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Essex Marketing Company 

The right marketing is key to creating brand awareness, which means hiring our Essex marketing company is a smart decision in your business strategy. At VerriBerri, we have over 12 years’ experience in this industry and a team of highly skilled professionals all working under one roof. We have worked with many different clients, from small start-up businesses to large international brands. We offer marketing for an array of businesses, varying from the construction sector all the way through to children’s brands. Our skills are endless. 

Multi-award-winning Essex marketing company 

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VerriBerri was formed in 2009 and has since gone on to win multiple awards in the marketing sector, from ‘best UK marketing and PR agency’ to ‘best employer’. We believe that every company deserves a high-quality PR and marketing agency, without the London price tag. At our Essex marketing company, we believe that collaboration is a huge part of success. We like you to have as much input as possible, after all, nobody knows your business like yourself. The VerriBerri team believe this brings a more realistic and personal touch to your content.

Why do I need Marketing?

For any company or brand, marketing is a huge part of your success! At VerriBerri we are aware that running a business can be hard work, especially when you throw on top the added stresses of marketing. This is where we can help. Our Essex marketing company can take the burden off your shoulders, with our expertise in this field. There is so much more to marketing than initially meets the eye, including:

  • Social media content – social media is a fantastic way to market yourself. Using channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will boost your profile organically. 
  • PR – A huge part of marketing is public relations. We have a team who are dedicated to this in particular. They can help to get your brand published in relevant magazines and newspapers. The VerriBerri team have well established connections with numerous journalists, putting us in a great position to get your name out there.
  • Influencers – This is certainly an avenue that is worth exploring, using influencers is becoming one of the most sort after ways of marketing. These people can help advertise your product to their followers. Buyers are more likely to purchase when they see something being advertised by a trusted, familiar face. 
  • SEO– Also known as search engine optimisation. Perfecting the art to ranking higher on search engines is an essential. When you have a high ranking, this will naturally lead to an increase in traffic to your website.

Although we could be here all day running through the potential avenues of marketing, this is just a small snippet of what we can offer to you. All of which can be tailored to your individual needs for your brand. 

Public Relations

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Although we have briefly touched on this, as PR is such a huge part of marketing, we thought we would delve into this further. A big chunk of public relations is press; we have a dedicated team who specialise in this area. We can help you to get articles posted in relevant magazines for your industry, resulting in more exposure and an increase in sales. Our team liaise with numerous journalists on a day-to-day basis, meaning we now have established and trusted connections through the many years of working with them. 

Crisis management is something that no company wants to think about, but unfortunately it does happen from time to time! Whether it be a bad review or a strongly worded complaint, with social media being so easy to access, this is something we see daily The detrimental effect this could have can be extraordinary. Which is exactly why it is vital to have a professional agency behind you. We pride ourselves on our crisis management packages. Our team of experts know exactly how to deal with said situations and how to create a better reputation for you and your brand.

Social Media 

With many people working remotely thanks to COVID19, this has added a huge pressure for companies to move online. Many businesses have had to start using social media for their marketing needs. Whether you choose to do this organically or via paid ads, it can be extremely time consuming and drain your company of resources that could be well spent in different areas. This is our where Essex marketing company comes in. Our extensive knowledge in this field means we can take some of that added burden off of you. If you choose to use VerriBerri for your marketing needs, we believe it’s vital to create a strong working bond. We like you to have as much input as possible, after all, no one knows your company like you do! This means we can provide a more personal and knowledgeable service for your audience. 

Guaranteed Results

To our knowledge we are the only Essex marketing company who guarantee our results. We have highly skilled professionals in PR, online marketing, social media content, influencer specialists, graphic design, and business development. This means we can allocate team members to work on your account, who specialise in certain departments of VerriBerri. What’s more, we will provide you with an official monthly report of the work that has been carried out and the results that have been achieved. 

Working with VerriBerri

We feel our accolades speak for themselves and we also boast fantastic client retention!  We use short term contracts as we believe it’s vital that our clients don’t feel tied down to a lengthy contract. Using this approach, means that our clients can truly see the difference our marketing techniques can make to their business. This is evident in a short amount of time, too. This is exactly why so many of our clients choose to stay with our Essex marketing company, even after their contracts have expired. 

We believe in transparency; we will never sell you a service that we don’t believe will work in your brands favour. After all, if you aren’t doing well, then neither are we! We will always advise you of all the facts without the jargon. 

If you would like more information on our marketing packages, then please get in touch with us today on 01376 386 850. Alternatively click here!