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Today our Essex organic PR agency are looking how marketing and PR are, and continue to be, intrinsically linked. 

I think we can all agree that PR and marketing have always worked hand in hand. It’s impossible to have a campaign without a human approach that’s successful. A lot of what makes a campaign prosperous is how relatable it is, which unsurprisingly comes down to PR. The link between the two is now so close they arguably bleed into each other. Let’s take social media as an example. Who has the remit on this? A PR agency or a marketing firm? This is where integrated digital agencies like ours really come into the fore.

In our opinion, solely relying on one method of PR is a serious mistake and shows poor brand storytelling and understanding. PR should always be integrated with other techniques. 

Naturally, it lends itself to SEO due to the organic backlinks you create in the natural course of creating articles. It also ties into social media marketing, as we touched on above. But how about design, and business development. That’s right – PR again! 

Before you read any further; stop. We know it’s a good idea but have you thought it out? The goal of any marketing exercise is to get more business, and to do this you need a solid strategy, our Essex organic PR agency can help with that too! Just click here to find out more. 

Are you socially aware?

As an industry we continuously drive towards personalisation. Pair this with tech savvy clients and we find ourselves in a scenario where we have no choice but to closely integrate the two disciplines. 

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As soon as we offered personalisation as standard practice in the marketing world, we had to amalgamate PR and digital marketing. The human element needs to be more obvious and PR, through traditional means or otherwise, is the perfect way to do this. Traditionally there were fewer marketing mediums. Think back to when we had four TV channels and dial up internet; the lack of options meant marketing was easier and finding your market was significantly clearer. After all, if you only have a limited choice, more users will use what is available. 

Compare that to now, when there are thousands of channels, both on the TV and online, and your chances of getting your message across takes much more research. What is the perfect way to get around that? PR! 

It’s all well and good having a website perfectly optimised for your chosen service or product but to have that trust level that people need to commit to a purchase, you need more. They need to feel comfortable buying from you and working with you. PR is an amazing way of doing this. 

The story is with the customer now. 

It can be argued that with the advent of social media, the customer has complete control. Their perception on your brand is just a short message or photo away and this has the opportunity for amazing success; or absolute disaster. If you say you are one thing and do another, it’s very quickly going to be brought to light.

What your brand needs here is a two-pronged approach. You need to have real time brand monitoring alongside a positive PR campaign to make sure all the right things that you say are strategically managed, whilst the public does the rest. When it does go wrong, because at some point it will in one way or another; you have someone like our Essex organic PR agency on hand to help you make that experience a positive one. Even situations that start badly can be turned around, you just have to know how. Crisis management shouldn’t be ignored. 

Back to SEO. 

Going back to where a lot of people have their sights set – Google. We mentioned above how PR naturally lends itself to organic links as a result of the articles created. How about the digital audience reach? 

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If your target audience has seen your brand due to your PR approach, it’s important they can Google you too. After all, you don’t want a potential customer arriving at your site and wondering if they are in the right place (this is where your branding comes into play too!) Additionally, you are ensuring continuity of your brand message. 

Make sure you optimise your SEO titles, tags, alt images, and content so no one is in any doubt as to if where they have landed when searching for your site, is correct. 

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Only 14 % of campaigns integrate all channels, but statistics show when they do the ROI is significantly higher. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with our organic PR agency to find out how we can help you amalgamate all methods of marketing, PR, and advertising to garner the best possible result. 

Just click here to speak to a member of our expert team. We guarantee our results and have 11 year’s experience so we know it will be the best business decision you’ve ever made!