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Essex SEO agency

Essex SEO agency Optimisation

Today our Essex SEO agency is going to talk about optimisation and content. 

A great way to get more visits to your website it to use a keyword tool. Many of them are free and are rather easy to use.

One of the reasons that SEO is a trusted way to get more traffic to your website is because it’s (kind of) scientific. Every time someone performs a search, the text on your website comes into play. The words and phrases you type are what search engines looks for. So, if you have an image rich site with little text, you are going to have to work very hard!

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Let’s pretend we are Google. Our job is to match-make the phrase that has been entered with an appropriate site, then rate those sites according to how useful we think it will be to the person on the other end of the keyboard.

Because millions of people every single day are punching search terms into Google, it collects a pretty good database as to what websites were useful. It will decide your website is rubbish if it has issues like a high bounce rate. 


So, find yourself a good keyword tool (Google themselves can help here) and put in phrases you think will bring people to your site. The planner will tell you phrases that work better, just be careful of the competition.

When you write a blog, you need to be sure that the keywords you choose are related to the business you are running and that you have another page you can link to that backs you up. If you are a dressmaker this could be a post full of images of past dresses you have made or it could be a page full of information that a prospective bride may need. In other words don’t write a great blog and then leave the potential customer with nowhere to go. Make it easy for them.

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A few things to keep in mind: Think about what keywords you want to feature for. For example if you choose the word ‘glasses’ you could attract people searching for spectacles, champagne flutes or new window fittings. If you still want to rank well for the word ‘glasses’ because you sell all of the above items you need to bear in mind that this word pull up 251,000,000 results. Unless you have a few years to spare this is not a keyword you should be looking to top. Be more specific.

There is something called a long tail keyword. For a fledgeling blog, long tail Keywords are the low hanging fruit of the SEO world. Essentially they are phrases, (usually more than three words) that attract a specific audience with less competition. Often these leads will result in a customer who is in a position to buy.

If we return to the example of the ‘glasses’ keyword you could attract a student researching an essay, someone looking for a job in Specsavers, or maybe a builder renovating a house.
If we search ‘opticians in Essex’ we are now profiling a person who is looking to contact an opticians directly. Try to slip into your customers shoes. What would they search to find you? Now you will need to use a keyword tool (I will cover this in a later blog) to refine that.

So to recap:

Short Tail – Glasses

Medium Tail – Prescription Glasses

Long Tail – Opticians in Romford, Essex

Every single one of us, regardless of our industry all want one thing – To rank highly on search engines and for most of you, more specifically – Google!

So how are you going to get more website traffic?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most successful methods of doing this and there is a great way of doing this yourself – Blogging!

Why does your blog need SEO?

Do you need an answer? Google will have plenty. Maybe you need a service? Bing will show you loads.

Society relies on technology at every turn, and it’s time to keep up with it. Everywhere you turn, men are tapping their tablets, and women are clutching their laptop cases. This is the age of technology, and the world is changing along with the marketing industry.

With drastic change a constant, it isn’t a surprise to hear that traditional marketing methods are proving a little sour. Nobody likes spam mail, and cold calling is certainly no longer appreciated. Marketing is drifting on a different tangent, targeting the online population. However, over the chaos and noise of the social media, it can be difficult to be found. To be Internet savvy- find the online platforms that target the masses, within the midst of the social media madness is blogging; the perfect platform for business and general public communication. No limitation of words and freedom to write what you wish.

But how is it relevant to us in marketing?

Using a blog creates readers and subscribers, meaning more traffic filtering into your main site, and as a result driving more product sales. Crafting a blog creates a stem of advertisement for your company that is cost-effective, implicating another generator of client attention and advertising income. Blogs are free to craft usually, or very cheap. Blogs are also an effective way to connect with the general public, becoming an effective customer service tool. Think along the lines of an interactive FAQ. 

The beauty of blogs is that you have the freedom to be informal, a chance to appeal to your potential clients in a chatty and sometimes humorous attitude. This allows the element of personalisation, a more ‘humanly’ approach. Socialisation is the key to a thriving business, and the informal freedom blogging offers is a perfect opportunity to communicate with the right people. Blogging is also a great way to keep it simple; to give the target market the information they are looking for simply and effectively.

A few tips from our Essex SEO agency on how to blog successfully.

Update regularly- it may prove challenging to do so, but the rewards are worth it. It’s the best way to keep the subscribers that you have gained.

High quality content- that probably sounds obvious, but its good advice, nobody wants to read boring content. Keep the reader engaged.

Make yourself distinctive- whether it’s a little catchphrase or your writing style, keep a core element. It adds to the element of personalisation.

So, as you can see, blogging is a fantastic way to get your business noticed, without the cost and formality. 

Businesses now thrive on socialisation and communication, and this is the perfect way to do so!

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No coverage is as valuable as online coverage – the world revolves around the Internet nowadays. If you didn’t know that, or disagree, then where were you, and how did you get here? If you want to appear on those search engines, and believe me, it’s a tough world out there, you need a Search Engine Optimisation strategy ASAP.

Consider your offline marketing approach, for example. You spend around £500 on printing and distributing 5000 leaflets to homes and businesses in your area, but do you know how many people will actually read it? If the people who receive the leaflet aren’t looking for what you provide, chances are, you’re going in the bin.

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Maybe you use the power of magazine advertising. While it’s a lot more effective (and more expensive) for targeting your demographic, it doesn’t mean these people are going to convert to customers, because, again, they aren’t necessarily looking for your service.

This is where our Essex SEO agency comes into play; after all, when you need something, good ol’ Google always comes up trumps, doesn’t it? 

People land on your website because they have been searching for something specific. This ‘something’ is then turned into a phrase people will search – a practical set of words that has been researched and tested. Simply put, you’re more like to convert these people, because they are actively looking for you.

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