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Our Essex Instagram marketing agency know more than most when it comes to this platform. From what companies should be using it for all the way through to how to boost your post engagement. With this, we also know about all the other ways it can bring your company value in addition to improving your brand recognition. If you’re feeling hesitant, allow us to share our wealth of knowledge with you. You won’t regret it.

All You Need to Know

If social media isn’t your forte, Instagram is essentially a video and photo sharing platform. Created in October 2010, it shot to fame almost instantly. Fast forward to 2020 and the outlet recently surpassed one billion active monthly users. Within this, there are reportedly over 25 million business profiles reaping the benefits they have to offer us. 

There are lots of different statistics you can find online when it comes to demographics. Despite small variances, they all seem to point towards a gender bias when it comes to Instagram. Although a small increment, it’s reported that 52% of users are female meanwhile, 48% are men. Within these different demographics, 75% of users are aged 18-24. 

Now we’ve discussed who’s using the site, we then need to explore what kind of businesses should be utilising it. There’s no real straight forward answer to this question and it can be difficult to determine without knowing specifics about your company. If you’re wanting more tailored help with deciding what platforms you to post on, you can always get in touch with our Essex Instagram marketing company. What we can say for certain, however, is that Instagram is a very versatile platform. They welcome different businesses from all different sectors. Even some of the most unexpected candidates. It certainly shouldn’t be something you disregard without some research and an expert opinion. The companies who should most definitely be posting here, however, are those of you in the creative industry. Specifically, any of you with a physical and visual product. 

Instagram’s Uses for Business

Taking a step back momentarily, social media in general is perfect for increasing your visibility. As we mentioned earlier, Instagram quite literally have billions of users all over the world. All it takes is for the right people to see your business and before you know it, you’ve grown in popularity. Alongside this however, there are plenty of other things Instagram can be great for when looking at it from a business perspective.

Instagram actually intertwines itself amongst two other key marketing components. Public relations (PR) and search engine optimisation (SEO). If you’re looking to employ more than one technique to your marketing strategy, this platform is a great space for influencer marketing. This is a very modern area of PR but one that has taken the internet by storm. We’re all guilty of seeing people promoting products on Instagram and then going ahead and buying them. If you’re able to work alongside the right influencers, you’re bound to tap into a brand-new market. As well as this, having an established following on social media also helps to prove to Google that you’re a trustworthy source. This will help to boost your SEO value. 

As an Essex Instagram marketing agency, we have found Instagram profiles a powerful tool when it comes to customer service. Although our mobiles are glued to our hands constantly, plenty of us are scared of picking up the phone. As well as this, waiting on hold for a long time or playing email tennis is usually a lengthy process. Instead, lots of companies are opting to open up their messages on social media to provide support. This works really well and can actually play a big part when it comes to consumers deciding where to buy from. 

If you’re wanting to build anticipation for new releases, social media is the perfect place to do this. Sharing sneak-peak, teaser photos on your story or grid are a great way to get people excited. They’re also great for engagement too. This alongside other things can help you to encourage exclusivity as well as boosting your sales. The more personable you can make your account, the closer your loyal customers are likely to feel. With this, you then promote a sense of community amongst your audience. Next time you release something new, they’ll be sure to join the rest in buying. 

How to Boost Your Engagement

It’s all very well putting out a post however, if people aren’t responding well to it, you’re going to be wasting your time. Whilst social media is often a component of marketing that businesses attempt themselves, knowing how to actually get engagement can be tricky. As an Essex Instagram marketing agency, we know all the best ways to get more people interacting with your content. Here are a few of our pointers:

Hashtags: When it comes down to the algorithm, getting things right with hashtags can seem impossible. Despite this, you really need to be including them in all of your posts. Hashtags improve the reach of a post, pushing it out to more and more people. With the ‘tags’ tab being under the search bar, people can better filter the content they want to see. A newer feature even offers the ability for people to follow different hashtags they’re interested in. It’s also thought that tags operate in a similar way that SEO does. For instance, if someone was into fashion, these are the posts that Instagram are going to show them on their Explore page. Then, if accounts are using common fashion hashtags, these posts are then likely to be suggested to said user.

Following Sprees: Naturally, the more people who follow you, the more interaction you’re going to see. Therefore, following sprees can be really vital if you’re looking to boost engagement. They work by simply going through and following lots of different accounts. These users will then do one of three things. Ignore your request, accept it or accept and follow back. The latter is really what you should be hoping to see the most of. If someone follows back, obviously, this is going to help with building your audience. The chances of them also then looking through your feed is high. Not only will they engage with your older content but also new posts as they go out. The more likes, comments and shares you can gain, the more you will appear on the Explore page. 

Stories: As we touched on earlier, stories can be great for sharing quick snaps or videos of new releases. This helps build anticipation and gets people talking about your brand. As well as this, stories are also good for engagement if you’re including things such as polls and question boxes. You could be asking what your audience want to see from you next or what they thought of a product. Either way, it’s a great way to get people responding. 

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The truth is social media has much more to it than at first meets the eye. It’s often underestimated and understandably so. If the expertise of our Essex Instagram marketing agency is something you’re in need of, we’d be happy to help. If you’d like to get in touch, you can do so by clicking here!