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A Wedding PR Agency Takes You Through Popular Wedding Types Of Today

Weddings these days aren’t what they once were, in fact, they’re so much more. What a marriage means has also changed over the years. Whilst traditionally they signified a religious union between a man and a woman; gender now means nothing and religion has taken an increasingly back-seat role in what comprises ‘the big day’. With so much choice, and such a variety of wedding types at hand, it can be hard to know which one to pick, especially if you and your partner happen to be indecisive types anyway! That’s why the team here at VerriBerri, a leading wedding PR agency in Essex, wanted to talk you through some of the more popular ones in today’s world and their associated benefits! Read on…

Holiday Weddings

The most glamourous of all the wedding types is arguably the holiday wedding. We’ve all seen photos on our Facebook timeline of our friends who got married on the blinding white beaches of the Maldives, or in a Tuscan villa somewhere. The feeling it usually brings out? Jealousy. What this means? We want it because it looks seriously, seriously nice. Holiday weddings bring with them heaps of pros, but a few cons as well. For a start, going abroad affords you the opportunity for guaranteed good weather on your wedding day. We’ve heard countless horror stories of wedding washouts here in the UK, and you can’t help but feel sorry for those people. In addition, you can tie in the wedding with your honeymoon leading to potential cost savings, effectively killing two birds with one stone.

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On the flip-side, the overall cost of the wedding is likely to be substantially greater than it would be back home, what with travel costs factored in. Not only that; but the likelihood is that fewer of your friends and family are going to be able to make it to the wedding because of the cost of getting there, finding accommodation, getting time off work etc. If your wedding is just down the road, it’s easier for people to make it to the wedding.

What does our wedding PR agency think of holiday weddings, on the whole? Well, in theory they’re a lovely idea, and if you’re looking to have a much smaller, more intimate wedding anyway, then it might be just the thing for you. Usually, however, the added expenses and lack of accessibility make it a relatively unused type of wedding. 

Festival Weddings

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These are becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst the younger bridal couples of the world. They’re fun, over the top and often easier to organise and arrange than more conventional weddings. One of the most attractive aspects of festival weddings is that hiring a field from the local farmer; let’s say, is both cheaper and much less likely to be booked up years in advance than the local country manor house… The great open space that the outdoors provides also presents the opportunity to have a much greater number of people attend your wedding rather than being limited by the maximum capacity of a venue.

That’s not to say there aren’t downsides, of course. Because you’re essentially doing everything yourself in terms of facilities, tenting, food and drink, entertainment etc. the number of separate expenses can quickly tot up. What’s more, the chances that everybody amongst your extended family and friends is willing to camp for a weekend is slim to nil (we’re talking about you here, Great-Aunt Mabel!) so you’re still going to want to opt for a spot with hotels and bed and breakfasts nearby, anyway. If you pull it off, festival weddings are certainly memorable, you should go in knowing that they’ll be just as much work as a regular wedding, though.

Having asked around our wedding PR agency, most people thought they’d opt for something a little more traditional than a festival wedding. I have to say that I think they sound pretty fun, personally!..


What about your common-or-garden traditional wedding, then? Do they still have a place within the bridal industry? Of course they do! A wedding is a wedding and it’s hard not to be filled with joy at the sight of them, whatever the situation, whether they’re normal ‘vanilla’ weddings or something a little more – out there. Traditional weddings (and it’s worth remembering that this is a somewhat all-encompassing, umbrella kind of term) are still the most common form of wedding. It’s not hard to see why, either. After all, if it ain’t broke, why fix it? As a wedding PR agency, most of the clients we deal with would come under this ‘traditional’ category; country wedding venues, bespoke and luxury wedding caterers, wedding bands etc.

The main downside with the more traditional route is the fac that demand far outweighs supply. This means, for example, if you’re a young couple looking to get hitched at that historic castle down the road, then it could be years before that could happen. Like with anything, there are workarounds and compromises that can be made, but given that weddings are the one time where people don’t want to compromise in the slightest, the traditional route can be a wearying one.

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All of the above have their perks and all of them have their downsides, just like everything else in life. Whatever type of wedding you choose, you want to make sure it’s a day to remember! If you’re a wedding brand, then you have nothing short of a duty to help provide this experience. If you believe that what you offer helps enhance those special days; then you could probably do with some PR help! So, if you’d like to find out more about our wedding PR agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to discuss what your brand can offer the world!