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Eco-Friendly Marketing Agency: How We Can Help Grow Your Company in 2021.

Years ago, almost everything was made out of plastic. This was simply due to how practical and cheap it was to produce. However, what lots of people didn’t consider was the long-term effects this material would have on our planet. Fast forward to 2020 and we all know just how bad plastic (and other substances) are. With this, people are becoming far more open to trying more eco-friendly options than they once were. 

Although the higher demand is a positive thing overall, it does mean that over time, the market has become heavily saturated. Whilst some level of competition is healthy, too much could be detrimental to your business. This is where our eco-friendly marketing agency comes in. Having had over a decade of experience in this industry and a well-formed knowledge surrounding environmentally friendly products, we are the perfect match for your brand. 

Social Media Management

Similar to eco-friendly products growing in popularity, so is social media. Although it’s been popular for some time; the pandemic has been difficult for everyone to deal with on the whole. Whilst spending more time indoors, for many people, this resulted in us spending more time on social media platforms. 

You only need to take one look at TikTok and how this outlet blew up during the Summer. Then you’ll see just how much of a lifeline social media was for a lot of people.

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It’s a well-known fact that social media plays a huge part in young adult culture. As well as this, millennials are often environmentally conscious. With this information in mind, it seems only right that building an online presence should be a heavy focal point for you. Of course, the platforms you should be utilising are dependent on what segment of the market you’re trying to reach. For most of you, Instagram and Facebook will be your best options. This is because their user demographics are most in-line with yours. Instagram is a great place to showcase your products through imagery. For others, however, you may want to consider using LinkedIn and Twitter in conjunction with the other two.

The main benefit of utilising social media is of course recognition. The more people that know of your company, the more likely you are to get sales. In addition to this, however, social media is also a really useful tool when it comes to customer service. Something to bear in mind for further down the line. 

Public Relations

PR for your company is likely to be all about visibility for your brand and spreading awareness for the cause. For instance, making the general public aware that approximately 8 million new pieces of plastic pollute our seas every single day. You may choose to do this by appearing on podcasts, through TV appearances or by featuring in articles.  

Given how fast-paced life has become, podcasts have quickly become popular. With less of us having time to watch videos and television, listening to a podcast is slowly becoming as common as listening to music. It offers the perfect, convenient distraction whilst commuting to work or cooking a meal for example. With some podcasts reaching the millions, being given a spot to talk on this platform can be vital for your company. Similarly, for those of us who do have time to watch TV, interviews on popular shows can be great for brand awareness. Quite often, unless people are familiar with a brand, they’re apprehensive to try their products. By pushing your name out there, more people are likely to remember you. This helps to encourage higher sales in the long run. 

Articles in publications do much the same as what we’ve mentioned for podcasts and TV appearances. For the best results, you’re likely to benefit the most from targeting mainstream media outlets. With high readership levels, you’re bound to tap into new markets.


Design is an important thing for any business to get right and something our eco-friendly marketing agency have lots of experience with. Whether it’s branding, packaging, or website design that you need, you’ve come to the right place. 

Key components of design are often what persuade us to buy from a company. If you’re able to hit the spot first time, you’re bound to see an increase in sales. If you don’t do this, however, you’re of course going to experience the opposite. Design is also vital when it comes to reputation and the memorability of your brand. 

Furthermore, nobody likes a clunky website. If someone is finding your site hard to navigate, they’re unlikely to keep trying. Instead, they’ll click off your site and go elsewhere. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

The internet plays a massive part in our everyday lives, as does ecommerce. Being able to buy on the internet was revolutionary for a lot of companies as well as making the job of us consumers much easier. Despite this, many companies are still holding themselves back by not investing time into their SEO.

In order for Google to supply us with the most useful information possible, they invented their algorithm. Essentially, this sets out everything that the perfect website should be. As a business, it’s then our job to work out trends and adapt our sites to meet their demands. The more we satisfy, the more reliable we appear and in turn, the better we rank. Having said this, SEO is a very complicated process that takes years to fully understand. It’s for this reason that it’s never advisable for the untrained hand to attempt this themselves. For best results and to avoid hurting your SEO value, you’ll likely need the help of a specialist team.

The reason ranking highly is so important, you ask? Well, because the algorithm has been so good for so long, as consumers, we’re used to finding the answers we need in the first few results. This means that more often than not, we avoid any of the results that rank below the top three. Naturally, this means that if you’re not within the top portion of results, you’re going to be overlooked. This can and will be detrimental for your business.

What Else You’ll Love About Our Eco-Friendly Marketing Agency

At VerriBerri, we’re intensely aware of the part you play in our success as our clients. We recognise that without you, there would be no business to boast about. Of course, this has only made us even more determined to offer an impeccable service. Where we stand out against other agencies is with our PR guarantee. Lots of the brands we have worked with previously have always been apprehensive to try PR after having negative past experiences. We won’t lie, PR can be an unpredictable market. Nonetheless, it still remains a powerful tool in many companies marketing strategy. To ensure you never miss out, we won’t make promises we can’t keep. If we pledge to achieve a certain number of leads for you, you can be confident that we’ll deliver no less. We are however ambitious. This means we’ll always strive for as many as we can! 

We’ve seen lots of diversity in the clients we worked with throughout the years. Understanding that each company will need a completely different strategy, all of our packages are completely bespoke. We take our time to get to know your business including your ethos and values. After doing this, we get to work hand-crafting a proposal which is perfectly tailormade to suit you. This also allows us to better take into account your budgets meaning we’ll never exceed what you’re happy for us to spend. 

In case this wasn’t already enough, our eco-friendly marketing agency is also multi-award winning! From our CEO winning ‘Businessperson of the Year’ right the way through to our team being awarded ‘Best PR and Marketing Agency.’ Hopefully, this helps to reflect just how hardworking we are as a team. 

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The bottom line is, we really enjoy being able to help businesses grow as we do too. If your marketing strategy is something you’re looking to put more time into, we’d be happy to get involved. To find out more information, you can contact us on 01376 386 850 or, simply click here!