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Here at our Essex social media agency, we are experts in keeping up to date with the online world. Having a younger team gives us the perfect stance when it comes to managing our client’s social media platforms; purely because we are so often using and improving our own profiles. 

Through our 11 years in this industry we have seen many social media sites come and go; from the death of Vine to the reincarnation of TikTok. It’s because of this that VerriBerri know and appreciate the importance of keeping current and constantly evolving with trends. 

Know Your Demographics

Of course, like with anything in life, not everything will appeal to everyone. When an Essex social media agency like ours works with you; we identify and advise where your place in the market is. This means optimum results for you and a more focussed approach for us. 


Facebook is the most used social media platform out there (to date.) Although a lot of younger people would probably argue Facebook is slowly dying; many of the older generation still love it. From our experience, this site has always been and still is a fantastic place for marketing. 

The split between genders on this platform is around 8%. Research estimates the user base to be 46% female and 54% male. This is where the divide between sexes often becomes a bit confusing (unless your product is unisex of course.) To better get a feel for who should use this platform for marketing, we can then look at a range of other factors.

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Looking more closely at age, it’s reported that 84% of people aged 25-30 use this platform. By observing this data, you may then make the assumption that men aged 25-30 would be the best people to target. Although on the surface you would be right, our Essex social media agency has consistently found marketing to women much more successful on this platform. This is why and agency is so important; we don’t just look at figures, we live and breathe social media. 


Instagram has always had a much younger demographic than Facebook. Looking at age first, it is most used by 18-24 year olds. This would suggest that if you’re a brand targeting this audience, you would do well here. Similar to Facebook, they also have a more subtle gender divide. Reportedly, 52% of Instagram users are female leaving 48% of the user base to men. This being said, the niche markets Instagram attracts means it works well for a variety of sales. 


YouTube is often the social media platform that gets missed out. Although the majority of us use it, many forget that it is still part of the online social world. Where appropriate, you really should be taking advantage of YouTubes amazing benefits. Surprisingly to some, 62% of YouTubes users are male. Taking this statistic, you can then look at the socially constructed generalisations we make with men. For example, stereotypically men are more into home improvement, DIY and construction than women. This would suggest that these types of business would excel better than others here.

It is important however that you remember 38% of the users are still female. Don’t think that marketing to women is a lost cause. YouTube has a staggering 2 billion users worldwide; meaning that you absolutely shouldn’t disregard this demographic when it comes to promoting your brand.


LinkedIn has always been the most corporate platform. It’s because of this that men dominate over the demographics. In the UK, female business owners make up 32.37% of CEO/founders. Research shows that 57% of LinkedIn users are male. What’s more, their biggest age range is 25-34-year olds with 38% of them reportedly having LinkedIn profiles.  

Many companies often find it easier marketing to women due to the medias constructed view that women like to spend more money. Not only is this outdated but it also isn’t very useful to brands targeting men specifically. With the likes of LinkedIn, marketing to this target audience has never been easier. Especially if your product/service are B2B focused. 


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Twitter is hard for marketing. To do well on this platform, your posts need to be extremely regular. Twitter is a very relaxed platform. Ultimately, as long as you build up a good following and post daily, Twitter users will be quite open minded to the content they consume. This could be beneficial for companies trying to reach an entirely different market. It is also excellent for companies that want to have a personality; as it offers you the opportunity to be tongue in cheek and funny. 


Skyrocketing to fame again during the global pandemic; TikTok has grown rapidly. TikTok has a great reach when it comes to marketing and is popular amongst young children all the way up to young adults. Taking the lead again are males surprisingly. 56% of TikTok users are male whilst 44% are female. To back up my recent argument, a massive 60% of 16-24-year olds are using TikTok. It really is the place to be if your brand is also fun and vibrant. 

Why You Need our Essex Social Media Agency

Building up a positive social media presence is important in the modern era. With many people turning to Instagram to help make decisions on where to go for a meal, for example; socials are a great way to build your brand recognition. This being said, developing and reaching your target audience and improving your SEO are just a few of the benefits when it comes to hiring an Essex social media agency. 

Social media management is time consuming. Knowing what to post is a brick wall that many of us hit and getting out of the ‘funk’ can take a great deal of time. Something that’s not helpful if you’re needing to get content out fast. What’s more, as you would’ve read when discussing Facebook, social media marketing isn’t always about demographics. Having gone through a lot of trial and error through the years, our Essex social media agency knows more specifically what does well and where. 

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Social media is the heart of everything we do here at VerriBerri. Being specialists in this field, we know what the best direction to take is. What’s more, we love helping companies and seeing them flourish. 

Proud of our results, our Essex social media agency would love to discuss with you how we can help boost your brand recognition. We may even suggest other areas of marketing you hadn’t thought of targeting. To get your bespoke proposal, get in touch today by clicking here.