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Digital marketing in Chelmsford

When looking into your available options of digital marketing in Chelmsford; you may be left feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities. It’s 2020 and all our lives revolve around the internet. It’s for this reason that digital marketing is so important if you want your business to be a success. 

Having been within the industry for almost 12 years, we have worked alongside hundreds of businesses to help them build their online presence and brand recognition. Working across the entirety of the UK and USA, we have covered a whole range of industries from construction all the way through to fintech companies. 

Types of Digital Marketing

With the internet being such an expansive space, it makes sense that digital marketing would have a plethora of avenues you can go down. The most popular questions we get asked are what the best types to use are and how to best utilise digital to its maximum potential. Firstly, you need to know the types of digital marketing. 

Digital PR

Public relations is something many of our clients have been wary of due to negative past experiences with other digital marketing specialists. It’s for this reason that we guarantee our results. This allows our clients to be rest assured that we are capable of delivering what we promise.

In this day and age, so many magazine and news publications have gone online. If you can access them from the comfort of your own home and for free, why would you go to the shops to buy a copy? It’s for this reason that you should be considering this option to further to the reach of your brand. 

Alongside this, digital marketing in Chelmsford also encompasses bloggers and influencers too. Lots of companies are now committing to featuring a blog on their website for SEO purposes. As well as this, there are plenty of people out there who are solely bloggers or influencers. Targeting these areas can be a great way of reaching a completely different audience; meaning more sales for your company. 


SEO is a very valuable tool when it comes to digital marketing in Chelmsford. Not only is it a great way of getting ahead of your competitors but it is also good at encouraging web traffic and sales. When saying SEO, we are referring to search engine optimisation. This refers to the process of improving your Google ranking when someone searches for keywords relating to the content on your website. 

SEO can become quite technical which is where people often seek the help of our specialists in digital marketing in Chelmsford. Put simply, humans are lazy. Therefore, when they Google looking for your product or service, they’re going to click one of the very first searches. In this fast-paced world we live in, nobody wants to waste time trawling through pages and pages of search results. This means that if someone is looking for something in particular, you want to be as high as possible if you want the best chance of recognition.


Inbound marketing strategy on mobile

Pay per click (PPC) is quite a simple concept that lots of people find highly successful. We’ve all seen the little advertisements online before and I’m sure you’ve been just as tempted in clicking them as me. That’s because pay per click works. Each time somebody clicks on this advert, you then have to pay Google in return for more visitors on your website. This stimulates more e-commerce sales meaning more money for you. 

Email Marketing

When discussing email marketing, what we mean are well structured, informative emails that are sent out to a mass number of contacts. This could be in the form of a promotional deal or newsletter to name a few examples. These are great for grabbing the attention of your customers and drawing them to your website where they may then make sales. The majority of people like knowing they’re getting good value for money meaning that showing what your company offers and explaining why it’s so great will bring a great ROI. 

Social Media

Social media is everywhere we turn. Whether you’re on your lunch break, commuting to work, or chilling on your day off; it’s almost guaranteed that social media will pop up somewhere along the way. Marketing your business on social media is a great way of getting your name out there and showcasing what it is that you do. Of course, there are lots of different platforms to consider, making your job more difficult. Before going anywhere with socials, you need to know your target audience as well as the demographics of the channels you wish to use. As well as this, you need to have a good understanding of what does well and where so that you can make a plan for authentic content.

Why You Need an Agency

It is possible to do certain portions of digital marketing yourself however, it will most likely be much more cost and time-efficient if you outsource this to a marketing agency like us. Knowing what content to post and keeping it creative is difficult, even for us experts. Having a team of 18 all under one roof does however make it easier to brainstorm ideas and build up a lot of ideation when we hit a wall. 

When it comes down to SEO, some people try to attempt this themselves. Whilst technically, any business can do this, getting it to be successful is easier said than done. We have found lots of our clients struggle with this area and often come to us having made their ranking worse than it was before. 

There are plenty more reasons why you should use an agency if you have the budget, but it would be counter intuitive for me not to mention why you should choose us over others. As mentioned earlier, we are the only company in the UK who guarantee our PR results. What’s more, we believe in being completely transparent so we can ensure you’re happy with the results we deliver. 

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