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Be The Cream Of The Crop With A Content Marketing Agency

Everything seems to be content in today’s age – content this, content that. Whilst content surrounds every aspect of our lives in this digital age; there’s a marked difference between good and bad content. Remember that adage? Quality not quantity. Never has a saying been as apt as this in reference to the mud of content you have to dredge through before you actually hit upon a jewel.

The team here at VerriBerri, a content marketing agency based in Essex, know a thing or two when it comes to knowing what’s worth putting out there for everyone to see. Good content can lift a business to new, greener pastures. Poor content, by contrast, may very well set your business back by months, years even.

Why Is Content So Important?

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It’s a catch-22, because if you refuse to conform to the formula of utilising content you won’t get anywhere. However, if you do use content you’re just doing exactly the same thing as every man and his dog. So, what’s the solution – is there even a solution? How can you make it work to your advantage? You look at quality and strategy, that’s what you do. A content marketing agency will put out a higher calibre of content than brands that attempt to do their marketing in-house.

An agency will also be more up to date on strategy, when to publish content being a prime example. A common mistake that businesses make with their marketing is to publish at sporadic, poor-performing times. This will only hinder your progress and any gains you do see will be minimal at best.

Traditional Content

This refers to blog and article writing, advertising campaigns and many other traditional forms of media where writing is the focal point. There are those who’d say traditional content has had its day, but this is simply untrue. Especially from an SEO standpoint, blog-writing yields significant ROI, especially if carried out consistently and engagingly.

As we’ll discuss later, being a blog writer or a content creator is so much more than jotting down a few words on a document and thinking that’ll do. Every word choice, every sentence structure, it all has to be carefully considered from various, different angles. Content creators are to a content marketing agency what a physical map is to the modern driver. They don’t glisten and sparkle like some of the more modern marketing equivalents, but they’re not just useful, they’re vital.

Current Content (Social Media)

Speaking of shiny, new things, here’s social media! The undeniable high-riser of the past decade, social media and its various iterations naturally lend themselves to marketing in some way or another. Whether it be product placement on a curated Instagram post, or brand engagement through the likes of Twitter, there are so many ways in which social media can be utilised to harness your company’s marketing potential.

At a content marketing agency, they’ll have a designated social media account manager to plan, create and schedule content. You need an entire role dedicated to this purely because it brings with it such a heavy workload! It’s worth it though with so many people engaging with social media platforms!


Content creation

Hot take: PR and what it achieves is a form of content despite what anyone else may tell you. Without a PR team, you don’t gain access to magazines and publications, and without that coverage you’re not getting brand publicity. The articles that published are forms of content and no can argue with that. PR is especially vital for smaller businesses and SMEs that don’t have the same sort of industry influence that their bigger counterparts may do.

PR helps build a platform from which your brand can really tackle its specialist industry with any kind of substance. A content marketing agency won’t always have its own PR team, but here at ours, we do, and we’re immensely grateful for them.

Video & Image Content

I’m a content creator, my words are my vocation, my purpose is to write and so believe me when I say that this next statement darn near kills me to type. Video content now reigns supreme. I could sit here and argue all day using big words sourced form a thesaurus as to how blogs still rule the roost, however it simply isn’t true.  

The ease and accessibility of video and photographic content makes them not only more appealing for internet users, but more appealing for search engines as well. Search engines love video content – in recent years, have you found that a simple Google search has been met first by a video from YouTube, perhaps? That’s because video is king. Simple as that.

Determine Your Approach

Charging at your marketing like a bull in a china shop will yield short term gains before you burn your wick out. A more nuanced and refined marketing strategy is needed to ensure sustainability and longevity for your brand’s marketing gains. Consider all possible approaches before you enter the fray and calculate what exactly suits your business. Every business is unique, after all, and as such requires its own bespoke direction. What a content marketing agency can help offer is that planning and deliberation, that surefootedness of approach that will fill you to the brim with confidence.

Don’t Ignore Algorithms

What comprises good content is constantly being re-evaluated by the major search engines, Google in particular. As a rule, though, Google rates good content as that which can demonstrate EAT. This stands for ExpertiseAuthority and Trustworthiness and those pieces of content that can deliver on this invariably perform better, in all aspects, than those that do not. Google is getting much smarter at seeing through ‘hollow’ filler-type content, plagiarised content and content that displays genuine authority.

Ensuring this EAT is achieved, and keeping up to date with the seemingly constant algorithm changes is no small task, and that’s why it’s better to leave it up to a content marketing agency who are experts on these matters.  

So, if you’d like to find out more about our content marketing agency, then get in touch today! Call VerriBerri on 01376 386 850. If you have marketing needs, you can be sure that we’ll be able to help you out!