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I’m sure you’ll agree with our Essex rebranding agency when we say we are all unconsciously flooded with branding. Be it McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike swoosh, all humans are susceptible to companies. Furthermore, we unknowingly associate real feelings and opinions with organisations.

Red and Yellow are the colours most frequently used by fast food brands.

The yellow signals happiness and sunlight whilst the red has been proven to be appetite inducing and insinuate speed- red cars are faster, right?

Within the last few years Maccy D’s have gone green, as you may have noticed. But why have they chosen to rebrand? Since the debut of the documentary ‘Supersize Me’ the fast-food chain received a bad ‘wrap’ (sorry) for the shameless pedalling of junk food. The bad press that followed lingered like a group of teenagers waiting for a table. Six weeks after the premier, McDonalds emitted the ‘supersize’ option. Since then they have since increased their entourage of goodies to include fruit smoothies, raw snacks and salads. Not only has the ‘green’ hit them right in the menu but it’s also splashed all over the walls. The new forest green decor is designed to persuade us to sit down, relax and ponder over a burger, very clever.

When executed correctly re-branding can breathe life into a product. More recently organisations such as Spotify, Facebook and Google have all gone flat, but not in profit. Shadowing and embossing is out, that’s so circa 2000. We are now back to the flat graphics and when you look at them, you wonder why someone ever bothered to fiddle around- it certainly would have saved Pepsi $1,000,000 in change.

Does anyone remember Opal Fruits (Starburst), Marathon (Snickers) or Backrub (Google…seriously)? There will always be those who regret losing the old brand name but for Opal Fruits the choice was imperative. 80% of fruit chews sold worldwide, were recognised as ‘Starburst’.

Only in the UK did Opal Fruits ever exist, and so it was inevitable that the two brands were rationalised.

Another rebranding success would obviously be Apple. Let’s cut to the core, peel back any niceties and other fruit based puns; in the 90’s Apple was NOT cool. Only with the 1996 return of Steve Jobs armed with the new slogan ‘Think Different’ did things start to reform. ‘Think different’ dared people to change and enticed rebelliousness in consumers whilst retaining old punters who were already revoking the mainstream. With the iPhone being the number one handset in the US and a brand value of 104 Billion dollars, it’s apparent that Apple made the right choice. 

Instagram launched a new logo in a bid to unify its family of apps. The iconic camera now features a more streamlined guise set to a backdrop of rainbow colours.

Since launch back in October 2010, its family of apps have grown. Therefore, the company felt it was important to make them more consistent with each other. They felt it also better represented what the apps help you create – a collage of photos or mini video that loops forward and backward.

When rebranding your company, it’s important to consider what effect this will have on your existing and future customers. You can never underestimate the importance of market research. It’s difficult to make changes that are universally liked. The key to design is to apply principles of psychology and use neuroscience techniques. This will help you create a design that will resonate with consumers in both an immediate and lasting way.

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