Essex Marketing Company and the Benefit

Marketing Company in Colchester

Essex Marketing Company and the Benefit

Being an Essex marketing company, we see firsthand just how much our clients benefit from the methods we put into practise. Although there are some elements of marketing you could attempt yourselves, there’s nothing quite like utilising the skills of an expert. 

VerriBerri are well-known as being one of the top marketing firms. We have helped hundreds of clients during our 12 years in the sector. These companies span the whole of the UK but also across the pond in America too. Regardless of your industry, we understand what your customers need and the best ways to reach them. If you’re looking to see growth over the next year, why limit yourselves to your own capabilities? Working alongside our team will help your brand to develop. 

What You Will Love About Us?

The awards we’ve won throughout the years are something we’re never shy in boasting about. We’re proud of our team and the work they put in to help our clients be the best they can be. Last year, we won many different awards despite the difficulty COVID-19 threw our way. By the end of the year, we had been voted ‘Marketing & PR Employer of the Year 2020’ by The Southern Enterprise Awards. In addition to this, we also won an award for ‘Best Marketing & PR Agency.’  This is just the tip of the iceberg and we can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring. 

As we touched on just then, we’re extremely proud of the team we have supporting the business. Our Essex marketing company is known as being one of the biggest in the South East. Our business is built on the foundations of a young, creative and inspiring workforce. Without their determination, we simply wouldn’t be able to offer the award-winning service that we do. 

Tying in with the above, we also refuse to freelance any of our work to outside sources. In usual times, the team work all from one location and remain under the same roof. As our clients, we would never want to inconvenience you. As soon as you start complicating your staffing methods, communication starts to become lost. By not outsourcing any of our work, this means our customers are able to contact us whenever they need too, and consistently speak to the same people. This allows the whole process to be much smoother and stress-free for everyone involved.

Quality Marketing, without the London price tag

As we hope is obvious by now, we’re not based in London like many other marketing firms are. When many businesses looking for our services start researching, they’re often put off by the hefty price-tag associated with the big city firms. Being based near Chelmsford allows for us to offer our services at a much more affordable rate than those in London. This is something our clients love about us. This way, you’re able to make your money stretch further whilst achieving the maximum ROI possible. What more could you ask for?

Another feature the companies we work with love is the care we put into everything we do. We want every brand that works with us to know they’ve picked the right partner for them. To aid you in your decision, we create bespoke proposals for all of our potential clients. These are completely free of charge and lay out our plans for boosting your company. What’s more, every proposal we produce is completely bespoke and unique to your business. This allows us to take everything into account including your target audience, brand values and budget.

The Areas We Specialise In

Our Essex marketing company is of course, a full-service agency. This means we are well geared to take on every client that approaches us. No matter how big or small your project is, we have the ability to turn your wildest dreams into reality. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key areas we specialise in:

Social Media Management

There’s no denying that social media is a big part of everything we do in this day and age. Whether we’re commuting to work, laying on the sofa, or having our hair cut, these platforms consume us. When it comes to business, the four biggest social media sites consist of LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These are followed closely by YouTube and in more recent times, TikTok.

Social media adds value in many different ways including improving a brands visibility. As well as this, you can also use it to promote exclusivity and build brand loyalty. Some companies also choose to utilise certain platforms for recruitment and also, customer service. For more in-depth information on social media management, click here.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google have perfected their services in a way that makes the job of its users extremely simple. We type in any question and more often than not, are able to find the answer within the top three results. This is because of the algorithm that Google have in place. SEO is all about improving the ranking of your website to ensure it appears when people search for keywords relating to what you do.

The process of SEO is quite complicated and you can read more about it on the many dedicated blogs we have written. On the whole, it benefits any company with a website by making you more visible. The higher you appear, the more traffic your site will gain. Hence, your sales should increase quite rapidly. Some SEO techniques will also help to make your users experience better. 

Public Relations

Although sometimes unpredictable, PR remains one of the most popular of our services. This is likely down to the guarantee we put on our PR results. To our knowledge, we’re the only agency within the UK to offer such a promise. This area covers influencer marketing, articles in newspapers and magazines and also podcast, TV and radios appearances too.

The sole purpose of PR is to help you to better communicate with your target segment. It helps to attract your audience, improve your visibility and boost your sales. Along the way, PR also has the ability to improve your reputation and bring you to the forefront of your industry. Digital PR also helps to improve your SEO value.

Graphic Design

Graphic design covers a broad range of areas. For our company, this includes website design and upkeep, branding and rebranding and also, business card creation. In addition, we also produce packaging designs as well as making leaflets and brochures for many of our clients.

Like the other marketing areas we cover, graphic design also offers many benefits to your company. Overall, our design team help our clients to look more professional as well as fun, depending on your company. Graphic design builds your business a stronger reputation all whilst making you stand out and be more memorable.

Contact Our Essex Marketing Company

If you’d like to find out further information on any of the above services, our Essex marketing company would be happy to chat. Not everything we offer will suit everyone however, we’re able to advise where your time is best spent. We understand the world of marketing can be somewhat overwhelming. Despite this, taking the first steps to building your strategy is vital if you want to keep your business growing and developing. 

For more information on how we can add value to your company, get in touch today. You can do so by clicking here!