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Engagement Ring Marketing Agency

A near essential for any engagement ring provider is to use an engagement ring marketing agency. Weddings are inevitable, as is the purchase of an engagement ring that precedes this; but how can you ensure it’s your business making the sales and not a competitor? Aside from designing and producing a selection of beautiful engagement rings (which we’re sure you already do!), it’s a sheer necessity that you can reach your target audience effectively.

With the diamond engagement ring industry worth approximately $13 billion worldwide, there’s an understandable struggle to be had when aiming to make a dent in that figure with your own sales. Much of this struggle will stem from an inefficiency in promoting yourself in the right way. This is where the leading engagement ring marketing agency, VerriBerri, can help! Here, we have compiled some of our top tips to help your business beat the competition and give the nation’s happiest couples an even bigger smile!

Does Your Social Media Usage Align With Your Target Audience?

Whether you like it or not, in this day and age social media not only commands your attention in order to stay up to date with your peers, but also in seeing your business succeed. Assuming you are already marketing your products and services through social media channels, you need to ask yourself whether you are appealing to your target audience. With this in mind, you may think that Facebook – typically seen as a social media platform for the older generation – is not an appropriate place to market engagement rings, but this is not the case.

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A large portion of the older generation are more affluent, plus they still get engaged! Those on their second or third marriage and those wanting to renew their vows with a bang. The big question is, do your marketing efforts reflect these specific needs? Once you have established the audience you are appealing to on each platform, an engagement ring marketing agency can tailor your posts to the platform’s respective users. If you know a specific engagement ring, style, or budget would appeal more to the younger generation, for example, it would be best to post it on Instagram.

It should go without saying (although, from experience, we feel it’s important to mention), that when selling jewellery, it’s paramount that the pictures used on social media are of an exceptional quality! People will hesitate to trust your brand if your imagery looks anything other than classy and consistent. Ensure every upload is aesthetically pleasing and that your socials each follow a theme. Whilst not necessarily crucial, this added effort will take your social media marketing to the next level.

Improving Your SEO Through Public Relations

You don’t need to be an award-winning PR and marketing agency to understand the multiple benefits of public relations. The publicity an engagement ring marketing agency can create for you through PR is tremendously exciting. What’s more is that it will open you up to so many opportunities! This includes anything from simply driving more traffic to your website and improving your brand awareness to boosting your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and attracting more revenue.

SEO, in its simplest form can be defined as the position in which Google ranks you against your competitors. Naturally, you will want your business to be as close to the top of the rankings as possible. As a quick experiment, go on Google and search ‘engagement rings [the county in which you’re based]’ and see where your business appears. If you don’t feature on page 1, then you’re definitely going wrong somewhere. If you’re not very high up on page 1, then there’s a lot of room for improvement!

Regularly uploading blogs (like this one!) is one of the most effective ways of boosting your Google ranking. Websites, such as WordPress, are extremely SEO friendly and will help drive more potential customers to your website, ultimately making your site appear higher on Google’s search results. Regular and consistent blogs – one a day, if possible – are an essential ingredient in ensuring this works, however. Take a look at one of our blog’s discussing SEO in more detail to find out how you can make your website more SEO friendly.

Don’t Ignore Your Competitors!

What’s social media’s main use? That’s right, stalking. Stalking your friends; your ex; or your colleagues… we all do it, despite pretending not to. When it comes to marketing, however, you need to stalk your competitors!

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Take a look at how they’re running their social media pages and take a little inspiration if you see any good ideas. For example, is your main rival hosting a competition to win a free engagement ring? Quite frankly, this is an excellent idea and a great way of attracting a new and wider audience. You should feel absolutely no shame in ‘being inspired’ by this idea; it’s more than likely that your competitor was inspired by a rival of their own.

Further to this, investigate how often they’re posting and which of their platforms gets the most use and engagement. Consider their USP and what makes them niche. From here you can work out what makes you stand out and cater to that, cornering a portion of the market. In such an excruciatingly competitive industry – facing competition from both independent retailers and nationwide high street stores – it’s of the utmost importance that these things are considered.


There is a multitude of ways you can improve your business’ online presence. It simply involves being constantly on top of each marketing strategy we encourage you to implement, tracking your socials each and every day, or even every few hours, if possible. Then you just need to be in constant competition with yourself, examining your business’ percentage of weekly interaction at the end of each week. We can appreciate, however, that not every business has the time or manpower to do this effectively, in which case, consider getting in touch with VerriBerri to hear more about what we can do for you! Contact our engagement ring marketing agency today on 01376 386 850