Dog Food Marketing Agency


Dog Food Marketing Agency

It’s a wonderful life as a dog food marketing agency. It really is. Who doesn’t want to spend their days working for our furry friends? On everyone’s Instagram there will be at least one pet account. Am I right? In this post we outline our experiences with #dogstagram, and how best to use it for your business… without getting too distracted. At VerriBerri, we’re a family of dog-lovers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t get down to business.

Not Another Hashtag…

Yes, another hashtag! If you’re exasperated at this, then maybe the future of marketing isn’t for you. Whether its #dogsofinstagram or #highlandterrierpuppy, these hashtags can go a long way. They have the benefit of being global, everyone wants to see dogs, but also extremely niche. So, without doing very much research, you’re actually able to get a lot of keywords and phrases straight off the bat! This makes your life easy when you work with a dog food marketing agency. It means that you can focus on the good stuff. Like the dogs. 

It’s no secret that hashtags are the key to being found. So being able to embrace them, and a lot of  them at that, is key to success. 

Dogfluencers Do It Better


Unlike humans, there’s very little a dog can do wrong besides peeing in the house or barking at a small child. With dogfluencers, you won’t have to worry about PR crises. Shadowbanning or controversy? Forget about it. In general, those who follow dogfluencers are not coming for authenticity or authority, they follow because, simply, they like dogs. Something that means that when it comes to your brand, you have a wide scope of who you can work with. Your brand is for dogs with allergies? Huge market. If your brand is for big dogs, you have a bigger market. If your brand is eco-friendly, bigger still. 

This is another great thing about working with dog talent, there’s very little chance for failure. That’s in all areas. Chances are, if your dog talent is already posing in front of a camera for it’s parents, you’re onto a winner.  

Access to Charity

One great part of pet ownership is being able to rescue. This opens up another opportunity for us as a dog food marketing agency. Working with the influencers of the #adoptdontshop movements allow your brand to look great in the eyes of animal lovers. There are plenty of charitable causes that are animal related that you can support. That’s a big PR plus.

If your brand is sustainable, a good angle you could use would be to target dogfluencers who are rescue pups. That way, not only are you hitting your sustainable goals for the environment, you’re also working to combat puppy farms and look after the forgotten. Consider working with a charity, supplying them with monthly care packages. Perhaps you could raffle off some product and a proportion of the proceeds can go to them? Either way, you’ll not be stuck for choice. 

So. Much. Content.

If you’ve ever stumbled across a dogfluencers page you’ll know that content comes naturally. When you’re working as a dog food marketing agency aside from sniffing into microphones and howling ‘I love you’, you’re never going to be stuck for choice. There’s a saying in showbiz. They say never work with children or animals. We disagree. Dogfluencers are ripe for content production. Plus, it’s content that’s easy to engage with and will keep your customers coming back for more. If they have an account they like, you’ll know about it. 

Persian Cat

Millennial and Gen Z are the most likely to both have and follow dogfluencer accounts. Whether it’s a personal thing, and they just want to document their pup growing up, or a serious source of income for the family, they’re who to look for when considering your audience. They’re also most likely to want to spend on their pets, so it’s a win for everyone. 

Make Yourself Stand Out

This is our biggest pet peeve as a dog food marketing agency.Anyone who’s ever tried to own a pet account will understand this feeling. You log on, you scroll for a bit. You check your messages. There are five. All of them read: “Hey cutie, you really caught our eye. What a gorgeous face! We’d love you to be our Ambassador! All you’ve got to do is spend over £80 for a 10% discount…” No. Don’t be this person. It looks desperate, and you’ll never get picked up by big accounts or those on the rise.

You must position yourself as a clean, sophisticated, authoritative brand who knows what it is. Your brand must look like what they want to feed their dogs. Remember, gone are the days when pets are just pets. Now they’re a real part of the family. It’s estimated that dog owners spend £178 on their fur babies each month. That’s a big chunk of disposable income. It was recently reported that 3.2 million pets have been acquired since the start of the – a significant proportion of which were dogs. Only 5% of those have been given up, but that’s still a huge number. So, you’ve got two main angles there. One, the increase in dog owners. Two, those who are now in need of a home. 
If you’re looking to make yourself stand out, polish your content or start to work with dogfluencers, don’t hesitate to contact us for expert marketing and PR by calling us on 01376 386850 or sending an email to [email protected]