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VerriBerri have been a digital PR Agency UK for well over a decade now and through the years we have worked with a whole host of different companies. From the construction industry through to modelling agencies, we have seen and done it all. With a client base across both the UK and USA, we are confident in the consistent delivery of our high-quality results.

What is Digital PR?

With the pandemic still looming above our heads like a raincloud, we have all been upping our screen time recently. What’s more, with social media only becoming more and more popular, you’d be silly not to consider using this for boosting your sales. 

Digital PR is a form of marketing used to boost your online presence and brand recognition. There are several different types of digital PR including working with influencers and international publications; to name a few. 

Types of Digital PR

As we just mentioned, there are lots of ways you can carry out public relations digitally. Choosing which option is best suitable for your business, however, is difficult. Wasting time and money you may not have is wasteful and unnecessary. This is where it can actually be more cost effective to bring on board a digital PR agency UK. 

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of digital PR and how they can be beneficial:


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware of the rise in social influencers. The term ‘influencer’ simply refers to anyone who has built up a large following on social media. As well as this, they are often open to doing collaborations or mentioning companies’ products in return for money. Essentially, ‘influencers’ are smaller celebrities who are more commonly famous for their online presence. For example, lots of companies like to get involved with reality stars when it comes to digital PR. This is because their following is normally very significant. 

Knowing your target audience is key before taking on any marketing or PR strategy. Similarly, you need to know who you want to target before knowing which influencers to collaborate with, if at all. Sometimes, people find the input of a digital PR agency UK useful here as we can advise on which angle to take if this is the approach you want. 

Once you have decided who you would like to work with, you then need to decide which area you want to target. Do you want to collaborate with this influencer? Or maybe you may want them just to mention your product? You could even do a giveaway. 


Podcasts are a type of audio broadcasting. The topics you can cover vary massively however, they are often used to speak about certain topics and educate their audience. 

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on and there are lots of different angles you can take. You could do a guest appearance on an already established podcast or you could approach somebody to promote your business for you. Either way, they’re a great way of building up your brand awareness.

To put into perspective just how effective podcasts can be for the right company – research shows that more than half of listeners are likely to consider buying a product or service after hearing it advertised on a podcast. 

Online Publications

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When people think of PR, they often think of hard copy newspaper and magazine articles. You would be right in assuming this was the most popular type of PR however, as the modern era changes, so has this. By bringing these articles to online publications, you reach a much bigger audience. A lot of people have swerved away from buying newspapers when they can read the same stories online without having to leave the house. And rightly so. It’s for this reason that it’s important to also aim to appear in digital publications. 

As well as online news and magazine outlets, you can also consider blogs. A lot of companies these days feature blogs on their websites for SEO purposes. As well as this, there are a lot of people out there whose sole job are as bloggers. Having an article published here or even having a small feature can be massive exposure for your brand.

How This Can Help Your SEO

Here’s something not many of our clients realise at first but digital PR is actually also a great way of boosting your SEO. Working alongside online publications are a great way of gaining backlinks. When someone recommends something to you, you already feel much more at ease about buying that product. Similar to this, when people are linking back to your website, Google sees this as a good indicator that you are trustworthy. It’s for this reason that their algorithm is then likely to favour you and boost your ranking on the SERP.

Why You Need an Agency

Whilst there are some aspects of marketing you can do without the help of a digital PR agency UK; public relations are often one that people find difficult. Any aspect of PR is time consuming and digital PR is no exception. Having to pitch to multiple journalists, bloggers or influencers is anything but quick. By bringing on-board an agency to help, we can take this workload off your shoulders. What’s more, knowing who to reach out to and how to is something not many businesses know where to start with. Having been experts in this area for almost 12 years, we know exactly who you should be targeting. 

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The bottom line is, digital PR is something every company can benefit from if they’re looking to get their name out there. Especially with Christmas coming up, you may be considering options on how to boost your sales. If help from a digital PR agency UK is something you’re considering, we would be more than happy to come on-board. To find out more on how we can help, get in touch by clicking here!