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As an Essex marketing agency, we recognise that taking risks can be daunting. Therefore, changing things up with your marketing strategy can feel like an impossible task. Regardless, allow us to help by putting your mind at rest. 

With 12 years of experience, VerriBerri are well-known for our multi-award-winning work. Having helped hundreds of businesses flourish, we have an impressive track record when it comes to delivering amazing results. No matter where you are globally or what industry you operate in, we have the knowledge to help you reach dizzying new heights. Afterall, the sky is never the limit.

Before We Start

Before doing anything as a business, it’s important that you first assess your target audience. Lots of you reading this will be a B2B company, some of you will be B2C, and others will be a mix of the two. With such different audiences, you need to be well aware of what motivates their decisions. Educating yourself on consumer behaviour is the first step in building any marketing strategy. In order to sell more, you need to know why a consumer buys in the first place.

B2B Consumer Behaviour

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One of the biggest things that drives B2B consumer purchasing is ROI. As a business, making sure you are turning a profit is always going to be one of your main priorities. Therefore, when selling to your audience, you need to make sure they understand the benefits to them. Unless they can clearly see the added value, it’s likely they’re going to steer clear. Marketing can be a great way to show your products potential which is vital if you want to expand your customer base. 

Often in business, there is a hierarchical structure in place. This means, before spending money, employees will usually have to seek approval from those above them. With this process being so much more complicated than B2C, of course, their purchasing times are affected. When it comes to B2B markets, the time between making a decision and then purchasing is often much longer. Lengthy lead times can be damaging to your business unless planned for effectively.

Moving onto our final characteristic, B2B consumer behaviour is also far less emotional than B2C. As an Essex marketing agency, we recognise that B2B purchases are usually made because of a need rather than a want. This means that there is little influence from outside sources. 

B2C Consumer Behaviour

In comparison, B2C markets are usually driven by a short-term desire for a good or service. How often do you see something advertised on Instagram and before you know it, you’re reaching for your wallet? Exactly. With this in mind, B2C consumer behaviour is much more impulsive than B2B. This means that we show little consideration for what we need but instead act on how something makes us feel.

Of course, the decision making process involves less people when it concerns a B2C market. Usually, the decision behind a purchase is often only driven by yourself. Therefore, purchase times for B2C companies are usually much quicker.

Although the above still stands, B2C purchasing is more emotionally driven. This means that when we have a desire for something, this has often stemmed from our peers or trends. This includes influencers. Something to bear in mind when developing your marketing campaigns.

What Our Essex Marketing Agency Can Do For You

Now that’s cleared up, we can then take a closer look into the individual areas of marketing. It’s always important to note that not every method is going to suit every industry. If you require more tailored advice, it’s best to get in touch.

Social Media Management

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Since the first social media site in 1997, the industry is yet to have stopped spiralling in popularity. Over 66% of the UK population are said to have been using at least one platform in 2020. This is a staggering statistic and one that is only set to rise.

When it comes to social media for business, the top four platforms are Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Each of these outlets attracts a different audience so making sure you do your research is key. If you’re unsure of where to market yourselves, this is something our team can assist with.

Of course, the main benefit of social media is simply improving your brands recognition and memorability. Further than this however, it can also go a long way in helping to improve your SEO, customer service and also reputation. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Given how fast paced life has become, patience seems to be a trait many of us lack, and that is something we often see as an Essex marketing agency. Google recognises that in order to be successful, they needed to make their system as efficient as it could be. By introducing their algorithm, us consumers have benefitted from finding the answers we need much more easily. Now we are used to this, we rarely venture far down the list of results.

With the top three websites returning the most traffic, the race is on for companies to scale the SERP. By utilising the combined skillset of an experienced SEO team, you are guaranteed an improved ranking. This means your company will be much more discoverable when consumers search keywords that relate to you. With Google recommending your site to the public, this is of course going to bring lots of benefits. Not only does SEO help to better establish your brand but it will also increase your sales. 

Public Relations

PR is something many people have heard of however, not everyone knows what it actually entails. Put simply, PR includes media relations and influencer marketing. It aims to improve the communication between a brand and their audience by utilising the sources we have around us. 

Of course, making an appearance in a well-known newspaper or speaking on a podcast exposes you to a whole new group of people. Although some of these may fall into your target segment, you may have otherwise struggled to reach them. Overall, public relations can go a long way in improving a brands reputation and boosting their sales. It also has a huge impact on your Google ranking too. 

Graphic Design

At VerriBerri, the work of our graphic design team is quite varied. Day to day, we cover areas such as branding, making graphics for social media and website creation. All of these aspects can go a long way in improving your brands credibility but more importantly, memorability. If you’re in a saturated market or a small business, this is especially vital. 

Unfortunately for you, graphic design is somewhat impossible to do on your own unless you have prior experience. Building a site from scratch is no easy task and neither is being creative unless naturally this way inclined. For best results, it’s always advised that you work alongside a professional team in this area.

Contact Our Essex Marketing Agency

Although taking the leap of faith may be intimidating at first, risks are a necessary part of growth. Every business deserves to prosper and we love playing our part in this. If you are looking to seek further advice on marketing, why not get in touch? Our Essex marketing agency would be more than happy to discuss your project with you. To contact a member of the team, just click here.