Fashion Brand Marketing Agency: Climbing to the top

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Fashion Brand Marketing Agency: Climbing to the top

Here at VerriBerri, an established fashion brand marketing agency; we understand the importance of effectively managing your public perception. In a day and age when variety is the norm, every little detail matters. When it comes to your brand image, this can be make or break. 

Luckily, reputation management is what we do best! From global conglomerates to small local shops, our portfolio covers a wide range of both B2B and B2C markets. What’s more, we work with firms from all over the world. So, whether you’re here in the UK or across the pond in America, we can help! No matter your niche or who you’re trying to target, it’s likely we have the expertise due to our fashion background. 

Why marketing is vital for the fashion industry

Whether you’ve been in the fashion industry for years or are just starting out, it’s no secret that the market is incredibly competitive. Given its profitability, the clothing sector is almost like polished silver to a magpie when it comes to entrepreneurism, hence it’s oversaturation. It’s vital that you’re working on your visibility if you want to stand a chance at survival.

Fast fashion has been a hot topic within the press for a long time, tarnishing the name of almost every brand that sells affordable clothing. With many consumers investing in more sustainable production, marketing can be a great way to spread the message about your transition. What’s more, it’s an opportunity to rebuild a positive image, should yours have taken a hit.

All in all, marketing is incredibly vital for every brand, no matter their industry. This is especially true after the knock many businesses took during the pandemic. If you’re struggling, our fashion brand marketing agency has got you covered!

How marketing can add value

When implemented correctly and efficiently, marketing can add value in many different ways. In addition to positively impacting your reputation, the likes of social media, PR, and SEO can also help you to build customer loyalty too. These days, people love to feel connected with the brands they enjoy on a deeper level. Marketing allows you to get closer to your consumers, building a more personable feel for your business.

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In comparison to advertisement, marketing allows businesses to spread their message without being too pushy. As individuals begin to take more of a disliking to adverts over time, the organic approach to promotion has only become more and more popular. When implemented correctly, marketing can have an incredibly high ROI, giving your conversion rate the boost it deserves! What’s more, it’s far easier to measure too!

Of course, the advantages mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. Quite frankly, we’d be here all day if we were to mention every single one! The bottom line is, time and time again, we have proven that marketing can be highly effective for any business, no matter what stage of the lifecycle they’re in. If you’re not already investing in your strategy, it’s high time you did! 

Where to start…

Now you’ve decided to dedicate time to marketing, the real question is, where do you start? This is often one of the hardest hurdles to overcome and is often why so many brands get in touch with our agency for help.

Really, the approach you take with your marketing is going to be very different from that of the next company that comes along. It’s for this reason that we tailor every one of our strategies to suit the individual brand. Once you have an understanding of what you want to achieve from this venture, we can work with you to develop and execute a bullet-proof strategy.

Our services

As a fully integrated fashion brand marketing agency, we have a specialist on standby to help with your every need. Below, we go into detail on a few of our core services…


For those of you who don’t know, search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) are two different forms of search engine marketing. These techniques are essentially responsible for improving your ranking on Google under searches that relate to your industry. In other words, these methods help make you more discoverable. 

As a professional fashion brand marketing agency, it’s our job to help you fully optimise your site and build strong backlinks through PR. What’s more, should you choose to go down the route of PPC, we can assist you with the management of these campaigns!

Public Relations & Press

When it comes to PR, the stance you take is going to be completely dependent on your industry. For some of you, your strategy may rely heavily on features within the press. For others, you may find influencer and affiliate marketing more lucrative. When you enlist the help of our professionals, we can help you identify the correct route and get to work executing your strategy straight from the off.

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From liaising with journalists and influencers to writing articles and managing campaigns, our PR team have got their work cut out. Nevertheless, this is made far easier by our numerous contacts within the industry. Without these existing connections, you’re going to struggle, that’s for sure.

Social Media 

Finally, we come to social media. For those of you with a smaller budget or a little extra time on your hands, this is a great place to cut costs. 

It doesn’t take a genius to post on social media. What it does require, however, is a deep level of creativity and an eye for detail. If this isn’t quite your forte, you may find it far more cost and time effective to onboard an expert team.

Here at VerriBerri, our social media specialists work around the clock to produce entirely bespoke content for our clients. What’s more, we’ll also aid you in growing your following, putting you one step ahead of your fellow competitors. 

How else we can help

In addition to PR, SEM and social media, VerriBerri is also home to departments specialising in event management and graphic design too. We know that every good marketing strategy begins with strong branding foundations. Additionally, we also know that sometimes, you need a little extra something to give your brand a boost! Whether you’re looking to celebrate the launch of a new product, in need of a branding refresh, or just looking to streamline your website, we’re here to help! 

Get in touch

For more information on any of the services mentioned above, get in touch with our fashion brand marketing agency today! You can reach our team by clicking here!