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As an Essex rebranding agency, we can assure you that our senses are constantly, often unconsciously, inundated with branding. Be it the infamous golden arches (we know you know the brand). Or perhaps, the iconic Nike tick, we, as a species, are incredibly susceptible to companies. Further to this, we often unknowingly associate real feelings and opinions with organisations.

For many companies, branding frequently becomes obsolete once they realise their strengths lie elsewhere. At this point, usually a couple of years after the company’s inception, they will find themselves marketing a product or service which they no longer offer. Obviously not good. Your circumstances don’t always need to change, however. Sometimes it’s just clear that your current branding isn’t doing as good a job as it should.

Extensive thinking and expertise are required when approaching the two main ways in which you can rebrand your business. We are renowned for our rebranding skills and have put together this blog, providing insight into the rebranding process.


Your logo is the most obvious element of your branding and is likely to be the main factor you want to change. Nike’s tick, McDonald’s legendary arches and Apple’s… apple are all perfect examples of how effective a great logo can be. All it takes is the tiniest of glances to instantly recognise the brand. One thing to note about these three examples is how simple they are. Of course, not every successful, recognisable logo needs to be simple; but the more complex a logo is, the muddier your brand message is likely to become. A good graphic designer, like those found at our Essex rebranding agency, will be able to summarise your brand in a few deft strokes. 



As we’re sure you can guess, aside from the logo, the other obvious change is the name of the brand, itself. Consider, does your brand name offer an indication of the kind of product or service your brand delivers? If not, then a rebrand is high on our list of recommendations. That’s not to say you should treat the average consumer like they’re stupid by overly simplifying your brand name. But subtle changes can be made to more appropriately convey what it is you do. This is one of two options.

The next best option is to opt for a name that you’re sure will be recognisable. Something short and catchy that will both phonetically suit your brand and work as a brand name as the aforementioned global brands do. Take Nike, for example, that name doesn’t really mean anything, but it’s incredibly memorable and simply suits the brand.

The latter of these two options is definitely much more difficult to get right. Our content team are incredibly well-versed in developing fresh brand names and slogans, so don’t be afraid to reach out if a rebrand is on the cards!

Should I Change Both?

Short answer: yes. A logo and brand name are more often than not intrinsically linked. This means if one changes, the other probably should too. Ensuring your brand name and logo function as a singular package, acting as a visual and phonetic representation of your brand, is essential for any rebrand. 

How Can PR Help?

Following a rebrand, it’s likely that you may need a little help to get yourself going. With most people still knowing you under your previous branding, a large-scale campaign is certainly advisable to ensure your change is known and appreciated. Thankfully, this is a service our Essex rebranding agency would be delighted to supply!

A campaign with character will really help your new branding to stick in the minds of your target audience. PR executives flourish with these kinds of campaigns, as a rebrand allows for a ton of creative opportunities and ideas. A creative brainstorm is a PR employee’s bread and butter, after all!

By constructing a campaign through a PR team will ensure your new brand gains maximum coverage and exposure. This is unequivocally the best possible way to establish your new branding in both the eye and the mind’s eye of the average consumer. You will even be granted a spread of coverage that is entirely catered to your brand. What’s more is that our PR team will be able to target more industry-specific publications, alongside mainstream media. 

What We Offer

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At our Essex rebranding agency, VerriBerri, each and every department works closely together to ensure everyone is on the same page. This is especially important at a marketing agency as, more often than not, the best results are seen when multiple departments work in tandem with one another in the effort to bolster a client’s brand. This collaborative synergy will allow for your rebranding to be optimised for not only your brand’s benefit, but from a marketing perspective too. This will ultimately allow every member of the team to achieve the best possible results. 

Regardless of whether one or both of the attributes have changed, ensuring all departments chime in with their ideas allows for a plethora of perspectives, making it easier to fine-tune the perfect idea. Our PR team will work with our graphic design team, for example, who in turn will work with our content team. We can guarantee that this holistic approach will be the most beneficial to your brand.

Sometimes all it takes to get a house looking as good as new is a fresh coat of paint. Similarly, in business, often a change in branding is all it takes to kick-start a brand’s growth once more. If this sounds like something you’re after, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Essex rebranding agency to find out more about how we can help! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We would love to hear your ideas, put forward some of our own and simply be a part of what we’re sure will be a successful change in direction!