Equestrian Marketing Agency

Equestrian Marketing Agency

Based in Essex, we are a 14x award winning equestrian marketing agency. We work in collaboration with brands to help bring them a marketing strategy that works. Not only are we responsible for bringing our clients more exposure but also for them seeing a rise in sales too. 

It’s a rewarding job, but one that requires a great deal of creativity. Being all under one roof, we’re able to generate lots of ideation to ensure our work is authentic and exciting. No matter what element(s) of marketing you’re after, we’d be happy to help! If you’re unsure, we can even suggest where your efforts are best spent.

What is Marketing?

The work we do as an equestrian marketing agency is very different of those who work in advertising. Despite this, many people get the two confused. Marketing is simply a more subtle way of pushing your products out there all whilst avoiding rubbing your brand in people’s faces. Meanwhile, advertising is much more obvious to us as consumers. It’s also significantly more expensive. Regardless of these different traits, both have the potential to be just as powerful as the other. 

Design Elements

Having been in the industry for over a decade, we’re well versed when it comes to knowing what different markets respond well too. Regardless of exactly which area of the equestrian industry you’re in, design should be a key player in your strategy.

When we first hear of any brand, we then begin forming our initial first impressions. These are often done subconsciously and are hard to reshape once established. Given that the first encounter your customers are likely to have with your business is through your branding or website, it’s important you get this right.

Branding encompasses lots of attributes such as your typography, logo and your brand colours. These should remain consistent throughout and they are what become memorable to your consumers. Knowing how to construct your branding to suit your company values is a skill that not everybody has. If this is a struggle you’re having, you may want to consider reaching out to our equestrian marketing agency. 

Nobody likes a website that’s hard to navigate. Given how rushed we all are in our everyday lives, people will start looking elsewhere if information is hard to access on your site. This will have a negative impact on your sales as well as increasing your bounce rate. This is a factor that can hurt your SEO value substantially. 

Maximising Your Online Presence

Establishing yourself online is a step that businesses need to take if they want to excel. With more and more of us utilising social media, you’d be silly not to be doing so too. 

Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have a huge reach, and these are the outlets that will be the most helpful for your equestrian business. It’s reported that Instagram alone have over 1 billion active users monthly. Meanwhile, Facebook remains the bigger site with 2.4 billion of us utilising it. With this in mind, it’s no wonder businesses can gain a lot of attention out of posting content here.

Social media can also be good for promoting exclusivity. The more you communicate with your audience, the closer they’re likely to feel to you as a brand. This means that when you release new products, they’re likely to feel inclined to buy them. This is because they won’t want to feel left out. A great contributor when it comes to sales!

Boosting Your Ranking

Search engine optimisation is often where people tend to get confused so I urge you to pay extra close attention here. The anagram SEO refers to the process a business undergoes in order to improve how they rank on Google. Some of you may be familiar this term but it’s unlikely you’ll understand the in’s and out’s fully. This is because SEO is a very specialised area with lots of different segments to it. You’ll most likely need an equestrian marketing agency to help with this. 

Rather than delving too in-depth into how it all works, instead, allow me to explain why you need it. If you would like further information however, you can read more here. 

When looking for anything online, you’re met with hundreds of pages of results. Naturally, not all of these will be quite so specific, but Google offers you them anyway. To be the most helpful, these are ordered in terms of what Google deems are the most relevant and trustworthy sites. Despite the variety of information, for ease of access, we usually click on one of the first options available to us. If you’re not within the first few options, the percentage chance of people clicking on your site becomes lower and lower. With this, it makes it extremely easy to fall by the wayside and be forgotten.  

Reaching the Millions

Unless you’re operating in a more niche area of the equestrian industry, you’re likely to have a large audience. Equestrian is a hugely popular hobby, and the competition is rife. Given these two facts, certain aspects of public relations will be massively beneficial for you to tap into. You’re likely going to need a blend of both mainstream media as well as more industry-specific too.

With either of the above options, you’re going to reach a lot of people. This is naturally going to boost your brand recognition and boost the trust the public have in you. If a quality source is willing to promote you, this is going to make us feel much more comfortable with purchasing what it is that you offer. In addition, back links generated from digital PR can also be a helpful contribute to your SEO value. 

Contact One of the Team

Although we may have made some of the things we’ve just discussed look easy, the reality is that they’re not. If they were, we’d be out of business pretty quickly. 

Without existing relationships with journalists, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to finding yourself press coverage. With the help of our contacts, we can get you featured in amongst some popular sources. The Guardian to name one example. 

Authenticity can be bit of a battle when it comes to creating content for your social media. By bringing our team of 20 onboard however, we’ll never be short of ideas. We can also help with boosting your engagement and following too!

Amongst what we mentioned above, there are plenty of reasons you may be wanting to work with professionals in marketing. If this is the case, we’d love to hear from you. To reach out to our equestrian marketing agency, you can get in touch by clicking here!