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Essex digital marketing agency

Today our Essex digital marketing agency discuss the importance of digital marketing on your brand.

Digital marketing has become the life and soul of business promotion. It all used to be about word of mouth, or getting your company advertisement printed within the local newspaper. But in recent years, digital marketing has become an invaluable tool for businesses who want to to reach their consumers. 

Market your brands name

This is vital! Studies show that given a choice of Starbucks or an independent coffee shop; eight times out ten consumers will go into Starbucks. Why? Because they are very well known, and people know exactly what they will be getting. The coffee may not blow you away but you know it’s totally fine and you know the prices. There are no surprises to be had. 

Starbucks have generated a consistent brand image and therefore consumers will remain loyal. This is regardless of what they may do right or wrong.

We understand that it is hard to compete with well-recognised brands, but they certainly have the upper hand. Why? Because they have more money to invest into their online marketing strategy. Here at our Essex digital marketing agency, we guarantee to generate a digital marketing approach that will get your brand recognised. Time upon time we produce consistently amazing results. (Even if you are on a budget.)

Digital marketing gives you the upper hand and there are plenty of marketing mediums within the online world that you can use.  

Content marketing

This type of digital marketing focuses on developing and distributing content for a brands target market. The content produced aims to be relevant and informative; with the end goal to increase a profitable customer base. 

The theory behind this is as follows. If you are providing knowledge and expertise, people can see you are an expert in your field. This could be through offering advice, showing examples, or a multitude of other techniques. The content can be written, or visual, so you have a lot of scope. 

Ultimately; by producing successful content, it will capture your audience’s attention and will further increase positive brand exposure. Therefore, content marketing is an essential asset your online marketing strategy. Outside of the customer experience is of course, what content marketing is very well known for; which is the positive search engine response. 

A digital marketing agency like ours can boost the number of customers who use your brand. We are a trusted and reliable agency, as you can see from our Google reviews!. We have had many years’ experience within our industry. As such, we know what is, and what isn’t the right move in regard to your content marketing strategy. No matter how big or small your business is, we can help. 

Make the most of social media marketing

Yes, we mentioned it frequently, but isn’t this saying something? Social media is key to every single business out there, no matter how big or small. It can increase the number of customers and help with your SEO, so regular engagement is important if you want to succeed! The impact social media has had on businesses is astonishing. 

In spite of this, choosing the right kind of social media platform is vital. Think about it, you wouldn’t join Tik Tok if you’re selling something very professional aimed at a 40+ market looking to sell their companies. The better suited platform would be LinkedIn as it offers an amazing opportunity for business to business sales. 

LinkedIn is on the serious side of social media, which allows you to demonstrate the professionalism of your brand and the industry. Choosing the right social media platform will allow for your target market to organically find you. 

Social media marketing can increase brand exposure which results in building a rapport with your consumers. By engaging, sharing content and regularly posting, you are getting the most out of social media marketing as you are taking every advantage given to you. If you share valuable information to your social media page, then it will increase the amount of traffic you have and will provoke a discussion amongst the consumers. 

Consider PR

We consider PR to be a huge factor in the marketing world. PR is a massive helping hand to businesses as it aids to get the coverage you need in media publications. These publications can include newspapers, online news sources or magazines. By seeing a well-known media outlet promote your brand, it will develop a better and bigger brand image. By successful PR pitches, it advocates for business growth. Therefore, contacting an agency to give you a step ahead of the game, will massively increase your recognition to consumers. 

Specifically target

As a brand, you are undeniably going to think about who you are targeting. When it comes to specific target marketing, you have the ability to dissect your demographic. This all depends on what social media platform you are choosing to use. If you use multiple social media platforms then you can focus on the specific type of person to target. By breaking down your demographic depending on what social media platform you are looking to post on, allows for relevant information to go to those specific people. Due to its relevancy, it can strongly connect you more to your consumer base than if it was a standard ad. 

No matter how big or small your company is, the team here at VerriBerri marketing agency, Essex, are here to give you the help you need in terms of digital marketing. The world of marketing is becoming harder to develop new strategies, but with a team of creative minds, we can come up with a concept that will help you! If you would like to get in touch, contact VerriBerri today. Just click here.