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Today one of our copywriters from the Essex office would like to blog about blogging!

I suspect we may be teaching many of you to suck the proverbial egg; but blogging is good, no, actually, great for your business.

Our team all agree that effective blogging is a vital ingredient in your marketing mixture. It encourages engagement with your customers and attracts traffic to your website. We aren’t saying we know it all, but we can assure you we are a highly respected marketing company, with the best copywriters in Essex!

Why write a blog?

Blogging is beneficial for any website. In a nutshell, adding new content to your website lets search engines know your site is original and current.
We experimented recently – we decided not to blog for a month. The number of visitors fell by just shy of half! Can you afford to lose those potential customers? 

Generate a plan for the customer you are trying to engage with and create a new post at least once a week. Remember- Each new post or entry is its own webpage. Writing frequently will amplify the possibility that search engines will bring traffic to your blog. If your site and copy is outdated, it presents a poor reflection of your company.

Many people ask how often their blog should be updated, this is an entirely subjective question and is open to debate. Our advice; whatever frequency you choose make sure it is consistent. For this reason, our advice above to blog weekly is best. You may not be able to commit to a daily blog but everyone can do something weekly. Blogging less than this is as good as saying; ‘we don’t have much to talk about,’

In addition to this it doesn’t encourage search engines to ‘crawl’ your website. The best thing with a high frequency of blogging- you show up more in search results.

How to write a business blog.

Don’t ramble, keep to the point and make sure what you are saying is useful. You don’t need to fine tune a blog; it is supposed to be conversational and friendly.

By writing a blog you are showing your company is open and honest. Make sure you stick to this, never ever write anything that isn’t true and don’t overtly use your blog as a marketing tool. 

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You can mention new products and explain how to use current ones but don’t do this every week, no one will want to read it! A blog is not the place for jargon or propaganda. 

So, what are you going to write about? We often hear people say that they feel they have nothing to blog about.

I have even been asked ‘ don’t you just run out of marketing ideas?’ If you have ever felt like this I want you to stop and take a good look at your business.

What do you know that others could learn from? Do you do things that others don’t? What is happening in your industry? As we said above, don’t use your blog as a hard sell, use it to educate and tell a story.

Many people relegate the blog and concentrate on other activities; they leave it as an idea that will simmer away without ever boiling. They ignore the potential that a good blog has.

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Alternatively, if you need your blog written well and with more than a passing nod to SEO you could always hire a copywriter to help you (not a hard sell, honest!)

Alternatively, if you need your blog written well and with more than a passing nod to SEO you could always hire a copywriter to help you (not a hard sell, honest!)

The technical bit – research your topic, making sure you use relevant keywords and links. There is a fine line however, if you overdo the above, Google may assume your content is spam.

Tips on how to improve your blog. 

Today our Essex copywriters talk about what you should avoid when blogging.

Your blog is without a shadow of a doubt your greatest marketing asset. If you do it right it not only points to your site, increases traffic and provides a showcase for you; it also shows others in your industry that you know your shi…. Stuff.

So, whether you are a seasoned blogger or this is your first attempt, here are a few things to avoid.

  • Your title needs to be something people will want to click on.  If your title doesn’t attract anyone to the page there’s no point. Create a title that people piques people’s interest and it still needs to be relevant to the content.
  • You have no internal links. You have just enticed them in by describing this amazing product you have, but where is it? How do I find it? Where can I buy it? 
  • Don’t blog for the sake of blogging. Google likes a website that’s updates regularly. However, it also likes informative content. If you spiel out words for the sake of it you’ll regret it. 
  • Your blog is ugly. It’s all written as one paragraph, or split into 50. It’s all text and no images or bullet points. If this is the case it’s just not clear!
  • So, take my advice and blog consistently. (At least twice a week.) You will see your search engine rankings improve significantly. 

We hope this article has assisted you. If you are in need of Essex Copywriters please do get in touch to find out how we can help.