand that every client’s needs are different. No two businesses are the same, so neither should your branding or marketing be. 

Unlike other agencies offering package deals, we will get to know you and invest our time into manifesting your vision, with our creative input to guide you on your way! We are a client focused service and will always keep you in the know. This will guarantee both excellent results and a satisfied client. We are always a phone call or Zoom meeting away!

The social network 


Having the right social media can ensure that you are appealing to a wider audience. Depending on your criteria, we can suggest the right social media marketing strategies for you. Having our highly skilled team manage these channels means that you will be engaging with many more potential customers on a daily basis, whilst having complete confidence that your brand vision is moving forward. We can help you manage every type of platform to optimize your business needs. From corporate style posts on LinkedIn to quirky stories on Instagram, we have it covered.

SEO Experts

We believe that SEO is paramount to company success. Often a business will set up their website and believe their work is done. The key here is actually upkeep and aftercare. In an ever-changing world; it is essential to have relevant and exciting content created constantly. Your website represents your business and is something that you should continue to nurture to attract more customers. 

It is important that your digital marketing agency understands your brand to optimize your search engine results on the internet. SEO is a marketing technique that is continually evolving; so support from experts who understand how it works and can keep up to date with algorithm changes is invaluable.

A lot of businesses decide to go with strategies such as pay per click, which at first seems like a good business plan to start you off, because you are well advertised and can show in the higher rankings. The reality is that it can be highly competitive and cost you a lot of money. Additionally, once you stop paying for the service, you are not as well advertised, your company no longer ranks highly on Google and you are back to square one.

To rank well on search engines, such as Google, your site must be trustworthy and maintained. We can help your company achieve higher search ranking through developing organic, ongoing SEO, which is the best, long term investment for a successful brand. We constantly monitor your on and off page techniques and liaise with our PR team to look for high quality, reputable links, directing back to your brand, creating you a trustworthy reputation.

The ‘Essex Factor’

So, why go with an Essex based digital marketing agency? Not only is Essex an extremely well-known county worldwide, but it’s a thriving business hub, just outside of London. We are experts in our field, offering you a bespoke and personalised service, without that London price tag! 

Our digital marketing agency in Essex is contactable between 8am-6pm Monday-Friday; with consistently reliable results, rest assured that you can give us a call at any time to see exactly what we’re doing to develop your business.

As all of our clients can confirm, we consistently go above and beyond to achieve results for you. “Highly recommended. A very personable and tailor-made service. VerriBerri get to know you as a company, understand your concepts, motivations and goals, and then works as an extension for your team to help you hit your marketing, PR and SEO targets.” Keith Ashton – KCA Accountants.

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Here at VerriBerri, we are confident that we can make you stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in hearing more about our services and how we can the digital marketing agency in Essex to help your brand, we would love to hear from you. To get in touch, click here.