Essex PR Agency: What Are The Different Kinds Of PR?

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Essex PR Agency: What Are The Different Kinds Of PR?

Essex PR Agency: What Are The Different Kinds Of PR?

PR comes in many different forms, especially in today’s digital world. PR is no longer simply about securing a flattering article in the local Gazette – though that of course is still always very nice! Whether you’re a small business, an SME or a multi-national conglomerate, you’ll need PR.

Keeping the public onside has always been a crucial part in an organisation’s success; and given that there are so many business competitors out there (almost all of whom would happily see you fail in an instant!) PR is not a discipline for your company to skimp upon. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading Essex PR agency, wanted to look,, at the various forms of PR prevalent in today’s world, and which ones suit which situations.

Securing Exposure

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The mainstay of any PR team is to secure a client coverage. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a personality (a brand in yourself), a business offering a product or a company providing a service; if you don’t get seen by the wider public, how can you expect your venture to be successful and grow in the future? This traditional form of PR (landing editorials in magazines, newspapers and online, for example) seems remarkably simple in practice, but it’s fiendishly difficult to execute in practice.

The reason being that there’s just so much competition out there. For every one article or editorial available in a national newspaper; there’ll be hundredsof brands clawing away, desperately trying to be the one that gets picked over everyone else. Even when you filter out those who don’t use an agency or in-house PR team to secure said leads; the demand still far outweighs the supply. PR teams have the uncanny knack of being able to marry style with substance; they’re able to say everything that needs to be said about a brand whilst at the same time not saying much at all. Their remit isn’t purely attached to conventional national newspapers, either. PR teams can work to secure local, national and international features in both B2B and B2C publications as well as appearances online and on social media channels.

Personal Management

If you yourself are the brand on offer, the stakes are often raised much higher. There’s no detachment between the personal and the business – if people don’t like you, then your business too will struggle. In these circumstances, managing your image in the public eye becomes far more important. PR teams can steer influencers, celebrities or other personalities to those opportunities that will reflect well on them, as well as deterring them from potential pitfalls along the way.

These personalities often don’t have the time themselves to be securing appearances or product endorsements. It is a PR team that helps be that guiding influence. Their experience within the industry means they know what opportunities are worth exploring, and which should be avoided like the plague. At our Essex PR agency, we’ve several PR members well experienced in brand reputation and personal management

Crisis Management

Every now and then, things will go wrong. That’s just a fact of life, we’ve all made mistakes in the past, and we’ll most definitely make more of them in the future. When you’re in the public eye, however, the ramifications of a mistake can be amplified tenfold. You don’t have the leeway or wiggle room once you’re in the public eye. Where normally you’d be given another few chances, as a celebrity or well-known brand you’ll be lucky if you get any second chance.

So, when things do go wrong you need to be prepared. Proactive preparation before the fact is crucial. That means having a plan in stage as contingency should anything go wrong. That way, you can rectify a situation quickly without things escalating. The last thing you need when your tree is on fire is for it to spread throughout the whole forest. PR teams help instil these crisis management policies; founded on transparency, accountability and genuine remorse, so that your brand has a fighting chance to get back on its feet. A crisis is a crisis, and anyone that can tell you your safety is guaranteed is a liar. What we can do; is place your business in the best possible position to bounce back that it can be.

Event Management

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One of the more forgotten about departments of an Essex PR agency is its event management team. PR executives prove invaluable in running events because of their combination of creativity and organisation. A good brand should not only have a launch event, but regular other events throughout the year to help stay in the forefront of people’s minds, network with other industry professionals and to be seen as a brand that takes themselves seriously.

Events such as these also provide great scope to invite other brand professionals with whom you’d potentially like to collaborate in the future. Some people would call it schmoozing, we, however, deem it to be vital to a brand. PR teams will set up the event; run it on your brand’s behalf should you be uncomfortable with the idea and also to get as many connections as possible whilst the event is going on. This leaves you to relax and enjoy the event. After all; a relaxed business owner is naturally going to exude more confidence which, in itself, is an incredibly encouraging trait.

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The world of PR now is a much more multi-faceted one than it once was. The central trunk branches off into many flourishing avenues, each with their own unique merits and traits. Knowing which form of PR to utilise when can be difficult if you’re not used to it. That’s where a PR agency can come in so handy. So, if you’d like to find out more about out Essex PR agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to sit down with you and hear where you want to take your brand!