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Engagement Ring PR agency

Engagement ring PR agency – More customers, greater revenue. it has a nice ring to it. 

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Who doesn’t love jewellery? They’re two things I can confidently say 99% of the population love. What you as a business might not love so much is not being able to effectively reach your target audience. Worldwide, the diamond engagement ring industry is worth approximately $13 billion dollars, crazy, right!

Ask yourself, how much of your business contributes to that total figure? If you’re guessing ‘not a lot’, then chances are you are not promoting yourself in the right and most efficient way out there. Not to worry however! VerriBerri is a leading engagement ring PR agency! We thought we’d put together some top tips to help you and your business beat the competition and help contribute towards that whopping $13 billion dollars. 

How are you using social media in relation to your target audience?

We live in an era where social media dominates day-to-day life and, like it or not, the success of your business. Commonly, Facebook is associated as an ‘older generation’ type of platform. Therefore, ask yourself, how are you appealing to these people? Make sure you know your age range, it’s not just the younger generation who get engaged. Yes, you have those who have been divorced, and yes, you have those who want to renew their vows. 

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Most likely, your main drive of audience from social media here can be from Facebook as their age is likely to be of an older bracket. Once you establish who you are appealing to on each platform, you can tailor your posts to your audience. If you are selling an engagement ring that you know is going to target a younger person, your go-to page would (presumably) be Instagram.

As silly as this may sound, you are selling jewellery, make sure your pictures on social media are of an exceptional quality! You are in an industry where quite often, if not executed properly, things could seem ‘dodgy’ to say the least. Are the images that you’re uploading aesthetically pleasing? Are you following a theme on your socials? No, these points aren’t crucial, but they certainly go a long way!

Public Relations and Marketing

Before you jump to conclusions, we aren’t just saying this because we’re an exceptional PR and marketing agency (not to be biased!). But this type of publicity can bring you so many opportunities! The use of these elements can drive traffic to your website, attract more revenue and boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). 

Take SEO for example here. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what this is, it can in its simplest form be defined as the ranking you’re positioned in on Google against your competitors. For obvious reasons, you want to appear close to the top of the page when researching the topic that your company specialises in. Go and search ‘engagement rings Essex’ and see how far up your business appears. If it isn’t page 1, then I’m sorry to say it but you’re probably going wrong somewhere. 

One of the most effective ways to correct this is through blogging. Blog every day, and even when you’ve had enough of blogging, blog again! Using sites such as WordPress, which is extremely SEO friendly, will help to drive more people to your website and therefore make your website appear higher on Google. You can find a list of ways which will make you more SEO friendly online.


We just can’t get enough of this tool (if we can even call it that). We all know how to do it, and let’s not lie here, we all do it anyway, so why not stalk your competitors?! 

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Look at what they’re doing on their social media pages. Are they hosting competitions to win a free engagement ring? That’s a great way of driving in a new and wider audience, so ‘copying’ that idea isn’t a bad thing. How often are they posting on their social media and what platforms do they most commonly use? A good place to start is on Instagram, since it can be considered the most effective due to its ability to attract a wider audience through hash-tagging.

What is their USP? What exactly is niche’ about them? Are you different? If so, how? These are the type of questions that you need to be asking yourself. You are in a very, very, competitive industry. Not only are you up against other independent retailers, but you also face competition from extremely popular high-street stores. 


Reviews are like golden nuggets to a business. (Click here to see ours) The last thing you want is for a potential customer to research your business and see a review close to the top on Google which says you ‘provide cheap quality engagement rings’. How are you going to prevent this? PR teams and agencies can help through crisis management. Everyone is going to have a bad experience, it’s inevitable. But this shouldn’t impact your credibility as a business. There are ways to help mitigate these reviews from happening, which in short, include: 

  • Be easy to contact (make sure you answer the phone!).
  • Respond quickly to issues. This way, you will lower the chances of the unsatisfied customer leaving a poor review when you quickly resolved the issue.
  • Be personable. Don’t let the customer feel like just a number. Show them that you value them and want to hear their opinion.


There are so many ways to help improve your business’ online presence. All you need to do is be on top of your business and track its socials every single day, and if possible, every couple of hours. Examine how your interaction is looking, does your business have a higher percentage of weekly interaction at the end of each week? Be in competition with yourself! If you would like to find out more on tips for the engagement ring industry, then do not hesitate to get in touch! Contact our engagement ring PR agency today on 01376 386 850.