Essex Based Graphic Design Agency: Building a Professional Look for Your Brand

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Essex Based Graphic Design Agency: Building a Professional Look for Your Brand

As an Essex based graphic design agency, we understand the importance of having top-tier imagery. With over a decade of work under our belt, we have been able to build a comprehensive portfolio featuring brands from all over the world. From baby wipes and perfume, right the way through to construction and hospitality, we’ve left no stone unturned. No matter what your business does or who you’re trying to reach, we can get you there. And that’s a promise!

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Why is graphic design so important?

When it comes to the marketing process, graphic design is a vital clog, and not something you can afford to overlook. Your branding is how you build familiarity, incite trust, and encourage loyalty. Put simply, this is how people recognise you, so it’s important you invest time here.

It’s reported that around 90% of all information absorbed by the brain is visual, emphasising the need for good imagery. What’s more, with the processing time of text being 60,000 times slower, it’s no wonder so many businesses are investing in their graphic design. 

In addition to the positives already mentioned, graphic design can also add value to your organisation by…

What can our graphic design agency in Essex help with?

At VerriBerri, each of our departments are highly skilled within their specialist areas, and the buck doesn’t stop when it comes to the design team. No matter what it is that you’re after, our professionals can help!  


In addition to graphic design, VerriBerri are also experts when it comes to marketing. With a deep insight into this landscape, we know that all good promotional campaigns start with strong branding. Without it, you may as well be speaking to an empty room.

As part of the branding process, we will help you to allocate key colours, in addition to designing your logo, tagline and choosing your typography. Once your design is finalised, we will then put together a well-rounded set of branding guidelines that can be used by any member of your team to help with consistency. It’s vital that your branding is echoed in every marketing material you share with the world if you want to be recognisable. 


Essex logo design. Marketing Agency for Small Businesses

Rebranding can often be quite an intimidating prospect for businesses. This is especially true of organisations who have been operating in their field for quite some time. You might be concerned over how people will handle a change in your image. Or, maybe, you’re worried that people won’t recognise your brand anymore. Whilst these are all valid apprehensions, there may come a time where a refresh is necessary for survival, not an option. If this day has come, our team can help!

Business cards

There’s nothing worse than turning up to a meeting with nothing but a scraggly bit of paper to write your contact details on. No matter what sector your business operates in, it’s vital you have a certain level of professionalism. This is even more vital if you are a B2B company. 

Our graphic design agency in Essex can help you create any kind of marketing material, including business cards. Our team will spend time getting to know your brand and its values before getting started on your design. We’ll also carefully incorporate your branding for continuity and uniformity. 

Website development

Believe it or not, there are still plenty of businesses out there without a website. What’s more, there are also plenty of brands who have lacklustre sites that fail to hit the spot. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s the importance of having a strong online presence. If yours is lacking, it’s likely your conversion rate is too.

When you work alongside a graphic design agency in Essex, we are able to bring fresh ideas to the table. Looking at your site from a customer’s perspective, we will give you honest feedback to make effective changes. We can help you make your site more navigable, in addition to ensuring your content is easily palatable. 

Need a site built from scratch? Looking for a design refresh? We’ve got your back!

Leaflets, brochures, and branded graphics

The skill set of our design team is by far one of VerriBerri’s biggest strengths. In addition to all of the services we mentioned above, we can also help with designing and distributing leaflets and brochures, in addition to generating branded graphics to share online. No matter what it is that you need, we’re here to offer a helping hand!

What makes us different?

Transparency is one of our core values here at VerriBerri. Whilst many marketing firms will use your lack of knowledge to upsell, we will never push a service unless we truly believe it will benefit your brand. At the end of the day, we want our clients to see the real value in the work that we do and to walk away with a ROI they’re happy with.

Digital marketing specialists

In addition to transparency, our team are also great communicators. We know that when you hand an element of control over to an outside company, it’s vital you’re still able to stay in the loop. So that everyone is always on the same page, we produce regular reports for our clients. Every month, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown to explain how your money has been spent. This will include what we have achieved, what hasn’t worked quite so well and what we aim to do in the future. Additionally, with the team all under one roof, we’re always available when you need us! 

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