Essex LinkedIn Marketing Agency: Optimising Your Business Profile

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Essex LinkedIn Marketing Agency: Optimising Your Business Profile

At VerriBerri, we are a specialised Essex LinkedIn marketing agency. As social media experts, we take care of lots of different clients, helping them to optimise their business profiles. Our efforts aid companies to stabilise their future, helping them to achieve long-term growth. 

With the rise of social media, LinkedIn has become a platform that businesses can no longer ignore. This is particularly true if you are operating in a B2B market. If social media marketing isn’t already a part of your strategy, it needs to be. 

What is LinkedIn and How Does it Work?

As it stands, LinkedIn is a fairly unrivalled platform, used for business networking. Created in 2003, LinkedIn filled a gap in the market, allowing companies to connect with one another like never before. For lots of firms, LinkedIn is a vital part of their strategy, allowing them to generate new business far easier than ever before. 

This outlet offers businesses a place for sharing updates, starting conversations and establishing credibility. Users are able to share a range of multi-media, including videos, images and graphics. LinkedIn also have their own, in-built recruitment system that proves to be a valuable tool for many. 

Using LinkedIn for a business

LinkedIn is currently available for use in over 200 countries worldwide and has over 740 million members around the world. Within the UK, this figure reaches as high as 31 million. Within these figures, over 30 million businesses are listed with the virtual platform.

Optimising Your LinkedIn Content and Profile 

It is all very well being on LinkedIn; however, many businesses miss out when they do not fully optimise their content, or their profiles. This can be critical for your entire campaign. Below are a few of our tips on how to improve the results of your social media marketing.


Your branding is how people identify you and this should stay consistent. If your LinkedIn profile is without adequate branding or a visible logo, you are likely going to be unrecognisable. This could cause issues down the line with networking and being discoverable.

As an Essex LinkedIn marketing agency, we highly advise that you set your business profile picture to your logo. In addition, your banner should also be branded for continuity. This will help individuals identify who you are and will help boost your following. 


Every bit of information you put out as a business needs to be accurate and this doesn’t stop when it comes to your social media. LinkedIn allows you to add information to your profile such as your website, an overview, where you are based and your phone number. It is vital you ensure your company details are correct before going any further. Inaccurate information could direct potential clients in the wrong direction. Moreover, this could damage your professional image.

Furthermore, it is important that the overview of your company and your bio are catchy and persuasive. This is great place to showcase your knowledge, skill and credibility. Use it!


Nobody wants to see the same content repurposed time and time again. Moreover, sharing similar types of posts each time can become boring. If you want to keep your audience engaged, you need to keep your feed diverse. Doing so, however, may be easier said than done, unless you are creatively minded.

Public Relations

At our Essex LinkedIn marketing agency, new ideas are constantly flowing. Our workforce is incredibly close-knit, and teamwork is a real strength of ours. We are constantly bouncing ideas of one another, helping to keep our content fresh and exciting. What’s more, as an integrated agency, our design team are always on hand to create branded graphics that are guaranteed to captivate your audience.


If you have ever dipped into social media marketing, you will know just how vital hashtags are for engagement. Although they haven’t always been important on LinkedIn, they certainly are now. The algorithms are always changing and keeping on top of these developments can be tricky. It is for this reason that many businesses invest in a specialist team. We can help you identify the most plentiful hashtags to help boost your engagement.

The Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Marketing

  • Discoverability: Sharing across any social platform boosts your visibility to both new and existing markets and regular content solidifies your place in people’s memory. What’s more, if managed well, a LinkedIn presence will help boost your ranking on Google.
  • Reputation: Sharing regular updates allows you to add a more personal touch to your profile. Moreover, your content should help you to showcase your knowledge and professionalism, helping you to establish a credible status.  
  • Maintaining Relationships: LinkedIn allows you to converse with like-minded people. Social media is a place for conversation. This platform in particular allows you to nurture and build professional relationships at the touch of a few buttons.
  • Lead Generation: Connecting with new individuals or businesses who may need your product/service allows for more conversion potential. Higher sales can only mean positive things for your brand!

How Else Can VerriBerri Help Me?

Marketing on the whole covers a broad spectrum of services and this in itself can be overwhelming. The last thing you want to add to your plate is a long list of contacts. At VerriBerri, we are a multi-department agency. This means that should you need it, we can help you develop other areas of your strategy too. With our entire team all under one roof, we offer a stress-free solution to your marketing. 

The services we offer include:

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