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Hi, We’re VerriBerri

I’m Sarah Kauter, MD of Essex Marketing Agency VerriBerri. As we launch our new site I thought it would be beneficial to add a personal note to our visitors that explain who we are and what we do that makes us different.


In 2019, we celebrated our ten-year business anniversary. This was a huge occasion for us which we enjoyed celebrating with family, clients, and our team past and present. The last decade has had ups and downs, from the struggles of being a start-up to becoming the multi award winning marketing and PR agency we are today. This is testament to our amazing team. Without them there would be no business.


Our marketing agency works with local companies, national corporations, and those in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA. VerriBerri’s worldwide reach is a huge benefit to our clients as they profit from our expanded media connections and widened reach.


Our customers are from a variety of industries and we have just one caveat when we start working with someone. We will only work with companies who truly believe in their product or service. After all, if you can’t be passionate, how can we?


I can only assume that you are on this website because you need a marketing and PR agency.

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Why should you hire an Essex marketing agency?

If you own a business you will naturally be a very busy person. There’s the 9-5 tasks to carry out and then there’s the behind the scenes work that takes over your evenings, weekends and holidays. It’s safe to say that when your business is your baby, it’s a labour of love. The last thing you need to add to that is managing your own marketing.


For many CEO’s, it feels natural to take on more responsibility and control. Many (myself included) feel like they know what is the best for the business and no one else can compare. Whilst this can work in the ‘right now,’ it just isn’t feasible as a long-term strategy as it isn’t good for your health, relationship, business, or overall wellbeing.


You can’t do it all. I realised early on that I couldn’t write my own contracts, I needed a solicitor. Also, I couldn’t do my own tax returns, as I needed an accountant. If you don’t have a background in PR and marketing it’s a safe bet you need an agency.

Why you should hire VerriBerri.

The cost of your marketing or PR isn’t a bill. It’s an investment in your company’s future. As a business owner, I am passionate about our clients receiving worth. We don’t want to be an expenditure, so we make sure when we work with you, you can see the value in what we do, whilst lifting the additional pressure of managing the marketing from your shoulders.


Often, we work with in-house teams. If you have a marketing or PR team and need additional support, why not consider outsourcing?  It’s impossible to know everything and when you work with us you are paying us for specialist knowledge that your team can utilise. Some companies use us purely for guidance, others strategy, and some implementation. Whatever your aim, it makes good business sense to involve trustworthy specialists in your processes.


Finally, working with us is cost saving. When you use an agency, you lose the expense of recruitment, which studies show most companies underestimate by 95%. You also lose the outgoings of payroll fees, some taxes, pensions, employee benefits, training, leave, equipment, and other overheads.


If you are interested in what you have read, or just want to find out more, then get in touch. We will create an entirely bespoke proposal, with no obligation, for your business with a turnaround of just a few days.


We hope to hear from you soon and look forward to learning about your company.

Meet the team!

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible marketing and PR strategies.


Sarah Kauter


Zoe McClymont

Chief Operations Manager

Amy Rowley

Chief Marketing Officer

Maddie Brunton

PR Account Manager

Megan Wilson

PR Account Manager
Luke Headshot

Luke Wintrip

Business Development Associate

Ameesha Sheldrake

Projects & Events Coordinator

Emily Crosby

Content Account Manager

Caitlin Senior

Design Consultant

Mark Everard

HR & Admin