Essex Marketing Agency for Hotels: Rebuilding After A Global Pandemic

Essex Marketing Agency for Hotels.

Essex Marketing Agency for Hotels: Rebuilding After A Global Pandemic

To start by way of introduction, VerriBerri is an Essex marketing agency for hotels. Before the pandemic, we helped hotel chains gain valuable recognition for their brands. Now, we are putting a focus on helping those of you in hospitality rebuild after a traumatic year. As a fully integrated marketing firm, we can help with all areas of your strategy. With over 12 years of experience and a team second to none, you can be confident you’re in safe hands with us.

Why Now Is the Best Time for You to Invest in Marketing

There’s no doubt about it, last year will have taken its toll on your business in one way or another. However, things are finally beginning to look up after the roadmap out of lockdown was recently released. Within this plan, travel within the UK may be permitted again from 12th April.  In addition, travel abroad could be allowed from the 17th May. With this good news on the horizon, you may be looking to rebuild and attract new visitors to your premises. What better way to do this than through marketing?

Of course, you’re not the only establishment that is in this boat. This means that across the coming weeks, hundreds of your competitors are likely to adopt more marketing methods. For you, this means you need to keep ahead of the game by promoting yourselves now. In addition, you need to make sure your marketing hits the spot first time. There is very little room for error. The best way to make sure your strategy is effective is to enlist the help of professionals like our Essex marketing agency for hotels. We’d be happy to offer you our advice and aid in implementing your strategy. 

How Can We Help?

As a business in the hotel sector, your options are broad when it comes to marketing. Of course, you don’t need to adopt every method for your strategy to be effective. However, below are some of our suggestions on how we can help and what we know will be the most plentiful. The more of these you are able to fund, the more ROI you are going to see.

Getting Your Image Up to Scratch

Before doing anything else, you need to be sure that your image is up to scratch. Becoming outdated means falling behind. It is usually companies who are not afraid of diversifying that thrive. Ask yourselves, does your branding need a refresh? 

content marketing for independent hotels

At our Essex marketing agency for hotels, we have an entire team dedicated to graphic design. Each day, they work on putting together branding guidelines for our clients. These include your logo, key colours, messaging, tone of voice and also, your key fonts. Each of these attributes aids your business in being memorable and appealing to your target audience. If you’re in need of a full rebrand or just a quick refresh in places, we have got your back!

In addition, our graphic design department can also create branded graphics and business cards for your company. These services will add to your overall reputation, making you appear more professional. 


One of the most effective ways to be seen by a mass audience is through press. Both mainstream and local publications may be beneficial to you, depending on your target audience. These sources can offer your company lots of exposure and aids you in solidifying your reputation. The more popular the source, the more credible these articles will make your business appear. 

One of the common mistakes with PR is thinking that every story is newsworthy. This just simply isn’t the case. When you work with VerriBerri, we can aid you in creating a worthwhile narrative. What’s more, we have the contacts to get your article published. Given the climate, there are lots of amazing PR opportunities out there. Providing you can offer an emotive or relevant story; you can bet people are willing to listen.

Where our Essex marketing agency for hotels comes a cut above the rest is with our guarantee on leads. The PR landscape can be unpredictable. When you work with VerriBerri, you get the peace of mind knowing that we will deliver what we have promised. Moreover, as it stands, we are the only marketing agency to offer security in this way.

Social Media Management

In this day and age, every business needs to be utilising social media for their marketing. if you’re not building your online presence then you’re missing out. Not only does this marketing method increase your visibility but it also helps you solidify your reputation. Other benefits include aiding your SEO, improving your customer service delivery and also, generating brand loyalty.

The biggest issue people run into with social media marketing is remaining creative. Posting regularly can really take its toll making it tricky to remain consistent. When you work alongside our Essex marketing agency for hotels, our team can take this burden off your shoulders. We can also help by engaging with your followers and creating a sense of community.

Aiding Your Site Health

As a hotel venue, we’re assuming that you have a website. But how good is the visibility of your site? Afterall, it’s all very well having it there but, if nobody can find it, what use is it to your business?

Ironically, the most searched for word when looking for somewhere to stay is ‘hotel.’ When you search for this keyword, Google returns a total of 3,720,000,000 results. Now, just imagine how far down the list your website will appear. Admittedly, keywords that broad aren’t really what you target when it comes to SEO. Instead, you aim for phrases such as ‘unique hotels in Soho’ for instance. However, even this search still returns 26,900,000

options. Search engine optimisation is all about boosting your ranking in order to aid your discoverability. Even if you are at the top of the list, it’s still important that you work on maintaining your place here. Your site health is very fragile.

Given how technical SEO is, you’re going to need a team with years of experience to help. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can take an online course in and become an expert just like that. It takes years of practise to learn the Google algorithm and how to manipulate it. In addition to helping your SEO, VerriBerri can also offer support with pay per click campaigns should you require them. 

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