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Essex Marketing and reviews

How an Essex marketing agency can help you to monitor online customer reviews.

All customer reviews are important, regardless of whether they’re positive or negative, which is why our Essex marketing agency want to highlight how we can help you. Reviews will hugely impact your business; which is why it’s so important to spend time filtering through them. With more people using social media every day, it’s never been more important to see how your business is being spoken about. Regardless of whether your business is small or large-scale, all comments will impact your company!

Today we thought we’d outline how marketing agencies in Essex can help you deal with online customer reviews and the best way to use them to your advantage. A bad review can often be flipped, if dealt with properly!

Check Frequently

The best way to monitor reviews is through checking the platforms which have the option to leave a review frequently. A marketing agency can look for fake reviews or trolls, which small-businesses find happens frequently. The best way in which an Essex marketing agency can help to minimise damage is through finding it immediately and reporting it so that it’s taken down. As simple as it sounds, businesses who leave fake reviews know that if they refuse to remove the information, is classed as defamation and breaching the Competition and Consumer Act 2010. That’s why finding it early and removing it is so important! 

Most business owners don’t have the time to check reviews every day, especially if you outsource your service via secondary platforms such as Amazon. That’s another platform you will need to check for reviews! With the added pressures of checking social media, it’s more time that some business owners don’t have. Twitter and Facebook are the most popular places for consumers to leave reviews, so if you’re currently ignoring what consumers are saying about your business, check it out now. 


All marketing agencies know that asking consumers to review your service or product will go a long way. Proactively asking for reviews can help to build rating and demonstrate how passionate you are about your business.

Hiring an Essex marketing agency such as VerriBerri can help to do exactly that! Not only will it improve customer relations, but it also improves your general customer relations. If feasible, one way to build a connection with those who have reviewed your product is through sending a random selection of reviewers a thank you gift. Not only will this raise the chances of them coming back to your business, but you can guarantee they will then tell their friends about your service. A marketing agency can arrange all of this whilst you’re focusing on your business itself. 

Privately messaging a customer who has used your service will go a very long way. Asking for a review will show that you’re confident that your service is of a good standard and demonstrates how active your business is online! Whilst managing reviews, it’s easy to network with customers and build a relationship with them.


Responding to all reviews is crucial! Regardless of whether they’re positive or negative, marketing agencies know the best ways to respond to reviews. First, you must ensure you thank every customer for taking the time out of their day to review your service or product. Second, say why you appreciate it. 

If the review is negative, explain how you’re going to take the comments on board to better your business. (then make sure you do!) It’s a hard pill to swallow, especially if you don’t agree, but will show that you are professional. Again, these are all factors as to why some businesses need a marketing agency; because they simply lack the time to do these tasks. It’s not the matter of looking for the reviews, and monitoring it, but it’s also responding to them personally. You don’t want to copy and paste your replies… ever!

If someone has left a negative review, it’s important for companies to respond immediately. This will minimise any damage that it could do to your business and shows that you care. It’s possible sometimes to make light out of a bad review. Depending on the way that you respond to a critical review can often trigger a customer to shop again with you in the future to see if you’ve made any changes. Also, if you offer your sincerest apologies, it simply diffuses the situation. The chances of that customer going out and bad-mouthing your service is instantly lowered because you responded quickly and professionally!

Stalking Rivalries

Our Essex marketing agency can help you to learn from others’ mistakes! All companies look at their rivals to see what they’re doing, so whilst there, why not take a look to see what their service is like? If a customer specifically says for example that the rival’s customer service was average, then make sure you’re going that extra mile! You want to be able to beat those competitors and have your company on top, so take full advantage of their flaws. What can your company provide that others can’t?  

Keeping an eye on your competitors is a necessity in terms of finding your own niche in your market. If you find that they lack an area in their business which customers have reviewed negatively, you can use that as your selling point!

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You might think that you can manage all of this on top of running your business, and some people can! However, if you are, ensure you’re doing it properly and effectively. If you’re reading this blog, you might be a start-up business, or browsing for some Essex marketing companies. We hope you understand the importance of online reviews and take time out of your working day to look at what people are saying about your business. Having a good brand and offering a high standard service is one thing, but you need to build good customer relations. If you think you might need some help, why not contact us today? You can reach us on 01376 386850 for a casual chat about what we can offer you, or click here to fill out our online form