Essex Instagram Marketing Agency: Building Your Brand a Future

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Essex Instagram Marketing Agency: Building Your Brand a Future

As an Essex Instagram marketing agency, we have seen more and more businesses utilising this platform recently. What’s more, the popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down either. Instagram boasts an array of benefits for companies looking to promote themselves. Quite frankly, those of you not willing to diversify and evolve your strategy are missing out. 

If social media isn’t quite your forte, don’t worry. At VerriBerri, we are responsible for marketing many different businesses on this platform. We help clients from all over the world and in all different industries. In fact, we’ve even won many accolades for what we do. 

In addition to social media we also serve our clients many other marketing solutions too. Our list of services is extensive meaning we can provide a complete all round service should you require it. The areas we can currently assist with include:

  • Public Relations and Crisis Management
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC)
  • Event Management
  • Graphic Design, Branding and Website Development
  • Business Development

The History of Instagram, Demographics and Usership

In terms of social media, Instagram is one of the more modern platforms. Whilst the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn launched in the early 2000’s, Instagram wasn’t published for use until 2011. Since then, the platform has seen massive development. From their rebrand in 2016 to their most recently added features, it’s safe to say that Instagram is not an app that’s scared to evolve. This makes it the perfect space for many companies to be promoting what they do. 

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During their 10 years, Instagram has managed to achieve 30.36 million users in the UK alone. Globally, this figure hits a whopping 1 billion. Within these statistics, 51.4% of their users are female, meanwhile 48.6% are male. As you can see, not a massive divide. However, when it comes to looking at age demographics, this is where things become much more bias. According to statisticians, individuals aged 25-34 are Instagram’s largest age-group. This is followed by the 18-24 category. Unsurprisingly, their lowest usership comes from those aged 65+.

Now, it’s difficult to tell exactly whether Instagram will work for your business without knowing the intricacies. However, if we’re taking a general stance, this platform is best suited towards those of you with a younger audience. Likewise, companies with a tangible product may find it easiest to market here. For more tailored advice, you can always get in touch with our Essex Instagram marketing agency. 

How Does Instagram Add Value?

Of course, before taking the leap of faith, you want to be confident that Instagram will provide a good ROI. Well, we can assure you, it will. Here’s how…

Brand Recognition

Like with all marketing methods, utilising social media platforms will gain your brand more recognition. When you use the right hashtags and build up a following, you know your content is going to be seen by an interested audience. Providing you keep your posts captivating and engaging, your followers are going to remember you. This is vital if you are operating in a saturated market as it helps you to make noise within your industry. 


Given how many dodgy websites are now out there, there has become an even greater need for trust. Unless you can prove to your audience that you are credible, people won’t buy from you. Through Instagram, you are able to share photos and videos of your work which showcases your ability. Moreover, you can also take a more personal stance with your content if you choose. Each of these methods will be great for encouraging your audience to trust you. 


As an Essex Instagram marketing agency, we know all about the importance of building customer loyalty. You need to show your followers that you value them. The best way to do this, you ask? Get them involved. 

Sharing sneak peeks of upcoming projects, insights into office life and running polls on your stories can be a great way to encourage exclusivity. If your connections feel involved in your company, they’re more likely to be loyal to your brand. This can be a great way to ensure repeat purchase and will help you get ahead of your fellow competitors. 

Customer Service

Finally, not many people realise that Instagram can actually be a really useful tool when it comes to customer service. With the digital era has come a need for better support for your consumers. Once, our options were limited. Nowadays, social media platforms can be utilised to offer your followers assistance. Giving your audience an easier and quicker method for gaining help will put you a step above the rest. In this day and age, it’s all about ensuring the best convenience for your target market.

How Instagram Can Bolster Your Other Marketing Methods

Often with marketing, many of the different services intertwine themselves with one another. In this instance, social media marketing can be great for boosting your SEO and can aid your PR strategy too.

When you build a following on any platform, this is a good indicator that you are trustworthy. Moreover, it lets Google know that people enjoy consuming your content. The more successful you can make your profiles; the more Google are likely to favour you as a source. This will help to improve how you rank when people search for keywords that relate to your business. In other words, Instagram can offer your company valuable exposure in more ways than one.

Depending on your budget and what you do, you may be looking to implement an influencer marketing campaign. These can be really plentiful in terms of boosting your sales. Without the likes of TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, influencer marketing wouldn’t be possible. You need one of these platforms if you are going to get your PR off the ground.

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We love getting the opportunity to work alongside inspiring clients who are keen to succeed just like we are. If social media marketing is something you are looking to add to your strategy, why not get in touch? Our Essex Instagram marketing agency would love the opportunity to tell you more about ourselves. Further, how we can help your business thrive. To reach our incredibility talented team, click here!