Essex Facebook Marketing Agency: How to Market Yourselves Through Facebook

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Essex Facebook Marketing Agency: How to Market Yourselves Through Facebook

As an Essex Facebook marketing agency, we understand that social media isn’t everyone’s forte. Although the majority of us use it in our personal lives, marketing a business through these platforms is very different. Not only is it time-consuming but it can be a real drain on your creative juices. It’s for these reasons that many businesses look into outsourcing their social media management.

This is where we come in. In case you’re unfamiliar with us, VerriBerri is a marketing agency specialising in building online presence. It is our job to help clients increase their following and engagement by posting regular, creative content. This is something we have been helping businesses with for over 12 years. It’s safe to say we know the marketing landscape like the backs of our hands.

In addition to social media, our Essex Facebook marketing agency can also help with other areas of your strategy. We have a growing team of unique individuals with skills covering a board spectrum. Other areas we can assist with include SEO, PR, graphic design and event management.

The History Behind Facebook

Before we get started, let’s delve into a brief history of Facebook.

Created and published for use in 2004, Facebook is a social media platform specifically known for networking. To this day, it remains as the most popular social outlet and one of the main four used for business. As of January, this year, it’s reported the site has over 50 million users within the UK. Globally, this figure reaches a whopping 2.74 billion. With these statistics in mind, you can begin to see just how successful a business can be when their strategy is well executed.

Key Facebook Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

  • Facebook’s monthly average users rise at a rate of around 12% each year.
  • Within the social networking population, Facebook is reported to reach 59% of these individuals.
  • Daily, 500 million profiles are using Facebook stories.
  • 78% of Americans say they have discovered new products through their Facebook feed.

Who Facebook Is Best Suited Too

A quick search on Google will return lots of information on Facebook’s demographics. For instance, you’ll most likely see reports on their bias towards a male audience (57%.) Despite this, it’s important you don’t get too hung up on the numbers. As an Essex Facebook marketing agency, we know that marketing to females on this platform is often much more successful. This is something is you may not have realised without our professional expertise behind you. 

Furthermore, their largest segment by age is those in the 25-34 bracket and there is no trickery in this statistic. These genuinely are the people you’re going to want to market at. With this information in mind, you can then build up an idea of who this platform may be best for.

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Typically, we have seen the best results from marketing lifestyle, homeware and children’s brands on Facebook. However, the platform isn’t just limited to these B2C markets. The truth is, Facebook welcomes businesses from lots of different sectors and it can be hard to know if yours has a place here. If you’re unsure, it’s best to reach out for specialist help.

The Many Benefits of Utilising Facebook

Like most social media platforms, Facebook boasts an array of benefits. Starting with the most obvious – visibility. As we have already established, this outlet has a vast audience of loyal individuals. By posting here, you are of course exposed to markets you may not have otherwise touched. 

Recently, there has been quite the shift in consumer behaviour when it comes to the brands we buy from. Although reviews may still be a valuable way of vetting companies, it seems that now, many people are turning to social media to form opinions. In fact, any company that can’t be found on social media usually raises a red flag. With this in mind, Facebook allows you to help prove your credibility. By sharing your work, you go a long way in building trust with your audience.

One huge benefit of Facebook that people tend to overlook is the part it can play in customer support. Its 2021 and people just don’t have the time like they used to. This means people are put off when their only options for contact are by phone or email. In such a digital world, the need for good customer support is rising. By offering live chat through Facebook, you’re able to open up a direct flow of communication with your consumers.

Finally, let’s not forget about Facebook’s newer recruitment feature. Although far from perfect, it definitely seems to be something they’re working on. If LinkedIn is anything to go by, soon, recruiting through Facebook could be the way to forward.

What Makes our Essex Facebook Marketing Agency Stand Out

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By now, you’re probably wondering what makes our Essex Facebook marketing agency so special. Understandably, before taking the leap, you need to be sure the team you are working with understands you. Moreover, that they’re going to do a good job. At VerriBerri, we are never shy in letting our clients know of the many accolades we have achieved. We hope this goes some way in proving our skill.

In addition to the above, we also enjoy boasting about our amazing team. Not only are we diverse in nature but also, extremely close-knit. Our business is built on the foundations of our unique, inspiring and creative workforce. In fact, we’ll even go as far as saying that they’re our biggest asset.

Finally, if this wasn’t enough to convince you, our affordability will. If you hadn’t realised by now, we are of course, based in Essex. This means we have much lower costs than firms based in the city. Marketing can get expensive when choosing London agencies. By outsourcing the work to our Essex business, you benefit from inexpensive results with the same amazing quality.

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Every business wants to succeed. Despite this, not every company invests in their future. Don’t let this be you. If you’re looking to give your brand the TLC it deserves, then you need the help of professionals. To get your brand performing at its full potential, why not get in touch? To reach our team, click here!