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Essex Rebranding Agency

Do you need an Essex Rebranding Agency?

We never seem to be far away from advertising these days. It interrupts our favourite tv show, intrude in our mailbox or constantly pop up in our browser. Advertising obviously works. But with so many around, it is important to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.

What is branding?

Branding is a very broad term for the way a customer perceives a business or product. Good branding creates the perception that the business they are purchasing from is dependable and its products are quality or reliable. Even if this is not necessarily the case. On the other side, bad branding is a cause of mistrust or ridicule. All of which can affect the bottom line of a business. 


Branding is the first way that consumers recognise your business. It could be a logo, a jingle or a recognisable ambassador. Think of the PG Tips monkey or the golden arches of McDonalds. When you see these brands you can instantly recognise which company they are from. If your branding is not recognisable, consumers will simply not realise that they are purchasing from your business. Meaning that you are missing out on valuable brand recognition. 

With recognition comes value. . If you had the choice between an unknown brand of ketchup or Heinz; chances are you would choose the more widely known brand. This is because it’s a recognised company. As a consumer you know you already like it, so why take the risk with a product you do not know?

Branding is also crucial in earning new customers. For instance, an existing customer is happy with your product and wants to recommend your business to a friend. That potential new customer may not know where to find you if your branding is unrecognisable. Most importantly, branding creates trust between a business and its customers. Recognition is crucial to forming trust. Trust is critical for customer retention.

Brand Strategies

Building a successful brand is hard work, but integral to the future of any business. There are many rebranding agencies that exist specifically for the purpose of revitalising brands. Each agency has its own unique strategy, but each should centre around 3 key components. These components are resources, perspective and consistency.

Resources are critical to the success of a brand. Earning recognition for your company takes an investment of both time and financial resources. Many hours have to be invested in designing the look and feel of your business. Both acquiring the right logo that truly represents your business and construction of a full website take time. Once these projects have been successfully completed, marketing is required to promote your business. Spreading the word and building a customer base requires skill and market knowledge. It is not surprising that a lot of companies in the UK outsource this part of their business to rebranding agencies.

Perspective is a substantial part of manufacturing a brand. Can the brand builder within your company review your business with an outside point of view. If the brand builder has been an employee for several years, their vision may be narrowed and set in its ways. It is important to think like a potential customer. Another reason outside rebranding agencies are a good investment.

If your company has a high employee turnover responsibilities will keep being shuffled around. If this happens with your brand builder, your branding may lack consistency. When a company loses its direction the business’ message can be diluted. This has the potential to cause damage to not only their reputation, but also their bottom line. 

The effects rebranding can have for your business

Without branding your business is nothing more than a name. The first question to ask yourself is, ‘what is my brand?’. If you are unsure of the answer, chances are you still need to identify how you want your business to be perceived. This is where VerriBerri, an Essex based rebranding agency can help you bring your vision to life. We are an award winning rebranding agency who specialise in complete rejuvenation of businesses requiring a fresh new look. Our services include designing new graphics for your business, redesigning your website and also marketing to bring exposure to your unique brand. 

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As an external company, we are experts at providing an outside perspective. We can view your company through the lens of a customer. Being a dedicated rebranding agency means that we are constantly updating our market knowledge in order to provide our clients with an individual, customised brand. The fact that our clients originate from a wide variety of industries allows us to provide you with a brand that has wide appeal. We can connect you with audiences you may have previously thought inaccessible. Keeping your business ahead of the curve and ensuring you stand apart from your competitors.

Working from a single location allows for rapid communication between our departments. This means that we can not only provide detailed plans for your brand. But also peace of mind in the knowledge that there are several layers of scrutiny from multiple departments all working towards your brands success. In addition to this, we can also track the success of your new branding by reviewing the back end of your new website. Analysing data such as how much time is spent on each page, which pages customers arrived and departed from. This provides us with insights into how we can keep developing and pushing your brand forward, improve your conversion rates and provide you with a complete, unique brand. 

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In a world where connectivity is bringing customers closer to businesses than ever before, it is absolutely crucial to have a brand that customers feel they can trust. Contact our dedicated Essex rebranding agency on 01376 386 850 to see how we can help your business today!