Essex Lifestyle PR Agency: Establishing a Relationship with Your Audience

Essex Lifestyle PR Agency: Establishing a Relationship with Your Audience

As an Essex lifestyle PR agency, we know that building a relationship with your audience is vital. It’s 2021 and people want to feel connected to the brands they love. This means helping them get to know you on a deeper, more personal level. Being open is never a bad thing as long as it is done correctly. 

We have been an Essex lifestyle PR agency for over a decade. This means that we have extensive experience in helping a wide range of brands to bridge the gap between themselves and their market. Our public relations team know the industry like the backs of their hands. With already established contacts, we’re ready and waiting to hit the ground running on your new project. 

In addition to PR, the team here at VerriBerri can also aid with your other marketing solutions. If you’re after the full-package, great! Just need PR? No problem. The services we currently offer are as follows: 

  1. Public Relations (PR) 
  2. Crisis Management
  3. Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC)  
  4. Social Media Marketing 
  5. Event Management 
  6. Graphic Design, Web Development and Branding

What Is PR? 

When explaining PR, most people have a basic idea of what this entails. Generally, people know public relations as being news articles and press releases. However, the PR landscape has actually developed drastically during recent times. In addition to media coverage, PR also includes arranging TV, radio and podcast appearances and also, influencer marketing. 

The main benefits of PR are as follows: 

  1. Exposure and Visibility
  2. Improved Reputation
  3. Exclusivity and Loyalty
  4. Higher Sales

Creating a Newsworthy Story 

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Having the mentality that every story is newsworthy is often the most common mistake people make with media relations. In order to captivate an audience, your story needs to be personable, relevant, and emotive. The category ‘lifestyle’ is fairly broad. This means that as a brand under this umbrella, you could work within a variety of different sectors. No matter what you do, however, the aim is still the same. You need to be relatable if you want people to buy from you. 

When it comes to generating ideas, there are two different ways you can go about things. You may want to choose to adopt thought-leadership or maybe, news hijacking. You may even prefer a mix of the two. Either way, it’s important you identify which is the correct path for your company. 

Thought-leadership is all about generating a news story that is fresh and unique to your brand. In other words, this involves speaking out on a topic that nobody else is really able to comment on. Meanwhile, ‘news-hijacking’ is about taking relevant and popular news stories and sharing your take on the matter. 

Both approaches can be plentiful if well executed. However, thought-leadership is usually the preferred route given that it offers a far more long-term strategy. Whichever you choose, our Essex lifestyle PR agency can help you generate an interesting narrative. Why not take advantage of our solid connections? 

Found Yourself in Hot Water? 

When you buy a car, it’s law that you need to hold insurance. We all know that the likelihood of us needing to claim is low, however, it’s still better to have the policy there in case you need it. Think of crisis management in a similar way. Your reputation is fragile and causing damage to this could result in business failure. Further, crisis’s happen far more frequently than you may expect. 

A product recall or a poorly handled staff situation could result in crisis. The truth is, nobody is immune. However, as a crisis management team, it is our job to ensure your brand doesn’t receive any negative press off the back of this. If you want to insure the longevity of your brand, implementing crisis management into your strategy is the way to go. It’s always best to be proactive rather than reactive. 

Our PR Guarantee 

Now, if we’re being totally transparent with you all, journalists aren’t the easiest to work with. Given that a huge proportion of public relations involves articles and press releases, this can make the PR landscape unpredictable. Obviously, this is never a word you want to hear when you’re investing money into a new venture. 

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However, where our Essex lifestyle PR agency is different is in guaranteeing our results. Going above and beyond is in our nature. In contrast to common PR practise, we always promise to replace any leads that may be lost along the way. Therefore, you’re fully protected if a journalist drops a story at the last minute. What’s more, we are the only PR firm in the UK to offer this kind of security on your investment.

How PR Can Support Your Entire Marketing Strategy 

When it comes to your wider marketing strategy, most techniques intertwine in one way or another. Public relations are no exception. 

Digital publications include back links when sharing articles about your business. A back link essentially refers to when another company includes your URL on their website. The more credible to source is, the more Google want to promote you. In other words, this improves your SEO value and positively affects how you rank. Google need to know that you can be trusted before pushing your content out to more people. When a respected publication offers you a platform, their credibility rubs off on you. Before you know it, your PR efforts have greatly impacted your search engine marketing. 

In addition, as we touched on earlier, PR strengthens your reputation and builds a relationship between you and your target segment. Both of these attributes can have a huge affect on the success of your social media marketing. The more people that discover and respect your brand, the more followers you should gain. This means your content will reach a new audience, persuading people to make purchases. 

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