Tips for effective PR from Digital PR Agency in the UK

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Tips for effective PR from Digital PR Agency in the UK

As a digital PR agency in the UK, the team here at VerriBerri feel like we’re qualified to give a tip or two. Sometimes, the world of digital PR can feel overwhelming and exhausting. It takes some expert knowledge to navigate. VerriBerri have been successfully assisting brands with their digital PR strategies for over 12 years and have a shelf of awards to show for it! 

Benefits of PR 

With social media marketing becoming increasingly popular, some may stop and ask whether digital PR is worth it. Of course, it is! Although PR has changed over the years, the fundamentals stay the same; it is about maintaining brand image and connecting with your target audience. PR helps you to create a positive public reputation and maintain it. It is also about advertising your products or services without a hard sell. 

If carried out correctly, digital PR can produce lucrative results for your business. You can increase the traffic to your website, enhance your online reputation and cement your standing within your sector.

Build relationships with journalists

One of the best practices within PR is to build up a good relationship with journalists. As a digital PR agency in the UK, this is our speciality. There are many ways to connect with journalists but one of the easier ways for a newbie is Twitter. Using the hashtag Journo Request is a way to find journalists. From there, you can start to build up a history with them for future pitches. Here at VerriBerri, we have an already established set of journalist contacts that we have been working with closely for years. As such, we know which journalists are likely to pick up stories in order to get you the maximum success rate.  

By reaching out to journalists, you can secure leads in online publications. An online publication is likely to link back to your website. This is called a backlink and is vital for the development of your SEO. Search engine optimisation is the process of ensuring your website is favourable to the Google algorithm in order to raise your SERP rankings.

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Backlinks in trustworthy publications will prove to the algorithm that you have authority within your industry. This suggests you know what you’re talking about and that your website will be able to assist a Google user with their query. Google’s main job is to answer a user’s question so, it will suggest websites that it thinks can do this effectively. The higher you rank on the SERP, the more organic traffic you will receive to your website. 

Influencer marketing 

Although it isn’t for everyone, many brands find influencer marketing incredibly efficient. Influencer marketing is the process of using influencers with established followers on social medi. This is to market your products for a fee or with a brand deal. The idea behind influencer marketing is being able to reach a wide range of people through an already established and trusted person. When choosing influencers, you should bear in mind their niches, their engagement rate, and their target audience. If their niche matches with your brand, you can work together with the influencer to promote your product or campaign. Contrary to popular belief, an influencer with more followers is not always as valuable as one with less. What really matters is the engagement rate on their posts. This refers to how many people are seeing, liking, and sharing their posts. If they have a good follower to engagement ratio, it’s likely more people will see the content they post.

VerriBerri have a list of influencers ready to work with brands form a wide range of niches and sectors. These include fashion, veganism, food and more. 

Having a crisis management plan 

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on’t need one of these, but as a digital PR agency in the UK, VerriBerri have seen many brands suffer in the past due to not having a prepared crisis management strategy. Such strategies exist to ensure that you can fix any damage to your reputation should you be faced with a PR crisis. This includes plans on how to respond and fix tricky situations. How you handle it will have an impact on how the public sees you, and so it must be done with care. You will need to take into account your social media response, ensuring damage control, stating facts, and identifying potential questions that may be asked and having answers for them.

VerriBerri can make sure you have one ready and waiting in case anything goes wrong. We will work together with you to piece together the most important things to address, and adopt your correct tone of voice when we respond to any negative PR. 

Why do you need a digital PR agency in the UK?

With years of experience, VerriBerri know the ins and outs of digital PR. Our specialised team have the skills to deliver high quality PR services for your brand to enhance your business and heighten your brand awareness. As an agency, we also carry the guarantee that any lead that is lost for any reason, will be replaced. We are the only agency in Essex to offer this promise! 

As well as a PR team, VerriBerri have a social media team, SEO team, content team, and a graphics design team. They all work under own roof allowing them to collaborate cohesively with PR campaigns. This way, we can ensure brand cohesion throughout your digital marketing strategy. Our team also hold regular brainstorming sessions to come up with new and exciting ideas for your brand.

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