Digital Marketing Specialists: Everything You Need to Know and How We Can Help

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Digital Marketing Specialists: Everything You Need to Know and How We Can Help

At VerriBerri, we are home to a team of digital marketing specialists. Our agency has over 12 years of experience providing award-winning results to a wide variety of different businesses. After a tough 2020, and a bumpy 2021, we are keen to help organisations recover after the pandemic. If your business looks different after COVID, marketing is the boost you need!

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

The pandemic has only increased our need for digital technology. Once, it was fairly usual to have people coming in and out of the office for meetings. Now, it’s become a rarity. How we communicate these days, looks very different to how it did 2 years ago, let alone 20 years ago.

With more and more of us becoming glued to our devices, digital marketing has become a technique that businesses can no longer afford to ignore. If this is something you are looking to explore, you’re likely wanting to know what there is for you to gain. Below are a few of the key advantages of implementing digital marketing:

Digital vs Traditional

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We’re often asked about the real value of digital marketing as opposed to taking a more traditional approach. Honestly, there is no comparison. Marketing is in our blood. It’s what we do day in, day out and it’s safe to say we know the landscape well. From our 12 years of knowledge, we can assure you, a digital approach yields far better results.

Don’t get me wrong, traditional marketing does still have its place in some strategies. However, this certainly isn’t going to generate the same reach or ROI as online methods. What’s more, it isn’t going to be nearly as easily measurable. This in mind, it’s always advisable that you take a digital approach. 

Our Services

Knowing where to start is often the first hurdle you need to overcome. The world of marketing is broad, and it can be extremely daunting going it alone with your strategy. If you’re keen to make your approach as lucrative as possible, you’re going to need the help of digital marketing specialists. 

Below is a run-down of our core services…

Graphic Design

A businesses journey often starts with graphic design. You’ve got a good idea that you know will go far, but you now need to communicate this message to the world. This is where things can get tricky.

At VerriBerri, that’s exactly what we do! Through the use of branding, website development and packaging design, we can help you to position yourselves as elites. Our experts will help you to set strong foundations for the rest of your marketing strategy, and your businesses future. 

Social Media Management

All too often, individuals seem to underestimate just how much work goes into running social platforms. Unfortunately, utilising these sites in your private life and marketing on them are two very different things.

As digital marketing specialists, there are lots of things we need to know in order to deliver a successful strategy. For example, we need to understand your platforms algorithm, which hashtags are going to be the most lucrative and how to best attract your audience. It is our job to help you grow your following, increasing your brand awareness. This is done through the creation and distribution of captivating content. In addition, we can also engage with your audience to further improve your image.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a highly technical area. For beginners, this really is no easy feat. 

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There are two different ways you can generate more interest on your site – organically and non-organically. Our team are fully trained in both search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC.) Should you need us too, we are more than happy to carry out both on-site and off-site optimisation on your behalf. We can also manage your PPC budget to ensure your strategy is as plentiful as it can be. All in all, this is a very taxing task and a full-time job in itself. If this is a new area for you, you’re going to need the help of professionals.  

Event Management

Events are something that many businesses have missed. A lot of organisations heavily rely on these occasions for networking and to generate more sales. If this sounds like you, you may be desperate to get planning again.

If you’ve ever run your own event, you’ll know just how much goes into it. There are lots of different components you need to consider. For example, location, guest list, agenda etc. Finding everything too time consuming? We’re here to help!

Public Relations (PR)

Let’s not beat around the bush, when it comes to PR, you aren’t going to get very far without utilising the valuable contacts of a firm. Whether you’re looking for press opportunities or wanting to collaborate with influencers, you’re going to need a place to start. When you work with digital marketing specialists, we can provide just this!

As an agency, there are lots of different things we are responsible for. Not only will we be pitching to journalists on your behalf, but we are then tasked with writing articles as and when they are picked up. In addition, we are also always there to offer support in a crisis should you need us. 

Wanting to get your brand featured in a mainstream publication? Want to know more about collaborating with influencers? Get in touch with our team today!

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If you’re a business owner, it’s likely you don’t want to add yet another thing to your workload. Instead of burning yourself out trying to juggle too many plates, why not outsource this task to an agency? Marketing is an extremely lucrative process, providing you know what you are doing. 

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