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Starting with a brief insight into who we are, VerriBerri is a digital marketing agency near Basildon. We are a multi-award-winning firm with years of experience helping companies broaden their horizons and grow. We are a multi-department agency with teams covering every aspect of the marketing world. Whether you’re after SEO, social media, PR, or even graphic design, we have the skills to aid you in developing your business.

2020 saw the biggest global crisis in years. The pandemic hit us all like a tonne of bricks and the world spiralled into mayhem. Throughout this time, however, the internet became our best friend. If people weren’t addicted before, they most definitely are now. Given that many of us are still in lockdown, businesses have had to depend on digital marketing to stay afloat. In fact, we’re guessing that’s why many of you are reading this blog. If this is the case, know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. By investing in your digital marketing strategy, this will be highly beneficial to the longevity of your brand.

How Digital Technology Has Caused a Shift in Consumer Behaviour

Of course, the world of technology has seen lots of evolution through the years. From the first search engine ‘Archie’ right the way through to TikTok, the industry just doesn’t stop developing. Naturally, this means that consumer behaviour has changed too. Before embarking on a digital marketing journey, you first need to know what you’re dealing with. 

Customer service is usually a heavy focal point for most businesses. Despite this, there are still many companies out there with terrible support platforms. Regardless, it’s important to note the increase in demand for good customer service through the years. Once, our only options for contact would have been through writing. This then evolved into phone and then email. Fast forward to 2021 and social media has quickly become a popular way to offer help. The fact of the matter is our lives are far too busy to waste time sitting on hold. In fact, many of us now even have little patience for playing email tennis too. By not offering support through social platforms or live chat, this is likely to deter some people from making a purchase. As this becomes more popular, not moving with the times will be detrimental.

With the invention of the internet of course came far more variety. Unlike before, our options are no longer limited to what we can source locally. Instead, we are able to shop online at any time of the day. Moreover, we’re able to buy products from all over the world. Now, you may feel this is trivial for us to mention, however, you’d be surprised how many brands are still lacking a good website. Unless you are one of the lucky ones, those of you not participating in ecommerce will have struggled astronomically in recent times. Not to mention the elephant in the room, sadly, the slow death of the high street as we know it. 

Where to Start

Now we have stated why you need to get your marketing strategy in check, allow us to explain how things are done. Not every method will be suitable for you all. Our digital marketing agency near Basildon has worked with hundreds of brands and we are well aware of just how different you all are. Regardless, there are still lots of methods you can implement that will fit in line with what you do. Read on to hear our suggestions on the most important methods that every company should be investing time into.

Web Design, Creation and Maintenance

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Before going any further, you need to ensure your site is spot on. Or more for that matter, that you actually have one. Given the current climate, solely high street brands just won’t survive much longer. Therefore, you need a team behind you who can design, create and maintain a website for you. 

Our digital marketing agency near Basildon have an entire department dedicated to this expertise. Not only do we know what works but we are also able to offer a fresh perspective on our client’s sites. Unless you have prior experience in creating a website, this is probably best left down the professionals. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Secondly, no good website is credible without the help of SEO. This is the process in which a company improves their website in order to rank better on Google. Its proven that the top three search results will always get the most organic traffic. If your website positions below 3rd place, you can practically kiss goodbye to your chances of being discovered by new customers.

As any professional will tell you, SEO is an incredibly tricky task. Getting to grips with how it all works takes years of practise. It’s for this reason that it is never advisable to attempt your own SEO. Instead, you need the help of an experienced team. Hint, hint, how about our digital marketing agency near Basildon?

Social Media Management

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Finally, social media management. As we touched on before, this is a crucial tool to have when it comes to customer service. Not only this but it also helps improve the visibility of your brand. Sharing content with your followers and building a community on these platforms can go a long way in building loyalty. Before you know it, you’ll have an army of repeat purchasers at your feet.

The truth is, there is far more to social media marketing than first meets the eye. In fact, the entire process can become a lengthy one. Should social media not be your forte, our digital marketing agency near Basildon would be happy to offer our assistance. 

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If your digital marketing strategy could do with some TLC, our team would love the opportunity to help. We love watching brands flourish from our efforts and grow alongside us. As one of the biggest marketing firms in the South East, you can be rest assured you’re in safe hands with us. For more information on what we do, get in touch by clicking here.