Essex PPC Agency: Choosing the right path with your search engine marketing

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Essex PPC Agency: Choosing the right path with your search engine marketing

To start by way of introduction, VerriBerri is an established Essex PPC agency, dedicated to providing nothing but the best results for our clients. Day to day, we help businesses to find their place within the market, building them a more stable future along the way. 

As a multi-service firm with over a decade of experience, it’s safe to say that we know a thing or two about getting you the results you need. What’s more, with a number of glowing testimonials under our belt, you can be rest assured that we will deliver.

What is PPC and who is it good for?

In case this is your first encounter with PPC, let us start by explaining what this technique is and why your brand needs to be implementing it. 

The anagram ‘PPC’ stands for ‘Pay Per Click’ and is a type of non-organic search engine marketing (SEM). Similar to SEO (more on this later), this is a common marketing method used by brands to improve their visibility on Google. 

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When searching for almost anything on Google, you’ll usually see several results at the very top that are labelled with ‘ad’. When you see these, this means that the company behind the website is investing in a PPC campaign. In other words, they’ve paid for their positioning under that specific search term. Every time someone clicks the advert, the company gets charged. They quite literally pay per click.

If we’re being honest, there are only very few businesses that PPC isn’t suitable for. Nevertheless, it’s always important to make sure you’ve evaluated all of your options. Providing you have a website; however, this technique is guaranteed to give your footfall a boost and who doesn’t need that?!

How can PPC help to elevate my brand?

Here at our specialist Essex PPC agency, we see brands benefitting from this marketing solution each and every day. Providing you invest your money into the right keywords, pay per click can provide a great deal of value to your brand. 

A strong PPC campaign can help you…

What does our Essex PPC agency do?

As the specialist team behind your PPC campaigns, it’s our job to help you manage the distribution of your budget. Our first port of call is getting familiar with your brand and what it is that you want to achieve. From here, we can then get to work pinpointing the most lucrative keywords for you to invest in. This is an ongoing process and something we will constantly keep reviewing to ensure that you get the best ROI possible. Additionally, we will monitor the results of your campaigns, juggling funds around where needed.

Although this process may seem relatively straight forward at first, the implementation of a PPC campaign can quickly become quite complicated. For best results, it’s always advisable that you seek the help of a professional Essex PPC agency.

What is SEO?

As promised earlier, let’s take some time to revisit SEO.

For those of you who don’t know, this is the name of a process used to ensure the alignment of a website with the Google algorithm. This task involves making certain modifications to your site to improve your end-user experience. For example, optimising your website for mobile devices or boosting your sites loading speed. The more boxes you tick, the more likely Google are to promote you to their users.  

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is an organic form of search engine marketing. This means that there are no direct costs involved when it comes to generating a higher level of traffic (unlike PPC). This being said, however, a team of specialists is most definitely a must-have given how technical this process can quickly become.

For more information on SEO, click here to view a recent blog where we go more in-depth on how this technique works.

Which should I choose?

Now that you have an understanding of both PPC and SEO, you’re probably wondering which technique will be better for you. If we’re being completely honest, both marketing solutions come with their pros and cons, making this a tight decision.

When it comes to pay per click, this technique works fast. In fact, you could even start seeing results from the first day that your campaign is launched. This being said, there is little longevity to this strategy and if not executed carefully, PPC campaigns can make your brand look disingenuous. 

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When you stop investing in PPC, the results stop instantly. You’re then left to solely rely on your organic ranking to get you the clicks your brand needs to survive. Comparatively, the effects of SEO last far longer, even if you stop putting time into improving your website. A slight downside to SEO, however, is the time it takes to see results. It can often take a few months before you notice any changes.

All in all, this decision is going to rely on a number of things, the main being your desired end goal. Pay per click is great if you’re wanting to see results quickly and are going for the hard sale. On the other hand, SEO could be the smarter choice if you’re looking to build your credibility in addition to making a higher profit. In fact, if your budget allows, you may even want to the two methods to work in tandem!

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Still not quite sure where to start or which route to choose? The truth is, it’s difficult for us to definitively say which technique is best for your business without knowing more about your brand. If you’d like our support and expert guidance on this project, we definitely recommend getting in touch!

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