Digital Marketing Consultancy In Essex

Digital Marketing Consultancy In Essex

Digital Marketing Consultancy In Essex

Why You Should Be Talking Strategy With A Digital Marketing Consultancy In Essex

The best ideas stem from collaboration, that’s what we believe here at our agency. Sure, there are some enigmatic geniuses that have graced history, outsiders who just had the capacity to produce incredible works, seemingly at the drop of a hat. For most of us, however, we seem to perform best when we’ve got external influences and parties on which we can bounce ideas off.

A different viewpoint here, a melding of ideas there and you have something new, exciting and workable. When it comes to your marketing, collaboration reigns king. As much as anything else, the role of a digital marketing consultancy in Essex is to facilitate discussion, where no idea is a bad idea and everyone should be encouraged to get their thoughts out and into the open. Because that is when the real gems start coming to the surface. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading agency in the South-East, wanted to talk about instances in marketing where sharing really is caring.

Overall Strategy

Inbound marketing strategy on mobile

With any marketing campaign, the direction and overall purpose should be driven by you. We can glean what we think would work well, but ultimately, we work around you. Every agency is the same in this regard because you, after all, are the customer. Delivering a vision requires both parties (the business and the agency) getting together and hashing out what could work. It is very much a team effort rather than simply being given a client and going “make something with this”. You could do that, but the end-product won’t have anywhere near the same impact as would have a collaboratively-realised strategy.

It simply won’t have the heart of your business, the passion and the purpose that makes every business uniquely them. That’s why, here at our digital marketing consultancy in Essex, we first and foremost make a point of just digesting a client, letting everything about their product or service wash through us. In this way, we assimilate the core of a business and what it stands for. Only then will we start to formulate the nuts and bolts of a marketing strategy.

Social Media – The Ultimate Time To Share

Fortunately for us, a marketing agency revolved around teamwork rather than individualism, we live in an age of sharing. We are, of course, talking about social media. These platforms that have gripped our lives for the past decade now are all predicated, without exception, on the idea of sharing – on being social. This presents too good a marketing opportunity to miss out on for businesses. If you’re not implementing social media into your strategy, ask yourself why not?

There’s virtually no good reason not to! With just a few well considered hashtags you can access previously inaccessible markets and audiences. You can aim as big or as small as befits your business and, most beneficially, you can incorporate other brands and businesses, and collaborate with influencers, incredibly easily. As a digital marketing consultancy in Essex, we’re wholehearted proponents of the power that social media marketing provides businesses. You could angle for a print campaign, get some radio advertisements and the odd billboard ad, or you can be smarter and utilise social media. We know which one we’ll be choosing.

The World Is Digital Whether You Like It Or Not

Many people now conduct as much of their lives online as they do in the real world; and whether this makes you squirm or not, that’s just a bona fide fact of today’s global society. If, as a business, your marketing doesn’t reflect this digital demand, then you only have yourself to blame should your brand flounder in the analogue mud. As a business, you need to be prepared to accommodate clients in this new era. If they want to get in touch with you, they may just as well want to video conference call you as they do meet up for a coffee.

If you’ve got a business model, then be expected to show investors detailed presentations and plans for it. Traditionally, businesses that did well tended to have a charismatic figurehead, an eccentric CEO perhaps, or an MD who could have an entire room hanging off their every word, leading them this way and that. Now, however, more emphasis is placed in the business world on your professionalism and quality, overall. So, if you do need to put together a virtual presentation, let’s say, then a simple PowerPoint job will seem slapdash and amateurish. If you get an agency’s graphic designer to compose something, on the other hand, you convey to clients or investors the kind of quality that you know you possess as a business.

Marketing Trends

How can brands futureproof themselves from potential roadblocks they may face down the line? The easiest way is for them to keep a keen eye on what’s working and what’s not in the marketing world. With that in mind, here’s a brief rundown of what’s worth pursuing in the coming months:

  • Video content
  • Interactive content
  • Virtual reality
  • AI marketing technologies
  • Visual content

There’s lots for businesses to be getting their teeth stuck into, then, over the coming months. Marketing is at its best when you play the long game, and not when you look for cheap wins.

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The word consultant has garnered a not altogether positive reputation over the past few years. People see it as an exploitative term. We see it differently. For us, consultancy is synonymous with the term growth. Now more than ever we need to understand the benefits to be had from sharing ideas rather than putting up our guard. Accepting or seeking help makes you no less of a business, it means you’re ready to succeed. So, if you’d like to find out more about our digital marketing consultancy in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. Let’s have a sit down and a chat – it’s where the best progress starts.