Why Your Business Might Need An Essex Event Management Agency In The Coming Months

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Why Your Business Might Need An Essex Event Management Agency In The Coming Months

When it comes to events? Well, there haven’t exactly been many over the past twelve months have there? … Fortunately (or at least hopefully) we’re on the final straight back towards normality, away from the clutches of the pandemic and the fear, misery and pain it’s brought about for so many. One of the things that people have missed most over the past year has been going to an event, whatever the event. One thing that’s certain is that our Essex event management agency can’t wait to get back to some normality!

Whether it’s a wedding, your favourite boutique festival or the local village fete, we’ve all missed an event of one kind or other. That’s why so many businesses are bound to double down on events over the coming months to make up for lost time; why shouldn’t your business, too? The team here at VerriBerri, an Essex event management agency, wanted to talk through the benefits of leaving planning and management down to an agency.

It seems an obvious statement to say that people are going to want to be doing more post-pandemic. It’s one thing knowing that, though, it’s quite another to make sure you’re able to translate that into successful events on the ground. By laying the foundations early, you’ll beat the rush in booking up venue spaces, make sure that any logistical kinks are highlighted and ironed out, and be able to put the feelers out in terms of what kinds of events people would most like to see your brand involved with. That’s where an Essex event management agency like ours comes in. 

We can not only carry out all preliminary event work, such as venue booking, guest sourcing and decorative elements, but we can also build up your event from a social media and PR perspective, as well. That’s because alongside our event management work, we also have two excellent in-house social media and PR teams which work in conjunction with one another. The result is a holistic approach to your event rather than something more disjointed. The best events are the ones where things seem effortless; that feeling only comes from meticulous preparation, however, and that’s what we’re for! 

Easing Anxieties 

Two Types Of People 

When events come back in full force, you’re going to be dealing with two main demographics in terms of event-goers. Firstly, there’ll be those who can’t wait to rush through the doors, those who when you say the word will be there in the blink of an eye. In terms of event management, this is a relatively easy demographic to cater to. 

It’s Not Quite As Simple As ‘Back To Normal’ 

On the other end of the spectrum, though, are going to be those people understandably anxious about the idea of returning to normality, having been away from it so long. The idea of having lots of people in one place has been antithetic to the entire pandemic combat strategy; to suddenly expect everybody to just unlearn that just isn’t realistic. That’s why it’s important you still facilitate COVID-secure measures even beyond when it’s compulsory. 

Increase the number of hand sanitising stations around the venue, for instance, and the provision of free masks for those that want them. Speaking of venues, try and pick one in which social distancing is still possible for those who want to (outdoors venues are great for this, especially as we’re headed into summer). Finally, make an effort to encourage even those more gung-ho about getting back on with things to be considerate and mindful of those for whom it’s going to take a bit more getting used to. You want all of your event attendees to feel looked after and valued, and not just the more confident portion, if you want your whole event to come off as a success. 

Put Your Feet Up! 

Table spread at wedding event

You don’t want to put in all this work only then to spend the entire event stressing out over how it’s going! If you’re a business for whom events don’t form a typical part, then trying to manage the day of the event itself can be stressful, to say the least. Checking the logistics, making sure event attendees are happy, ensuring that specific requirements are catered to; it all adds up! 

Asides from being fairer on you to actually let you fully immerse yourself within the event, it actually makes smarter business sense, too. Think about it. If you’re being dragged from pillar to post all day whilst an event’s running, then you’re not going to be able to represent or convey your brand’s message in anything like the way you really want to. By using an Essex event management agency, on the other hand, you’re freed up to enjoy the day and put on that brand face without having to worry about whether another tray of sandwiches needs sending to kiosk five… 

Contact Us 

A good event can elevate a brand in the eyes of its customers. A poor one, by contrast, can make them steer clear for good. But with such an appetite after the year that’s been, they’re too good a brand marketing opportunity for your company to miss out upon. Whether your event is corporate in tone or more informal and fun-oriented, events mean seeing people in-person, and that means the opportunity to smiles on even the most stony-faced of people. 

So, if you’d like to find out more about our Essex event management agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850 or by emailing us at [email protected] We’d love nothing more than to have a virtual natter (or a socially distanced chat for that matter) to see what events we could help plan for your brand. Frankly, after the past few months, it’ll just be good to see all events back, whatever the actual type! Though if you ask us, something with a nice glass or two of champagne wouldn’t go amiss in the summer sun! We can but hope!